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1. lickspittle (third-person singular simple present lickspittles, present participle lickspittling, simple past and past participle Lickspittled) (transitive and intransitive) To play the toady; take the role of a lickspittle to please (someone)

Lickspittle, Lickspittles, Lickspittling, Lickspittled

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6. Lickspittled translation in English - German Reverso dictionary, see also 'lick',lick up',licking',licensed', examples, definition, conjugation

Lickspittled, Lick, Licking, Licensed

7. The past tense of lickspittle is Lickspittled

Lickspittle, Lickspittled

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LICKSPITTLED [ˈlikˌspidl]

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best dictionary definition of lickspittle?

Define lickspittle. lickspittle synonyms, lickspittle pronunciation, lickspittle translation, English dictionary definition of lickspittle. n. A fawning underling; a toady. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

Who is a lickspittle and what is a flatterer?

The editor was denounced as a corporate lickspittle by much of the journalistic world. These lawyers are government hacks and lickspittles, who demonstrate their loyalty to their governments by defending the unconscionable. They surround themselves with paid flatterers and lickspittles.

What did Maddow say about Benedict the lickspittle?

Picture Maddow having said at some point that Benedict was "a capitalist lickspittle ." You get up right after midnight to practice being a lickspittle and a trimmer! Had I been the most contemptible lickspittle on the meanest and greediest quest, his expression could not have been worse. A Dash .. .. .. For a Throne

Where does the word Lick come from in English?

Etymology. A compounding: lick (“pass one’s tongue over”) + spittle (“saliva”); the verb may derive by back-formation from the nominal derivation lickspittling (see below).

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