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LIFT [lift]

lift (verb) · lifts (third person present) · lifted (past tense) · lifted (past participle) · lifting (present participle)

  • raise to a higher position or level.
  • move (one's eyes or face) to face upward and look at someone or something.
Synonyms: raise . hoist . heave . uplift . heft . boost . upraise . elevate . thrust . pick up . grab . take up . jack up . carry . manhandle . hump . upheave . improve . enhance . invigorate . revitalize . upgrade . ameliorate . drop . put down . worsen . impair .
  • pick up and move to a different position.
  • transport by air.
Synonyms: pick up . grab . carry . raise . uplift . heft . heave . elevate . put down . drop . airlift . transport . move . transfer . fly . convey . shift .
  • raise (a person's spirits or confidence); encourage or cheer.
  • (of a person's mood) become happier.
Synonyms: boost . raise . elevate . cheer up . enliven . uplift . lighten . gladden . encourage . stimulate . arouse . revive . restore . buck up . jazz up . subdue .
  • formally remove or end (a legal restriction, decision, or ban).
Synonyms: cancel . raise . remove . withdraw . revoke . rescind . annul . void . discontinue . countermand . relax . end . stop . terminate . establish . impose .

lift (noun) · lifts (plural noun)

  • a device incorporating a moving cable for carrying people, typically skiers, up or down a mountain.
  • a platform or compartment housed in a shaft for raising and lowering people or things to different floors or levels; an elevator.

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1. Lift, raise, and hoist mean to move from a lower to a higher place or position. Lift is used for the act of bringing up especially from the ground. Lift those boxes onto the table

2. Lift can be produced in many ways; for example, by creating a low-pressure area above an object, such an airplane wing or other airfoil that is moving through the air, or …

3. 36 rows · Define Lift

4. Lift synonyms, Lift pronunciation, Lift translation, English dictionary definition of

5. With Lift's unique FLEXIBLE fares‚ we take the stress out of travelling.

6. Patient Lifts are medical devices used to comfortably move paralyzed or mostly dependent patients from place to place with minimal strain placed on the caregiver

7. Also known as handicap Lifts, people Lifts, mechanical Lifts, and hospital Lifts, patient Lifts are available in a wide variety of models to accommodate patients and caregivers with a range of needs.

8. Lift Unlimited - Home of Stoic Equipment, Hi-Dosis Supplements, and Evolutionize Meal Prep Solutions.

9. Lift coaches help parents set objectives like securing a safe home, living wages and a better education

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11. Lift is the component of this force that is perpendicular to the oncoming flow direction

12. It contrasts with the drag force, which is the component of the force parallel to the flow direction. Lift conventionally acts in an upward direction in order to counter the force of gravity, but it …

13. Lift noun (CARRYING DEVICE) A2 [ C ] UK (US elevator) a device like a box that moves up and down, carrying people or goods from one floor of a building to another or taking people up and down underground in a mine: Take the Lift

14. Lift kits basically “Lift” the vehicle to an ideal height by using spacers or blocks

15. There are many kinds of Jeep Lifts these days, all offering almost the same results.

16. Find 179 ways to say Lift, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

17. Lift Foils is the original creator of the #1 selling eFoil on the market, shipping worldwide

18. Lift budget 2019-23 (actual plus forecast): USD 16,7 million (Northern Shan) Total contracted projects: 15

19. Lift works on context-specific strategies for improved nutritional outcomes and building resilience through agricultural diversification.

20. To Lift something means to increase its amount or to increase the level or the rate at which it happens

21. The bank Lifted its basic home loans rate to 10.99% from 10.75%

22. [V n + to/from/by] A barrage would halt the flow upstream and Lift the water level.

23. Lift Vehicle Information Vehicle Types and Operators

24. NCTD reserves the right to determine whether Lift service will be provided using its own operators and vehicles, or using operators and vehicles of other entities (for example, taxis).

25. Lift cannot guarantee that information provided is error-free or complete and is not responsible for the quality of the information provided by users

26. Lift does not endorse any user reported information, any particular strain, product, producer, organization, treatment or therapy.

27. Low rise Lift is the perfect addition to any garage that needs a quick sure fire method to raise a car to perform wheel service

28. The Atlas® LR-06P low rise Lift has a rubber top Lifting surface and a set of four high density rubber blocks that help to …

29. GP-7LCS (5175995) 106.5" Height, 125" Width, 54" Rise GrandPrix Series 2-Post Lift / 7,000-lb

30. Because it fits in garages with ceilings as low as 9', it boasts the lowest columns ever found on a permanent two-post Lift.

31. Lift is the only new framework in the last four years to offer fresh and innovative approaches to web development

32. It's not just some incremental improvements over the status quo, it redefines the state of the art.If you are a web developer, you should learn Lift.

33. 60 synonyms of Lift from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 94 related words, definitions, and antonyms

34. Lift: to move from a lower to a higher place or position.

35. A lash Lift is a professional treatment during which a technician uses a curling rod to semipermanently curl your lashes, then sets the bend with a chemical solution to stay up until the next


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40. The force required to Lift an object 3

41. Get a Lift mug for your father-in-law Manafort.

42. Lift-New York; 349 East 149th Street, Suite 500 Bronx, NY 10451; Phone: (347) 584-4010; Fax: (718) 220-5418

43. Lift is the force that directly opposes the weight of an airplane and holds the airplane in the air

44. Lift is generated by every part of the airplane, but most of the Lift on a normal airliner is generated by the wings

45. Lift is a mechanical aerodynamic force produced by the motion of the airplane through the air

46. Because Lift is a force, it is a vector quantity, having both a magnitude and a

47. A noun or pronoun can be used between "Lift" and "up." Lift me up, Daddy! I want to see the parade! He carefully Lifted up the antique from the table to examine it

48. The researchers Lifted the lid of the sarcophagus up, expecting to see all manner of wondrous

49. The Liftopia Platform, a cloud-based commerce solution, makes it easy for resorts to encourage more guest visits and increase revenue by offering Lift tickets and ski passes at optimized prices on their websites and on

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54. PARATRANSIT SERVICE (The Lift) The Lift Program is Erie County’s safe, reliable, customer-friendly, shared-ride, advanced-request transportation system


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61. Giant Selection of Lift Kits and Other Products Whether it is a 4 inch Lift kit or a 6 inch Lift kit, 4 Wheel Parts has you covered.

62. The scissor Lift safety infographic displays the importance of fall protection, guardrail systems, positioning and stabilization, controls and components, and brakes when operating a scissor Lift

63. Adds an Aerial Lift Safety Infographic to Its Training Tools

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What is the meaning of lift?

Lift (force) A fluid flowing past the surface of a body exerts a force on it. Lift is the component of this force that is perpendicular to the oncoming flow direction.

What does lift mean in Urban Dictionary?

An upward force acting on an object. Lift can be produced in many ways; for example, by creating a low-pressure area above an object, such an airplane wing or other airfoil that is moving through the air, or by lowering the overall density of an object relative to the air around it, as with a hot air balloon.

Is lift a verb?

Choose the Right Synonym for lift. Verb. lift, raise, rear, elevate, hoist, heave, boost mean to move from a lower to a higher place or position. lift usually implies exerting effort to overcome resistance of weight. lift the chair while I vacuum raise carries a stronger implication of bringing up to the vertical or to a high position.

What is the noun for lift?

Definition of LIFT (noun): when someone takes you in car; for going up/down; movement of lifting; happier feeling; force raising aircraft

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