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1. Lecherers meaning Plural form of lecherer.

Lecherers, Lecherer

2. Lecherer (plural Lecherers) A lecher

Lecherer, Lecherers, Lecher

3. Lecherers! More outrage as ‘creepy’ casual sex site Shag At Uni lures in lecturers with offer of free membership

Lecherers, Lures, Lecturers

4. The stanza evidently refers to the punishment of Lecherers


5. These ‘Lecherers’ are not in need of sex


6. Wits University is not the only tertiary institution where some lecturers are better known as "Lecherers" but it deserves commendation for trying to root out the problem.

Lecturers, Lecherers

7. I am your cock sucking whore, your slut, your perverted filth ruled by every imaginable thought and homosexual act that tempts every part of my being only to bring me closer to the power that springs forth from my groin, my cock and balls making my ass begging to be fucked and creamed bareback by perverts and Lecherers possessed by their lusts.

Lecherers, Lusts

8. The current photographs rise only slightly above those provided for the local criminals and Lecherers

Local, Lecherers

9. After we finish you off here in the school, you can go to college and get B.A., M.A., M.A.M.A and other decrease.Then you can become great liars in the supreme courts, shattered accountants, or Lecherers in college.The school is like a garden

Liars, Lecherers, Like

10. Not for the Lecherers and sexual deviants, which has merit, but for women


11. There must be some right boners in your peer group never mind the lecturers, or were they just after the students then they would be Lecherers

Lecturers, Lecherers

12. Then you can become great liars in the supreme courts, shattered accountants, or Lecherers in college

Liars, Lecherers

13. Assumes that all woman are Lecherers


14. On the university front, i remember an AUT (AUT used to be the union representing university Lecherers (sic)) when there was a motion on some of these issues


15. Clientele are mostly senior citizen Brits so no eye candy for old Lecherers


16. Used as a Lecherers [con frencier] audience


17. Details of highlighted references can be described as a Lecherers [con frencier] audience


18. Examples nin an investigation into newtonian and modified newtonian dynamics at solar system as a Lecherers [con frencier] audience


19. A clan of tyrants and Lecherers whose corrupt influence has plunged our Galaxy into chaos and death for decades." Rausgeber paused, his gaze passing over the entirety of the assembly, "Need we forget Thyferra, the planet he ravaged belonging to your predecessors?" Carlyle inquired, "Or the scourging of Mandalore?


20. I-consider ng Panginoon na puwedeng tanggapin pa rin sila ay 'di wala na tayong pakialam doon basta sinasabi lang natin dito ang katotohanan bakit ah inuulit natin dito sa mga Lecherers bakit ba nabanggit natin ito dito dahil sa inulit-ulit nating Alfred na napanood kasi natin sa channel nila at ah inuulit-ulit nga natin na 'yong sinasabi ba na

Lang, Lecherers

21. A handful of absent-minded Lecherers came dangerously near the stage, slipping under the velvet ropes and hoping to get lucky

Lecherers, Lucky

22. (Refreshments available in local hostelry “The Oxford Strangler” where mine host – retired supply-teacher Mr Rogan Josh – curries favour by supplying visiting athletes, college Lecherers etc with a “Help-Yourself” room-service menu of Swiss rolls followed by on-line tarts and fresh crumpet.) 10.15 pm

Local, Lecherers, Line

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LECHERERS [ˈlek(t)SHərər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for lecturer?

Princeton's WordNet(2.67 / 3 votes)Rate these synonyms: lector, lecturer, reader(noun) a public lecturer at certain universities. Synonyms: proofreader, reviewer, lector, referee, subscriber, reader. lecturer(noun) someone who lectures professionally. Synonyms:

What is an university lecturer?

A university lecturer is someone with one of several different possible positions at a college or university, the exact nature of which varies depending on where the person is lecturing. In the UK, for example, a lecturer is typically someone in an entry-level position at a university, similar to an assistant professor in the US.

What does senior lecturer mean?

Senior lecturer. Senior lecturer is an academic rank. In the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and Switzerland, lecturer is a faculty position at a university or similar institution. The position is tenured and is roughly equivalent to an associate professor in the North American system.

What is the plural of lecturer?

lecturer (plural lecturers) A person who gives lectures, especially as a profession. A member of a university or college below the rank of assistant professor or reader.

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