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1. Leoninely (comparative more Leoninely, superlative most Leoninely)


2. Synonyms for Leoninely include dignifiedly, imposingly, impressively, magnificently, majestically, proudly, felinely, eminently, distinguishedly and outstandingly


3. Leoninely in English translation and definition "Leoninely", Dictionary English-English online


4. Show declension of Leoninely, ) Example sentences with "Leoninely", translation memory


5. How many syllables has Leoninely? 4 syllables; More information


6. The word "Leoninely" backwards: yleninoel; Anagrams of "Leoninely": 0 (Not exist) Definition of "Leoninely" Words that rhyme with Leoninely


7. Synonyms for "Leoninely" Acrostic of "Leoninely"


8. Looking for Leoninely? Find out information about Leoninely

Looking, Leoninely

9. Of or relating Explanation of Leoninely


10. Leoninely level-handed lissomly level-handedly lighthanded livelily lakeward lighthandedly large-heartedly level-headedly Latinly lightheadedly largeheartedly long-termly levelhanded lifeward levelhandedly like new lively loose-handed like nobody's business loose-handedly lamellately looard

Leoninely, Level, Lissomly, Lighthanded, Livelily, Lakeward, Lighthandedly, Large, Latinly, Lightheadedly, Largeheartedly, Long, Levelhanded, Lifeward, Levelhandedly, Like, Lively, Loose, Lamellately, Looard

11. Leoninely How to use it: This word connotes power, beauty, ruggedness, strength, majesty, royalty--anything you associate with lions

Leoninely, Lions

12. The guy also had one of the three most Leoninely bitchin' male heads of hair ever, along with Rod Argent and Ken Hensley


13. The surprise of the dozen songs here is a rootsy take on Pat Metheny's instrumental James, which I've no doubt the Leoninely talented composer-player himself will enjoy immensely


14. That i eat birds/ and even dreamed last night/ I had coughed the feathers up/ at the breakfast table/and Ella said/ daddy doesn’t eat birds/ and I said/ I know/ daddy doesn’t eat birds/ but that I have seen him/ standing by a bush/ hovering over two/ and I myself have been in his hand/ and Leoninely loving/ he has licked me/ behind my ears/ that I eat pig for breakfast/ not unlike the pig

Last, Leoninely, Loving, Licked

15. So when lions appear in his own paintings, they seldom do so very Leoninely (leonically?)

Lions, Leoninely, Leonically

16. Leonato, leoncito, leonese, leonhardite, leonid, leonine, Leoninely, leonines, leonis, leonist

Leonato, Leoncito, Leonese, Leonhardite, Leonid, Leonine, Leoninely, Leonines, Leonis, Leonist

17. And I WILL do everything in my power and Leoninely possible to make your life a living hell! Understand?" "Sir, yes sir!" "Now, I want to know who each and everyone of you termites were, and what sorry Pride you decided to dragged your tails from, Starting with you," command the Sergeant, pointing to Kovu

Leoninely, Life, Living

18. Leoninely analytical and at the same time flexible; Identify the latest trends and tools; Provide training to work for teams or individually, therefore must be a good communicator; Commitment and Involvement; Have a solid Personal Brand, that builds confidence

Leoninely, Latest

19. Leon, leonard, leonardesque, leonato, leoncito, leonese, leonhardite, leonid, leonine, Leoninely

Leon, Leonard, Leonardesque, Leonato, Leoncito, Leonese, Leonhardite, Leonid, Leonine, Leoninely

20. Settle-brain wrinkliest Leoninely rejoicingly


21. Behind him ranged several instrumentalists providing the matrix for what was soon discovered to be, as needle hit groove, coherent madness in Leoninely elegant tones


22. Nonrevival PCPC implants Leoninely opuscular Wilsonianism


23. 33 isothere 34 perfumer 35 prejudges 36 quarr[es 37 Leoninely 38 siorers 39 siatement 40 ungulates 4[ premammary 42 unsmelling 43 mercuraiing 44 solidarity 45 self-revealing 46 untenderi, y 47 vorticity 48 woundingi,y 49 impervious 50 tongue-wagging 5[ over stridden 52 subdivisional


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Leonine mean?

Definition of leonine : of, relating to, suggestive of, or resembling a lion literary : of, relating to, or resembling a lion : of or relating to leprotic leontiasis

What is a sentence using the word Leonine?

Example Sentences Learn More about leonine Did You Know? Leonine derives from Latin leo, meaning "lion," which in turn comes from Greek lēon.

What does Leo XIII mean?

(Roman Catholic Church) of or relating to certain prayers in the Mass prescribed by Pope Leo XIII 1. of or pertaining to a lion. 2. resembling or suggestiveof a lion. 3. ( cap.) of or pertaining to any of the popes named Leo.

Why are Leonine verses so called?

Leonine verses are so called in honor of a poet named Leo, whom prosodists appear to find a pleasure in believing to have been the first to discover that a rhyming couplet could be run into a single line. In fear perhaps before a Furious, yellow, blond and curled Leonine monster?

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