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1. Lienee (plural Lienees) One who has right of possession of goods but not right of property; the registered owner1910, Georgia Supreme Court, Georgia Court of Appeals, West Publishing Company, North Carolina Supreme Court, South Carolina Supreme Court, West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, The Southeastern Reporter, Volume 65, page 443,

Lienee, Lienees

2. Lienees meaning Plural form of lienee.

Lienees, Lienee

3. But the position is that Lienees are still protected and will be under this Bill which will not apply until the harvest of 1941


4. Lienees: New high school graduate, usually: TEEN: New Haven trees: ELMS: New Haven student: ELI: New Haven collegians: ELIS: New Haven collegian: YALIE: New Hampshire's "Gate City" NYT: NASHUA: New Hampshire city: KEENE: New Hampshire academy: EXETER: New Hall of Fame outfielder who's the only inductee wearing a Rockies cap on his plaque: 2 wds


5. Lienees is NOT a valid word in NWL, formerly TWL (USA, Thailand, Canada) Lienees is NOT a valid word in CSW, formerly SOWPODS (Other Countries) Lienees is NOT a valid word in WWF


6. Definitions for the word, Lienees


7. Unscrambled Words in the letters, Lienees.

Letters, Lienees

8. Crossword Clue The crossword clue New homeowners, usually with 7 letters was last seen on the December 05, 2020.We think the likely answer to this clue is Lienees.Below are all possible answers to this clue ordered by its rank

Letters, Last, Likely, Lienees

9. Lienees: Vehicles taking furniture to new homes: MOVINGVANS: The ___ City (nickname for New Haven) ELM: State east of New Hampshire: MAINE: Sch


10. Mortgagee Beware of Equitable Lienees Gadens Australia, New Zealand March 1 2021 In Condon,


11. The time allowed by law for redemption by the Lienees, the Lienees’ personal representatives or assigns may be reduced to five weeks if a judicial order is entered under minnesota statutes, section 582.032, determining, among other things, that the premises are improved

Law, Lienees

12. The Lienees have not been released from their personal obligation to pay the Debt


13. Pursuant to the power of sale granted by the Lienees in taking title to said property, as provided in Chapter 515B and/or the Existing By-Laws, said lien will be foreclosed by the sale of said property by the Sheriff of Hennepin County, Minnesota, at the office

Lienees, Laws, Lien

14. Chris' construction experience is broad-based, and includes negotiating contracts and litigating disputes on behalf of owners, developers, property owners associations, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, banks, lienors/Lienees, architects, and engineers.

Litigating, Lienors, Lienees

15. Special agreement among Lienees


16. Any conveyance of realty wherein a material part of the consideration is the agreement of the grantee to support the grantor during life is void at the option of the grantor, except as to bona fide purchasers for value, Lienees, and mortgagees without notice, if, during the life of the grantor, he takes proceedings to annul such conveyance.

Life, Lienees

17. Name of the Lienees in the full amount of $19,368.42


18. Further, lienors know that if they file an exaggerated lien, Lienees will often be willing to negotiate a settlement to clear their property of the encumbrance

Lienors, Lien, Lienees

19. $342.00 and $3,121.00 were made by the Lienees for the attorney services and Poor Relief services respectively


20. On November 23d the mortgagor and the Lienees moved to have the default set aside


21. Lienees: Plato Davis and Suzanne Swanson (collectively, the “Lienees”), who are the owners of said real property


22. There are 8 eight-letter words containing 3E, I, L, N and S: ALienees BEELINES ENLISTEE SELENIDE SELENITE UNSEELIE


23. Manage Company Car and Driver (including HK and Mainland Car Lienees, Car Maintenance, Driver Schedule, etc.) Arrange the Company Event, such as Annual Dinner Support Company Administrative work as necessary Sort and… Provide secretarial support to …


24. Mortgagee Beware of Equitable Lienees * COVID-19 What constitutes “exceptional circumstances” for the purpose of setting aside a Binding Child Support Agreement? Australian Regulators Weekly


25. We are well-versed in all aspects of a lien, having represented both Lienees and lien holders

Lien, Lienees

26. What Lienees and Lienors Should Know

Lienees, Lienors

27. The Lienees must vacate said property on or before 11:59 p.m., on April 10, 2014 (or the next business day if April 10, 2014, falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday), if said lien is not reinstated under Minnesota Statutes Section 580.30, or if said property is not redeemed under Minnesota Statutes Section 580.23, or if said redemption

Lienees, Legal, Lien

28. Lienees i.i.yiiw i look at th“ fiscal 1939 s <-*-All Wil I t I I I ing added d

Lienees, Look, Lt

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  • a long, narrow mark or band.
  • a straight or curved continuous extent of length without breadth.
Synonyms: dash . rule . bar . score . underline . underscore . stroke . slash . virgule . solidus . stripe . strip . band . streak . belt . striation . stria . oblique .
  • a length of cord, rope, wire, or other material serving a particular purpose.
  • a length of sterile tubing inserted into a vein or artery in order to provide temporary access, typically so as to administer fluids or withdraw blood.
Synonyms: cord . rope . string . cable . wire . thread . twine . strand . filament . ligature .


  • stand or be positioned at intervals along.
Synonyms: border . edge . fringe . bound . skirt . hem . rim .
  • mark or cover with lines.
Synonyms: furrow . wrinkle . crease . crinkle . pucker . corrugate .
  • hit a line drive.


  • cover the inside surface of (a container or garment) with a layer of different material.
  • form a layer on the inside surface of (an area); cover as if with a lining.
Synonyms: covered . backed . interlined . faced . paneled . inlaid . reinforced . encased . papered . decorated . stuffed . filled . packed . padded . ceiled . cover . back . interline . face . panel . inlay . reinforce . encase . paper . decorate . stuff . fill . pack . pad . ceil . cover . back . interline . face . panel . inlay . reinforce . encase . paper . decorate . stuff . fill . pack . pad . ceil .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does line mean?

line(Noun) A path through two or more points (compare 'segment'); a continuous mark, including as made by a pen; any path, curved or straight. line(Noun) A rope, cord, string, or thread, of any thickness.

Does a line definition and meaning?

A line is a mark or stroke that is longer than it is wide . A line is also a row of people or things or a number of people standing one in front of the other. The word line has many other senses as a noun and a verb. A simple line resembles an uppercase I or a lowercase L.

What do lines mean?

Lines on paper. The definition of a line is a mark connecting two points, something stretched between two things, or two or more people standing in a row. An example of a line is a horizontal mark drawn on a piece of paper.

What does line mean in math?

A line is defined as a line of points that extends infinitely in two directions. It has one dimension, length. Points that are on the same line are called collinear points. A line is defined by two points and is written as shown below with an arrowhead. Two lines that meet in a point are called intersecting lines.

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