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1. Legalize definition is - to make legal; especially : to give legal validity or sanction to

Legalize, Legal

2. How to use Legalize in a sentence.


3. See synonyms for: Legalize / legalization on verb (used with object), le·gal·ized, le·gal·iz·ing

Legalize, Legalization, Le

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5. Verb permit, allow, approve, sanction, license, legitimate, authorize, validate, legitimize, make legal, decriminalize Divorce was Legalized in 1981

License, Legitimate, Legitimize, Legal, Legalized

6. Legalise definition is - British spelling of Legalize … See the full definition

Legalise, Legalize

7. Legalize Comedy Read the petition It's been one year since live comedy shows in New York City (indoor and outdoor) have been strictly prohibited - even when indoor dining has been allowed.

Legalize, Live

8. It's time to Legalize the responsible use and possession of cannabis by adults Virginia


9. Virginia stood poised to become the first Southern state to Legalize marijuana after lawmakers approved a bill aimed in part at ending disparate treatment faced by …

Legalize, Lawmakers

10. Lawmakers in Mexico have approved a bill to Legalize recreational cannabis, but in a country still marred by a deadly drug war, the proposal has proved divisive

Lawmakers, Legalize

11. House passes legislation to Legalize millions of undocumented immigrants The vote to Legalize "dreamers" was 228-197, with nine Republicans joining all the Democrats in support

Legislation, Legalize

12. Proposed California Law Would Legalize Magic Mushrooms, MDMA, LSD, And Other Psychedelic Drugs

Law, Legalize, Lsd

13. Legalize It Lyrics: Legalize it / And don't criticize it / Legalize it, yeah, yeah / And I will advertise it / Some call it tampje / Tampje / Some call it the weed / The weed / Some call it marijuana

Legalize, Lyrics

14. Florida lawmakers file bill to Legalize recreational marijuana Florida

Lawmakers, Legalize

15. Virginia lawmakers gave final approval Saturday to a bill that will Legalize marijuana for adult recreational use, but not until 2024, when retail sales of the drug would also begin.

Lawmakers, Legalize

16. "My bill would Legalize and decriminalize all forms of cannabis," Roberts said


17. Virginia lawmakers gave final approval Saturday to a bill that will Legalize marijuana for adult recreational use, but not until 2024, when retail sales of the drug would also begin.

Lawmakers, Legalize

18. Mexican lawmakers advance bill to Legalize recreational pot

Lawmakers, Legalize

19. Legalize IT is the first solo album released by the legendary Peter Tosh who was the rebel of The Wailers and one of the most under appreciated artists of the 20th century

Legalize, Legendary

20. ANNAPOLIS (WJZ) — Maryland lawmakers want to Legalize marijuana

Lawmakers, Legalize

21. House Bill 32 would not only Legalize four ounces of possession for those 21 and over- …


22. The Republican governor made the statement as the state legislature is considering a bill to Legalize the use of cannabis if recommended by a health care practitioner

Legislature, Legalize

23. 25th March 2015 Five states that are looking to Legalize marijuana

Looking, Legalize

24. 11th September 2015 Florida could Legalize recreational and medical marijuana in 2016


25. 16th September 2015 There is growing support to Legalize marijuana globally


26. Senate Bill 708 would also Legalize small amounts of marijuana for adults and establish a regulated cannabis economy


27. A fter past years of stalled impetus, the New Mexico legislature has four bills seeking to Legalize cannabis circulating within its halls.

Legislature, Legalize

28. A bill to Legalize marijuana in Delaware was pending in the state legislature in 2020 before the session was called off due to COVID-19

Legalize, Legislature

29. A bill to Legalize personal use of marijuana advanced out of the state Senate Public Safety Committee on Tuesday.


30. Legislation is pending to Legalize adult use marijuana in Minnesota

Legislation, Legalize

31. Hubert Minnis announced Friday that the government is currently completing legislation to Legalize medicinal marijuana, bringing the country another step closer to marijuana reform, according to The Tribune, one of The Bahamas' leading newspapers.

Legislation, Legalize, Leading

32. Tony Evers' budget, including his plan to Legalize


33. Legalize it Legalize marijuana pot weed legalization 420 Legalize regulate educate medicate medical marijuana cannabis reefer natural meds TheTrendyTribe

Legalize, Legalization

34. A Texas state representative has proposed a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to Legalize sports wagering in the state, according to …

Legislature, Legalize

35. The new bill, SB 519, does not Legalize mescaline sourced from peyote cacti, which Wiener’s office says is a threatened and protected species “due to habitat loss, illegal poaching and other cultural and environmental reasons.” Carlos Plazola, national board chair of Decriminalize Nature, said

Legalize, Loss

36. We need to Legalize marijuana in Maryland now, and that's why we are here,” Jones said.This Monday is the last opportunity this session for lawmakers to …

Legalize, Last, Lawmakers

37. For years, I’ve heard people say Wyoming lawmakers will never Legalize marijuana, and if they do, we’ll be the last state to go down that road

Lawmakers, Legalize, Ll, Last

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LEGALIZE [ˈlēɡəˌlīz]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does legalise mean?

legalise (third-person singular simple present legalises, present participle legalising, simple past and past participle legalised) To make legal or permit under law.

What is the definition of legalized?

legalization - the act of making lawful. legalisation, legitimation. group action - action taken by a group of people. law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order".

What does "legalize L.A" mean?

Legalize LA was an activist campaign promoting amnesty for illegal immigrants, propagated through billboards, protests, clothing, advertisements, educational pamphlets, and grass roots support, underwritten by American Apparel. Originating locally in Downtown Los Angeles, the company took the campaign national in early 2008.

What is the noun for legalize?

Nouns for legalize include legal, legalese, legalisation, legalisations, legaliser, legalisers, legalism, legalisms, legalist, legalists, legalities, legality ...

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