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Looking for sentences with "Legal"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Judiciary 2. Juridical 3. Judicatory 4. Forensic 5. Official 6. Judicial 7. Juridical 8. Judicatory 9. Forensic 10. Lawful 11. Legitimate 12. Licit 13. Legalized 14. Valid 15. Permissible 16. Permitted 17. Allowable 18. Allowed 19. Admissible 20. Acceptable ...21. Authorized 22. Sanctioned 23. Warranted 24. Licensed 25. Official 26. Enforceable 27. Constitutional 28. Statutory 29. Binding 30. Genuine 31. Right 32. Proper 33. Sound 34. Just 35. Fair 36. Rightful 37. Honest 38. Upright 39. Legit 40. Kosher 41. Illegal 42. Criminal 43. Legal See more »
1. His aunt is his legal guardian
2. He became entangled in legal disputes
3. The legal system is based on compulsion
4. We will introduce legal safeguards against fraud
5. We employed a lawyer to straighten our legal tangle
6. Independence Day is one of America's principal legal holidays
7. He vowed to take legal action
8. He had a deep mistrust of the legal profession
9. Its products met all legal requirements
10. The party was denied legal status
11. He always speaks in obscure legal jargon
12. Is abortion legal in your country?
13. These documents have no legal status in Britain
14. He is my legal advisor
15. When you are you are a legal voter
16. The legal dispute left them penniless
17. They decided against taking legal action
18. They were involved in a long legal wrangle
19. He made legal history when he won the case
20. Tenants have legal liability for any damage they cause
21. Gambling is not legal here
22. The legal system is open to abuse
23. What the company has done is perfectly legal
24. The museums work closely together[http://sentencedictcom/legalhtml] but are separate legal entities
25. If it's a legal matter you need to seek professional advice
26. No legal aid was available to cover representation before tribunals
27. The joint venture ended in a legal wrangle between the two companies
28. They are currently facing a long legal battle in the US courts
29. legal aid is a fundamental part of our system of justice
30. A modern use has been defined to be an estate of right, which is acquired through the operation of the statute of 27 Hen. VIII., c. 10; and which, when it may take effect according to the rules of the common law, is called the legal estate; and when it may not, is denominated a use, with a term descriptive of its modification.
31. As of 2020, 11 states have legalized recreational marijuana use in the United States.   They are among 33 states that allow the use of marijuana in some form; most others allow for use of the substance for medicinal purposes.   The 11 states where recreational use is legal have the most expansive laws on the books.
32. Colorado Amendment 64 legalized the sale and possession of marijuana for non-medical use on November 6, 2012, including cultivation of up to six plants with up to three mature. Colorado became the second state to legalize, going into effect four days after Washington state. It was the first state for legal retail sales to become established.
33. Use US legal Forms when you need a legal document for an affordable price and really fast. It offers a wide selection of ready-made fillable forms – one of the largest in the industry. It’s simple to use because of the catalogue and smart classification features.
34. In order to keep up with the ever-changing laws, DISA has provided this interactive map for information on legalization, medical use, recreational use, and anything in between. Are you wondering what the marijuana laws are in your state?
35. Use of medicinal cannabis is legal if you have a current physician’s recommendation or a valid county-issued medical marijuana identification card. To buy medicinal cannabis, you must be 18 or older and have either have current physician’s recommendation, a valid county-issued medical marijuana identification card, or be a Primary Caregiver
36. legal definition is - of or relating to law. How to use legal in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of legal.
37. The information provided on this site is not legal advice, does not constitute a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or will be formed by use of the site. The attorney listings on this site are paid attorney advertising.
38. For instance, Colorado recently made it legal to use all parts of the hemp plant as a food ingredient, whereas products with any amount of THC are still illegal in Texas.
39. The USlegal Dictionary. Please feel free to browse our terms and definitions free of charge. You will notice once a term is defined there will be associated news and or court cases where the defined term is applicable.. If you do not find the legal definition(s) you are in search of please click on the Help Line in the navigation of the page. We will be happy to assist you in your search.
40. legal steroids are over-the-counter supplements meant to help with bodybuilding, workout performance, and stamina. Learn what precautions to take if you plan to use legal steroids, and more.
41. The term “illegal use of drugs” means the use of drugs, the possession or distribution of which is unlawful under the Controlled Substances Act [21 U.S.C. 801 et seq.]. Such term does not include the use of a drug taken under supervision by a licensed health care professional, or other uses authorized by the Controlled Substances Act or
42. Video Abstract BACKGROUND: legal performance-enhancing substance(s) (PES) (eg, creatine) are widely used among adolescent boys and young men; however, little is known about their temporal associations with substance use behaviors. METHODS: We analyzed prospective cohort data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health, Waves I to IV (1994–2008).

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