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1. Often called parallels or circles of latitude, Latitudes are imaginary circles parallel to the Equator. They are named after the angle created by a line connecting the latitude and the center of the Earth, and the line connecting the Equator and the center of the Earth

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2. Latitudes specify the north-south position of a location on the globe.

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5. Latitudes is the first store of its kind to hit the Rio Rancho/Albuquerque area. Combining the elements of a neighborhood market, Mac’s Steak in the Rough burgers and hot dogs, and a convenience store with competitive gas prices


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7. Latitudes is a LGBTQ facility designed to meet the specific substance abuse and mental health needs of the LGBTQ community. Located in St

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8. Paul, Minnesota, Latitudes is more than a treatment center, it’s a place for men and women, 18 years of age and older, to transform into the people they’ve always strived to become.


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12. Latitudes is a short road trip away from sightseeing in the Bay Area or skiing in the Sierra Nevadas. Conveniently located near shopping and dining in Elk Grove, as well as I-5

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13. Welcome to Latitudes Apartments Bask in the salty sea breeze and tranquil scenery of Latitudes Apartment Homes, a coastal haven in the beautiful hilltop area of Virginia Beach, Virginia


14. Sunset Key Cottage’s signature restaurant, Latitudes, serves a fresh, flavorful island cuisine with free ocean breezes and gorgeous views of the Gulf of Mexico


15. Order custom landscape, seascape and fine art ocean photography, canvas prints, metal prints and wall art from Latitudes Galleries in California and Hawaii

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16. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at Latitudes Restaurant conveniently nestled within the Compass Pointe, North Carolina community

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17. Surrounded by the beautiful views of Compass Pointe Golf Club, Latitudes Restaurant is open to the public serving, great food all day and all year long.

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18. Latitudes is a unique waterfront dining experience


19. Located at the Nassau Harbor Club, guests of Latitudes will be able to enjoy spectacular views over Nassau’s picturesque harbour and a varied menu that offers both local and international cuisine, including seafood, freshly made pizzas, sushi and teppanyaki

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20. Latitudes is a unique waterfront dining experience


21. Located at the Nassau Harbor Club, guests of Latitudes will be able to enjoy spectacular views over Nassau’s picturesque harbor and a varied menu that offers multiregional cuisine, including seafood, freshly made pizzas,

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22. Latitudes dinner menus feature locally harvested seafood and Florida-sourced natural, hormone, and antibiotic-free ingredients

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23. Latitudes Is A Non-Profit That Partners With Artisan Groups Around the World To Produce And Acquire Unique Home Furnishings, Decor, And Other Home Accessories


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25. Comprised of a variety of reclining furniture, sofas, accent chairs, and sectionals, the Latitudes Collection exemplifies bold design, exquisite tailoring, and luxurious upholstery.

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28. Latitudes Tavern — Soon to be World Famous


29. Latitudes Tavern is the go-to spot in Alpena, MI, to hang out with friends, grab a drink, and eat some delicious homemade food


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32. Sharing the stage and the passion of playing for years together, Bobby Mango and Mitch Lee had an idea and desire to play the type of music that The Latitudes are made of

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33. Latitudes Bar & Bistro began over a decade ago as Latitudes Cafe & Martini Bar


34. Latitudes Furniture offers the most unique collection of home furnishings in Tucson AZ


35. Tucson's Unique and Exciting Furniture Store! Latitudes UPDATES DURING COVID-19 SITUATION


36. Latitudes is now offering brand new feature forward, sophisticated interior design choices


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40. Latitudes Restaurant and Bar offers casual oceanfront dining & drinking on the famed Hollywood Broadwalk with indoor and outdoor seating to enjoy what South Florida has to offer


41. Delivery & Pickup Options - 79 reviews of Latitudes Bar & Bistro "My husband and I have gone to Latitudes several times since moving to the area about two years ago


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43. Latitudes Furniture, Jackson, Mississippi


44. Past Guests get a bonus Latitudes Rewards point per night on select 2021 cruises


45. “In consciously directing readers down a series of proverbial paths less taken, Latitudes belies that laziest of stereotypes of Los Angeles as a homogenous, undifferentiated mass

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46. Latitudes Bar & Bistro, Cincinnati


47. Latitudes is the premier destination for good food & drink, great company, and high quality live music &

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48. Recently dined in at Latitudes restaurant and I must say, not only was the food excellent, so was the service from your staff


49. Europe – Latitudes[email protected] 00800 03 10 21 21 Germany – Latitudes[email protected] +49 (0)611 36 07 0 Spain - Latitudes[email protected] 93 176 34 70 Italy - Latitudes[email protected] 00800 03 10 21 21


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LATITUDES [ˈladəˌt(y)o͞od]

Frequently Asked Questions

Which best describes latitude?

The best way to describe latitude is "the method to measure distance north and south of the 0 degree line".

What does the 5 major lines of latitude mean?

Visible on a globe or map of the Earth, points on latitudes that cross over longitude lines mark specific locations on the Earth. The five major latitude lines are the equator, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and the Arctic and Antarctic Circles.

What is the difference between GPS and latitude?

GPS is one specific satellite-based positioning system. Latitude is one of the two components in a two-dimensional position: Latitude tells you how far north or south of the Equator you are, Longitude how far east/west of the Greenwhich meridian. So, a GPS receiver can tell you your latitude (and longitude).

What is it meant by latitude?

English Language Learners Definition of latitude : distance north or south of the equator measured in degrees up to 90 degrees : an imaginary line that circles the Earth at a particular latitude and that is parallel to the equator somewhat formal : freedom to choose how to act or what to do

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