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1. Responsibility that someone has for their actions, for example the responsibility to pay another person for harm or damage that is a result of these actions: Failure to comply with the latest regulations could result in Legal liability

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2. Legal liability is a term applied to being legally responsible for a situation, and is often associated with a contract, especially if the terms of that contract are not fulfilled. In the US, state law often determines the question of liability, after it is applied to certain facts of a case.

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3. Legal liability describes a situation in which a small business is held legally responsible for injuring or financially harming another party, This judgment can result in fines, penalties, or other payments. How does liability insurance protect businesses from legal liabilities?

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4. Legal liability is the liability of a party imposed by a court for its actions or inactions, and for which the courts will award pecuniary damages to redress the injury. A legal wrong is either a violation of a person's rights or the failure to perform a legal duty for a party.

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5. Legal liability is the duty for an individual or company to perform a designated act or duty as a result of a particular law or contract. The definition of Legal liability is somewhat broad and applies to several types of liabilities, all of which offer legal recourse for failure to perform.

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6. A freight carrier’s Legal liability determines the extent to which they are responsible for loss or damage to goods in transit. There are limitations and stipulations that must be …

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7. Tenant’s Legal liability may be written on a restricted form which will only cover losses caused by the tenant and caused by the perils of fire, smoke, explosion (limited) and leakage from fire protection equipment

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8. Tenant Legal liability is one policy, virtually no paperwork that can adequately protect all your properties in a state – inexpensively

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9. A Legal liability is a commitment imposed on a party as the result of a contract or civil action

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10. For example, being the party to a contract to provide services to a customer imposes a Legal liability on the seller to provide those services.

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11. Legal liability garagekeepers coverage only covers a loss when a tech or mechanic is legally liable for a loss

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12. Legal liability is the legal bound obligation to pay debts

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13. Legal liability concerns both civil law and criminal law.

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14. Legal liability of Design Pro fes sion als Voluntary Education Program for Design Professionals Professional liability con sists of those ob li ga tions that are or will be legally en force able, and that arise out of the per for mance of, or failure to per form, profession al ser vic es by the de sign professional

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15. An accountant's liability describes the Legal liability assumed while performing professional duties

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16. Legal liability for harm caused to others is one of the most serious risks

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17. Legal liability concerns both civil law and criminal law and can arise from various areas of law, such as contracts, torts, taxes, or fines given by government agencies

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18. The Life Office Management Association has released a new report, The New World of Risk, examining how insurers are increasingly underwriting man-made risks, such as those involved in terrorism, technological networks, and Legal liability.The report describes these risk exposures in detail and the efforts being made by the United States government and other institutions to control them.

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19. The Legal liability coverage form covers the insured’s Legal liability for loss or damage to real and personal property of others in the insured’s care, custody, or control caused by a peril

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20. Charterers Legal liability Coverage — a type of marine insurance designed to provide coverage for the liabilities including those of care, custody, and control (CCC) assumed by a party chartering a vessel when the vessel's operation remains in the control of the vessel's owner.

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21. Pollution Legal liability (PLL) PLL is coverage for pollution events/conditions at or emanating from covered locations and is intended to provide coverage for those environmental risks associated with owning/leasing property with ongoing operations

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22. Study Chapter 8: Principles of Legal liability flashcards from Angel Leung's class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app

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23. What is Legal liability training?

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24. Legal liability training will ensure that both the employer and the employee is aware of what is required of them by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, what to do in the event of a party failing to comply, as well as what the repercussions are should you fail to comply with the health and safety act.There is no excuse for the employer or employee to not

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25. Thankfully, for each of the liabilities examined in this chapter, "risk management" is emphasized, and churches are provided with several suggestions to reduce their risk of Legal liability

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26. Legal liability definition: If you are liable for something such as a debt , you are legally responsible for it

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27. The Legal liability Issues FAQ briefly addresses some common legal issues that affect you as a publisher, especially situations where you may face legal claims or threats based on information you published on your blog.

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28. Fire damage Legal liability, also known as damage to rented premises or fire Legal liability, is an important provision under a commercial general liability (CGL) policy when a business is leasing either the building or partial space within a building

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29. The endorsement that grants coverage for Participants Legal liability may actually include some exclusions that restrict coverage (ex: Participant vs

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30. Pollution Legal liability (PLL) is an environmental insurance policy that helps cover the environmental risks associated with owning, developing or operating a facility or site

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31. We've been specializing in Legal liability insurance for almost 30 years

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32. Legal liability only pays out of you or one of your team members is legally liable for the damage done to a customer’s vehicle while it is in your care custody and control

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33. If Legal liability can’t be proven, then the insurance company will deny the claim and your customer …

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34. Synonyms for Legal liability in Free Thesaurus

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35. What are synonyms for Legal liability?

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36. The state-coercive nature of Legal liability is evident not only in

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37. Fire Legal liability Coverage — coverage of a tenant's liability for damage by fire to the rented premises (including garages) the tenant occupies; such coverage is usually provided as an exception to policy exclusions applicable to property in the insured's care, custody, or control (CCC).

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38. Legal liability insurance provides the policyholder with protection against claims resulting from injuries and damage to people and/or property

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39. Details include Legal liability, applicable legislation, and sales disclaimer for products bought on Zamneisa.

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40. What Is Fire Legal liability Endorsement? It is known as both Fire Legal liability or Fire Damage Legal liability

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41. Ship Repairer’s Legal liability

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42. Packers’ Legal liability insurance covers damage to cargo in transit subsequent to the packer’s handling of the goods

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43. Prior to joining Renters Legal liability LLC as President in April 2006, Kaliades was President and Partner of SureDeposit, the nation’s leading provider of security deposit alternatives for the multi-family industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does legal liability stand for?

Legal liability refers to the responsibility small business owners have under the law for the injuries or losses they inflict upon others. What is legal liability? Legal liability describes a situation in which a small business is held legally responsible for injuring or financially harming another party, This judgment can result in fines, penalties, or other payments.

What is legal liabilty?

Legal Liabilities. Legal liabilities are part of civil law and criminal law. For example, if a company commits fraudulent accounting practices or fails to comply with government labor laws, it may face charges in criminal court and will probably be forced to pay damages to concerned parties. This is a criminal legal liability.

What are the types of liability?

There are many types of liability, including strict liability, vicarious liability and joint and several liability.

Is is legal what liability?

Definition - What does Legal Liability mean? Legal liabilities are a person or entity's legal responsibilities under the law. There are many different types of legal liabilities, and lawsuits commonly arise over them. Damages often must be paid if a party is found to have breached a responsibility it had by law.