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1. Liability definition is - the quality or state of being liable

Liability, Liable

2. How to use Liability in a sentence.


3. A Liability is something a person or company owes, usually a sum of money


4. Liability synonyms, Liability pronunciation, Liability translation, English dictionary definition of Liability


5. Liability definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation


6. Joint Liability is an obligation for which more than one person is responsible.


7. Joint and several Liability refers to the status of those who are responsible together as one unit as well as individually for their conduct.


8. A Liability is a debt you must pay off, now or in the future


9. “A Liability is something you are responsible for,” says Katharine Perry, certified financial planner (CFP) at Fort Pitt Capital


10. A Liability is a debt assumed by a business entity as a result of its borrowing activities or other financial obligations (such as funding pension plans for its employees)


11. The amount of time allotted to pay off the Liability is typically determined by the size of the


12. The definition of Liability in financial accounting is a business’s financial responsibilities


13. A common Liability for small businesses are accounts payable, or money owed to suppliers, according to Accounting Coach


14. Appraiser E&O and General Liability Insurance from LIA

Liability, Lia

15. Liability: a feature of someone or something that creates difficulty for achieving success


16. A Liability is defined by the following characteristics: Any type of borrowing from persons or banks for improving a business or personal income that is payable during short or long time; A duty or responsibility to others that entails settlement by future transfer or use of assets, provision of services, or other transaction yielding an

Liability, Long

17. Contingent liabilities Contingent Liability A contingent Liability is a potential Liability that may or may not occur

Liabilities, Liability

18. The relevance of a contingent Liability depends on the probability of the contingency becoming an actual Liability, its timing, and the accuracy with which the amount associated with it can be estimated


19. 1 Professional Liability cases can last months or even years

Liability, Last

20. That means it could cost you from $3,000 to $150,000, 2 but professional Liability insurance covers these legal bills if …

Liability, Legal

21. See 8 authoritative translations of Liability in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.


22. Legal Liability, in both civil and criminal law

Legal, Liability, Law

23. Public Liability, part of the law of tort which focuses on civil wrongs; Product Liability, the area of law in which manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and others who make products available to the public are held responsible for the injuries those products cause; Professional Liability for one's professional acts, as in

Liability, Law

24. Liability car insurance (or Liability coverage, as it’s also known) helps pay for the costs of the other driver’s property and medical injuries if you are “at fault” in an accident


25. Liability definition: If you say that someone or something is a Liability , you mean that they cause a lot of Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Liability, Lot

26. The limited Liability concept is applicable for all business types except the sole proprietorship

Limited, Liability

27. A sole proprietorship doesn't separate the owner from the business, so the business' Liability is the owner's, with no limits

Liability, Limits

28. That's why most businesses prefer to limit their Liability by forming a corporation, LLC, or partnership.

Limit, Liability, Llc

29. Sold your vehicle? Complete a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability (NRL) to let DMV know that you are no longer responsible for parking/traffic violations or civil or criminal actions associated with the vehicle after the date of sale.

Liability, Let, Longer

30. How much personal Liability coverage do I need? Homeowners and renters policies commonly offer three limits of personal Liability insurance coverage: $100,000, $300,000, and $500,000

Liability, Limits

31. As with auto Liability insurance, selecting a coverage limit that matches or exceeds your net worth is a good starting point

Liability, Limit

32. One of the most significant words in the field of law, Liability means legal responsibility for one's acts or omissions

Law, Liability, Legal

33. Property damage Liability can help protect you if you're found at fault for damaging someone's property in an accident


34. Learn about property damage Liability insurance

Learn, Liability

35. Property damage Liability insurance can help cover: Damages to structures like homes and storefronts; Repair or replacement of stationary objects; Vehicle repair or replacement

Liability, Like

36. Liability insurance actually consists of two types of auto coverage: Bodily injury Liability protection applies to the medical expenses of the other party if you are found at fault in the accident


37. Liability insurance is any insurance policy that protects an individual or business from the risk that they may be sued and held legally liable for something such as malpractice, injury or negligence.

Liability, Legally, Liable

38. Liability insurance can help cover medical expenses, attorney fees and damages you are legally responsible for

Liability, Legally

39. You're a Liability You're a little much for me" So they pull back, make other plans I understand, I'm a Liability Get you wild, make you leave I'm a little much for E-a-na-na-na, everyone

Liability, Little, Leave

40. Business Liability coverage can help protect your small business from unexpected costs in a number of scenarios, such as after someone is injured at your workplace or a client sues you for damages


41. General Liability coverage comes with an Allstate Business Insurance policy, and other types of Liability coverage can be added to your policy to


42. Liability n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


43. "Fiduciary Liability, in contrast to EBL coverage, not only covers administrative errors and omissions but also your personal Liability for a breach of a fiduciary duty in connection with an


44. Looking for a quick general Liability insurance quote for your business? The Hartford offers comprehensive Liability insurance coverage for customer injuries, damage to other property and lawsuits

Looking, Liability, Lawsuits

45. Get an online business Liability insurance quote today.


46. Limitation of Liability clauses limit the amount one party has to pay the other party if they suffer loss because of a contract between them

Limitation, Liability, Limit, Loss

47. To be enforceable, limitation of Liability clauses need to be reasonable and carefully drafted, so make sure you pay great attention to …

Limitation, Liability

48. Personal Liability insurance is about financial protection – for you and your family


49. The personal Liability coverage within your homeowners policy provides coverage to pay for claims of bodily injury and property damage sustained by others for which you or covered residents of your household are …


50. On March 17, 2020, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published a declaration under the 2005 Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) to provide Liability immunity for activities related to medical countermeasures against


51. What is a Liability Account? – Definition


52. In a sense, a Liability is a creditor’s claim on a company’ assets


53. General Liability Protection for Your Business


54. Find 82 ways to say Liability, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


55. You can complete a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability (REG 138) and mail it to the address on the form


56. If any of the information is missing or illegible, DMV may be unable to update the vehicle record, which may disqualify your Liability


57. Law enforcement Liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage caused by a wrongful act committed by or on behalf of a public entity while conducting law enforcement activities or operations.

Law, Liability

58. You're a Liability You're a little much for me" So they pull back, make other plans I understand, I'm a Liability Get you wild, make you leave I'm a little much for E-a-na-na-na, everyone The truth is I am a toy That people enjoy 'Til all of the tricks don't work anymore And then they are bored of me I know that it's exciting Running through

Liability, Little, Leave

59. Liability Lyrics: Go for it / One, two / Baby really hurt me, crying in the taxi / He don't wanna know me / Says he made the big mistake of dancing in my storm / …

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