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1. English Language Learners Definition of Lessor law : a person or company that leases property (such as a car or house) to someone See the full definition for Lessor in the English Language Learners Dictionary

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2. A Lessor is the owner of an asset that is leased, or rented, to another party, known as the lessee

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3. Lessors and lessees enter into a binding contract, known …

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4. A Lessor is the party who rents property to another party


5. If we think of a lessee as a tenant or renter, the Lessor is the landlord or owner

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6. Here are a few sentences that include Lessor, The Lessor will be responsible for repairs and maintenance not related to damage directly caused by the lessee.

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7. Lessor is a person who leases their property

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8. Lessor customers can get access to the Portal by contacting Lessor A/S.


9. 3 synonyms of Lessor from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 6 related words, definitions, and antonyms


10. Lessor: the owner of land or housing that is rented to another

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11. Lessor - someone who grants a lease lease giver owner , proprietor - (law) someone who owns (is legal possessor of) a business; "he is the owner of a chain of restaurants"

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12. The Lessor is the legal owner of the asset or property, and he gives the lessee the right to use or occupy the asset or property for a specific period

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13. During the contract, the Lessor retains the right of ownership of the property and is entitled to receive periodic payments from the lessee based on their initial agreement.

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14. A Lessor owns the property or asset that he leases

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15. Lessors can lend anything from homes to commercial property or cars and construction equipment.

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16. Find 10 ways to say Lessor, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


17. / ˈlesɔr / a person or organization that allows another person or organization to use something they own in return for regular payments: An asset may be repossessed by the Lessor in the event of a default on …

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18. A Lessor is a party that owns the asset and gives a right to use the asset to the lessee

Lessor, Lessee

19. The Lessor retains the ownership rights during the lease term and receives periodic lease rentals as agreed with the lessee.

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20. Siden 1972 har Lessor Group specialiseret sig i at udvikle it-løsninger til små og store virksomheder


21. A Lessor is the owner of the property who rents it to another party, called the lessee

Lessor, Lessee

22. A Lessor may be an individual, a partnership, estate, governmental department or agency, or a joint tenant


23. Certain rights and duties are associated with Lessors and lessees.

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24. Antonyms for Lessor include lessee, lodger, roomer, tenant, renter, occupant, resident, boarder, inhabitant and holder

Lessor, Lessee, Lodger

25. Lessor is headquartered in Denmark and is currently doing business in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Germany


26. Lessor is a participant of the lease who takes possession of the property and provides it as a leasing subject to the lessee for temporary possession

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27. For example, in leasehold estate, the landlord is the Lessor and the tenant is the lessee

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28. The Lessor may be the owner of the property or an agent authorized on the owner's behalf.


29. What does Lessor mean? The definition of a Lessor is someone who loans property to another person with a written agreement

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30. The person or entity the lessee rents from is the Lessor

Lessee, Lessor

31. A Lessor is defined as an entity (i.e


32. A Lessor is the owner of an asset such as a car or building, who is renting it out to the lessee

Lessor, Lessee

33. Under a full-service or rental lease, the Lessor promises to maintain and insure the equipment and to pay any property taxes due on it

Lease, Lessor

34. Leases come in many forms, but in all cases the lessee promises to make a series of payments to the Lessor.

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35. The Lessor is the owner of the property and does not use it for its own use; on the other hand, the lessee temporarily acquires the property and uses it for its own use

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36. It begins with the Lessor giving his asset or property to the lessee

Lessor, Lessee

37. Then the lessee pays monthly agreed upon lease or rent to the Lessor.

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38. ‘The Lessor can neither refuse the license to assign, nor assent to the assignment, for he has nothing more to do with it.’ Synonyms property owner , proprietor, Lessor, letter, householder, freeholder, landowner, landholder, master

Lessor, License, Letter, Landowner, Landholder

39. Definition: A Lessor is the business or individual in a lease agreement that grants another party the right of possession and the right to use the leased property

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40. In other words, a Lessor leases or rents leased property to the lessee

Lessor, Leases, Leased, Lessee

41. What Does Lessor Mean? Leasing a piece of property is much like renting it for a set period of time.

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42. In the action of ejectment, this was the party who really and in effect prosecuted the action and was interested in its resul Legal definition for Lessor: He who grants a lease.

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43. Lessor’s risk only (LRO) is a type of small business insurance for commercial landlords.It protects you in case one of your tenants sues you for property damage or injuries sustained in your building.

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44. There are two parties to the lease, known as the Lessor and the lessee

Lease, Lessor, Lessee

45. The Lessor is the owner of the asset that rents the asset.


46. The Lessor is the legal owner of the asset; the lessee obtains the right to use the asset in return for regular rental payments

Lessor, Legal, Lessee

47. Lessor's Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards

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48. Lessor is a town in Shawano County, Wisconsin, United States.The population was 1,112 at the 2000 census


49. Lessor - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


50. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Lessor n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


51. Capital lease accounting by Lessor

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52. Lessor leaser As nouns the difference between Lessor and leaser is that Lessor is the owner of property that is leased while leaser is (nonstandard) one who leases or gleans; Lessor.

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53. A lease is an arrangement under which a Lessor agrees to allow a lessee to control the use of identified property, plant, and equipment for a stated period of time in exchange for one or more payments

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54. There are several types of lease designations, which differ if an entity is the lessee or the Lessor

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55. Since more companies are involved in leasing transactions as lessees rather than as Lessors, the following focuses on how the proposed standard is expected to affect lessees.: Both owners and Lessors of properties will qualify for the incentive.: If the covenant has the meaning suggested by the lessees, the Lessors are liable for breach of the implied covenant.

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56. An intermediate Lessor shall classify the sublease as a finance lease or an operating lease as follows (IFRS 16.B58): if the head lease is a short-term lease that the entity, as a lessee, has accounted for using the practical expedient, the sublease is classified as an operating lease.

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57. Payments made by a Lessor to a lessee associated with a lease, or the reimbursement or assumption by a Lessor of costs of a lessee

Lessor, Lessee, Lease

58. Losses incurred by the Lessor as a result of assuming a …

Losses, Lessor

59. A Lessor and lessee agreement is an agreement between the person renting something out and the person renting it to use it

Lessor, Lessee

60. Synonyms for Lessor in Free Thesaurus


61. 1 synonym for Lessor: lease giver

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LESSOR [ˈlesˌôr]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name lessor mean?

A lessor is essentially someone who grants a lease to someone else. As such, a lessor is the owner of an asset that is leased under an agreement to a lessee. The lessee makes a one-time payment or a series of periodic payments to the lessor in return for the use of the asset.

What is the what is the difference between lessor and lessee?

Key Differences

  • The lessor acquires the property, not for his private use and lessee acquires that property on lease for his private use.
  • Original transfers of the property leisure with the lessor, nonetheless, lessee get the possession for momentary use for an agreed price.
  • Ownership rests with lessor whereas possession rests with the lessee.
  • More items...

    What is the difference between Lien and lessor?

    As nouns the difference between lien and lessor. is that lien is (obsolete) a tendon while lessor is the owner of property that is leased. Oct 28 2019

    What is the difference between lessee and tenant?

    A Lessee is the person who signed the lease agreement, whereas a tenant is someone who occupies the property. So it is possible to to be a tenant without being a lessee, but if you are a lessee you are a tenant. I'd say in almost every case you would want to use tenant instead of lessee.

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