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Looking for sentences with "Lecturer"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Tutor 2. Reader 3. Instructor 4. Scholar 5. Don 6. Professor 7. Fellow 8. Doctor 9. Researcher 10. Academic 11. Academician 12. Pedagogue 13. Educator 14. Educationalist 15. Boffin 16. Egghead 17. Preceptor
1. The head lecturer was sacked for seducing female students
2. The lecturer illustrated his point with a diagram on the blackboard
3. The lecturer is booked for every night of the week
4. The lecturer spoke so quietly that he was scarcely audible at the back of the hall
5. Now he's a lecturer he thinks he's a real hotshot!
6. The lecturer said that civil law was different from criminal law
7. As both a novelist and a university lecturer she has two strings to her bow
8. He was a successful lecturer much in demand
9. The lecturer tried to settle the audience down
10. He's a lecturer in French at Oxford
11. The lecturer faltered after dropping his notes
12. The lecturer spouted for hours
13. The lecturer was hissed off the stage
14. Rainey was an unimpressive[sentencedictcom] rather dull lecturer
15. The lecturer dilated onthat subject
16. The lecturer looked down at the sea of faces beneath him
17. Applications are invited for the post of lecturer in French
18. The lecturer spoke very clearly so that we could hear every word
19. She's such a fascinating lecturer - I was hanging on to her every word
20. The lecturer continued that civil law was different to criminal law
21. The lecturer used to do well but he seems to have gone off now
22. He was much in demand as a lecturer in the US
23. She's a brilliant lecturer
24. The lecturer was discussing politics but got side-tracked by a question from the audience into talking about religion
25. I've been instructed to wait here until the lecturer arrives
26. The lecturer told a few jokes and anecdotes to add color to his talk
27. The lecturer phrased monotonously
28. It took me some time to undergo the metamorphosis from teacher to lecturer
29. How to use lecturer in a sentence. Example sentences with the word lecturer. lecturer example sentences.
30. lecturer is an academic rank within many universities, though the meaning of the term varies somewhat from country to country. It generally denotes an academic expert who is hired to teach on a full- or part-time basis. They may also conduct research. Contents. 1 United Kingdom.
31. What's the Use of Lectures? is an indispensable guidefor anyone who aspires to be a skilled lecturer and teacher. Itexamines the nature of teaching and learning in a classroomlecture--describing how students learn, how much knowledge theyretain, and how to enhance their attention and motivation.
32. When you use information or ideas from a lecture in your paper, an MLA in-text citation requires only the last name of the lecturer, either in the text itself or in parentheses after the relevant information.
33. A professor is someone with a PhD whereas a lecturer can be anyone who gives a talk on a subject, regardless of degree. Some schools also use the term “instructor” to refer to the lowest lecturer on the totem pole; our school used this as the term for an adjunct, although it could be used differently in other schools. miriam98
34. Why do lecturers use lecture cues? Well, not all do - but then, not all lecturers are good at lecturing! The main reason for lecturers to use lecture cues is to aid your understanding. Listening to a lecture is not as easy as reading an article. When you are reading, you can easily see where one section (or paragraph) ends, and another begins.
35. Zimmer, Vanessa: lecturer in Law; FACULTY IN THE NEWS. The Guardian November 12, 2020 Re: Franita Tolson. Franita Tolson was quoted in an article about how President Trump's election attacks sow distrust and pose U.S. security threats. “What does that do to our democracy as we play out this process?
36. Vijay Kumar is a senior lecturer with the Higher Education Development Centre, University of Otago, New Zealand. His research interests are in the use of humour in teaching and learning, doctoral development, feedback practices and doctoral examination.
37. Assistant lecturer, demonstrator, seminar leader, associate lecturer, graduate teaching assistant However, it is becoming increasingly common for Russell Group universities to use some form of hybrid terminology: LSE has adopted the American terminology entirely, while UCL has retained the role of Lecturer, but replaced Senior lecturer and
38. Again, the use of other media would help here. There are excellent videos available on the Internet on almost any topic. Since students have already thought and talked about the concept or idea central to the problem at hand, the feedback phase provides also an opportunity for the lecturer to further elaborate if useful. 4. Discussion
39. Overview. This position is generally taken after earning a doctoral degree and generally after several years of holding one or more postdoctoral researcher positions. It is below the position of associate professor at most universities and is equivalent to the rank of lecturer at most Commonwealth universities. In the United States, assistant professor is often the first position held in a
40. Lectures are formal structured presentations given to large numbers of students. In a typical lecture, students listen and take notes while a lecturer speaks. Lectures are usually held in large rooms (lecture theatres) and can last for one or two hours. Depending on the course, a lecturer may use slides or film, sound recordings or other media.
41. Having a guest lecturer also opens your lesson design to new options. For example, you and your guest can work together to field questions or even debate issues. Let students apply their critical thinking to compare points of view. If you plan to use handouts and the course has web support, provide that material ahead of time so it can be
42. Officials at the University of York in the UK apologized to students after an English lecturer read aloud the word “negro” from black-authored source material.
43. Definition of lecturer noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage.
44. Another lecturer said that before the pandemic he had not used Zoom. Because of the pandemic, he was driven to use Zoom to participate in local and global meetings.
45. The quality won’t be as good as other microphones, but in case a lecturer forgets to use or turn on another primary microphone source, a boundary mic will capture acceptable audio most of the time. Note that, in this scenario, you’ll need to add an audio mixer to pull the extra audio feeds into your lecture capture system.

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