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"Lehre" in Example Sentences

1. 1. Use lehren in a sentence, lehren meaning?, lehren definition, how to use lehren in a sentence, use lehren in a sentence with examples. can have two: ich lehre ihn ein neues Thema "I teach him a new topic". auf den Tisch is a prepositional phrase, where the case is selected by the preposition.. 2. 2. Definition of lehre in the D dictionary. Meaning of lehre.What does lehre mean?
2. Vendor in a sentence. Typical dishes Blood pudding is the name of a short independent film and viral video created by vendetta Studios and David lehre Productions which are based out of Washington, Michigan. Death Steve then started a vendetta against Phil which he was about to lose.
3. What does lehre mean? Information and translations of lehre in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Examples of lehre in a Sentence. Otto von Bismarck: Politics is the art of the possible. (originally, "Die Politik ist die lehre von Möglichen.")
4. Examples of atman in a sentence: 1. All-Eins-Lehre, der Atman-Philosophie oder 2. Der Atman-Brahman, die heilige Weltseele, ist der Urgrund alles Seins, aus ihm 3. (Atman = Selbst).
5. Use “bacteriology” in a sentence | “bacteriology” sentence examples Experimental pathology has benefited by the use of antiseptic surgery in operations upon animals, and by the adoption of exact methods of recording. Vorlesungen fiber die geschichtliche Entwickelung der lehre von der Bacterien (Leipzig, 1887); M`Farland, Text
6. As I know there are always one accusative and one dative. Only for some case there will be two accusatives. Like lehre. Will you please help me regarding this question? Thank you – user29760 Sep 10 '17 at 20:01
7. Heinze in Leipsic, _Die lehre vom Logos in der griechischen Philosophie_, 1872; G. a n v d [Please select] 0. From the Jewish-Alexandrian speculative Theology the author borrowed the term Logos to express what he conceived to be the cosmic importance of Christ's position. USE IN A SENTENCE.
8. Die Politik ist die lehre vom Mglichen. - quote by Otto Von Bismarck on YourDictionary.
9. Die-Lehre-Vom-Hl771182020 Manual Definition of Manual by MerriamDownload Manual Definition of Manual by Merriam Ebook PDF:Manual definition is of relating to or involving the hands How to use manual in a sentence. Download Here: Manual Definition of Manual by Merriam Online Reading at PASSWORD-SAFE.NETManual Definition of Manual at Dictionarycom
10. lehre in der Fremdsprache Teaching in English. Herausgeber DAAD explain in a sentence or two how you would use the following. An example has been done for you. Software is that whereas the German makes use of the verb “werden”, English tends to stick to the present simple form.

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