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1. Leise (comparative Leiser, superlative am Leisesten) quiet, soft, low; slight, faint, light; Declension

Leise, Leiser, Leisesten, Low, Light

2. Number & gender singular plural masculine feminine neuter all genders predicative er ist Leise: sie ist Leise: es ist Leise: sie sind Leise: strong declension (without article) nominative Leiser: Leise: Leises:

Leise, Leiser, Leises

3. Definition of Leise in the dictionary


4. What does Leise mean? Information and translations of Leise in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


5. Leise translate: quiet, faint, quietly, under one’s breath, low

Leise, Low

6. Man konnte Leise Stellen hören, die vom Tratschen und Rufen völlig übertönt worden wären

Leise, Llig

7. Die Leise Variante des Skifahrens - verschiedenste Loipen genießen

Leise, Loipen

8. Trocknet eure Tränen und verlasst Leise den Ring


9. Außerdem wollte der Mörder Leise verschwinden


10. „ Neue und traditionelle, laute und Leise, streng durchkomponierte und völlig freie Musik - auch im Jahre drei unter der künstlerischen Leitung von Reiner Michalke ist das Publikum erfreulich offen für die musikalischen Wechselbäder und die Wucht, mit der da oftmals die Stile aufeinanderprallen."

Laute, Leise, Llig, Leitung

11. Leise Concrete can replace your concrete, but there is a state-of-the-art solution to lift and level concrete that is cost-effective and long lasting

Leise, Lift, Level, Long, Lasting

12. Yes, "Leise" is soft-spoken, hushed, muted, low-voice

Leise, Low

13. So "Leise" is about sound, or better: lack thereof

Leise, Lack

14. You could jump around the room like crazy, as long as you don't make any sound, it would be considered "Leise"

Like, Long, Leise

15. Leise seufzen/ Leise seufzend: Last post 14 Jul 09, 14:43: Sie zog ihre Arme enger um seinen Nacken und als sich ihre Lippen in der Mitte trafen seufzt… 1 Replies: Leise drohend (Leise Drohung) Last post 23 Oct 12, 17:40 "Das würde ich nicht tun", sagte Chris Leise drohend (eine Leise Drohung in der Stimme)

Leise, Last, Lippen

16. 9 Replies: Leise Musik: Last post

Leise, Last

17. Dr. Leise Knoepp, MD is a Women's Health Medicine Specialist in New Orleans, LA

Leise, La

18. Christopher Leise focuses his practice on complex insurance and commercial litigation, including the representation of licensed insurance agents and brokers in professional liability claims and agency contract disputes

Leise, Litigation, Licensed, Liability

19. Leise is an ancient Anglo-Saxon surname that came from the baptismal name for the son of Levison, which was a form of Lewis.Baptismal names are forms of patronymic surnames, and derive from either the religious or the vernacular given name traditions

Leise, Levison, Lewis

20. In this case, the surname Leise was originally derived from the given name of the father of the bearer.


21. The Leise family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920


22. The most Leise families were found in the USA in 1880


23. In 1840 there were 10 Leise families living in Pennsylvania

Leise, Living

24. This was 100% of all the recorded Leise's in the USA


25. Pennsylvania had the highest population of Leise families in 1840.


26. Translations in context of "Leise" in German-English from Reverso Context: ganz Leise, still und Leise, sei Leise, Leise kichern, lacht Leise

Leise, Lacht

27. This means that the percentage of depositions that Judge Sue Leise has approved in NHC ST LOUIS for the 2010 fiscal year is 19%

Leise, Louis

28. The information below for Judge Sue Leise was last updated on 10/01/2021

Leise, Last

29. My name is Leise and I love to photograph real life

Leise, Love, Life

30. { get in touch } Leise Jones Photography


31. { get the blog }

Leise, Leisejones

32. English Translation of “Leise” The official Collins German-English Dictionary online


33. Soul Yoga with Leise, Stockport


34. The Leise Wealth Management Group offers recommendations and financial services to successful individuals who desire a high level of personal service.Unique to our team is the belief that real, sustainable value is delivered by consistently and continuously combining the right people, recommendations, and services with the “intangibles” —listening, understanding, communicating, …

Leise, Level, Listening

35. David Edward Leise, 82, of Peachtree City, GA passed away on January 15, 2021


36. He was born on December 8, 1938 in Pittsburg, PA to the late Ben and Emily Leise

Late, Leise

37. Erik Leise is the hardest worker you will find--he was constantly up and moving, making sure he captured all the special moments


38. Summary: Sidney Leise is 70 years old and was born on 03/13/1951


39. Other names that Sidney uses includes Vernon S Leise, Sidney V Leise, Sid V Leise, V Sidney Leise and Vernon Sidney Leise.


40. 1 day ago · 2023 QB Parker Leise talks Kansas offer, contact with coaches


41. Leise, 6-foot-2, 205 pounds is keeping his skills going this spring playing for Epic 7 Midwest


42. “Once COVID hit, my school went into online learning,” Leise said.

Learning, Leise

43. When Johannes Leise was born in January 1714, in Mainz, Hessen, Germany, his father, Friederich Lies, was 14 and his mother, Catherina, was 14

Leise, Lies

44. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at Leise, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more

Look, Like, Leise

45. This is the Leise company profile


46. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at Leise.


47. Leise Knoepp, MD, MPH offers progressive and comprehensive medical, behavioral, and surgical treatment options for women with pelvic floor disorders


48. Leise rieselt der Schnee - Leise rieselt der Schnee ist eines der bekanntesten Winterlieder in deutscher Sprache


49. Leise Maersk was built in 1921 in the Odense Steel Shipyard and was the first diesel-powered vessel in the Maersk fleet


50. Homepage Wealth Management Wealth Management Team Ashley Leise


51. Preceded in death by father, Ralph Leise; aunt, Elaine Leise; uncle, Harold Leise


52. Leise is an incredibly talented photographer and a wonderful person who is passionate about her work


53. Professor Leise won a 2014 Graves Award in the Humanities for excellence in blending teaching and research and has been awarded eight Whitman College-sponsored grants and awards for student-faculty research collaboration


54. Leise, M.D., pertain to the treatment and outcomes of hepatitis C, the diagnosis and treatment of hepatic encephalopathy, and liver transplant outcomes

Leise, Liver

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What does the name Leise mean?

The Leise or Leis (plural Leisen; from the Greek kyrie eleison) is a genre of vernacular medieval church song. They appear to have originated in the German-speaking regions, but are also found in Scandinavia, and are a precursor of Protestant church music.

What is the meaning of Leisen?

The Leise or Leis (plural Leisen; from the Greek kyrie eleison) is a genre of vernacular medieval church song. They appear to have originated in the German-speaking regions, but are also found in Scandinavia, and are a precursor of Protestant church music. Leisen arose in the Middle Ages as brief...

What does leisureliness mean?

1 : freedom provided by the cessation of activities especially : time free from work or duties increase of leisure, diminution of hustle are the ends to be sought — Bertrand Russell 2 : ease, leisureliness at leisure or at one's leisure : in one's leisure time : at one's convenience read the book at her leisure

Is the word leisure in the Merriam Webster Dictionary?

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