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1. 1. Lass - a girl or young woman who is unmarried jeune fille, Lassie, young girl bobby-socker, bobbysoxer - an adolescent girl wearing bobby socks (common in the 1940s)

Lass, Lassie

2. A female sweetheart: a young lad and his Lass.

Lad, Lass

3. 1. Lass - a girl or young woman who is unmarried jeune fille, Lassie, young girl bobby-socker, bobbysoxer - an adolescent girl wearing bobby socks (common in the 1940s)

Lass, Lassie

4. Lass Naturals Red Clay Face Wash with Red Clay and Geranium is your answer to dealing with excessively oily, shiny, and grimy skin that keeps breaking out


5. As a school system of choice, the finest teachers, involved parents, and a supportive community are key elements in the district's quest to become a system of world-cLass schools.

6. Lass 2020 FALL CONFERENCE The Louisiana Association of School Superintendent’s Fall Conference was held November 4-6, 2020 at the Crown Plaza in Baton Rouge, LA

Lass, Louisiana, La

7. Lass This pair of singers provides both musical and emotional contrast to the love-lorn Lass's lines; significantly, they also provide the necessary musical resolution

Lass, Love, Lorn, Lines

8. From the Cambridge English Corpus Lass


9. LA Scoring Strings 2.5 (Lass) brings you a whole new set of tools and revised sonic profiles providing a new level of expressiveness, realism, real-time playability and program-ability to sampled strings

La, Lass, Level

10. Lass A Lass is Australian slang for a girl who hangs out with lads

Lass, Lads

11. Often seen drinking, smoking and vandalising. Lass's are bassicly lad's sluts, they wear to much makeup and have bleached trashy hair

Lass, Lad

12. Find 9 ways to say Lass, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


13. A Lass (called a Miniskirt in Japan) is a Trainer CLass introduced in Generation I


14. Lass is full of fun, heat, and emotion


15. August Lass (1903–1962), Estonian footballer; Barbara Kwiatkowska-Lass (1940–1995), Polish actress; Donna Lass (1944–c


16. 1970), possible victim of the Zodiac Killer Jakob Lass (born 1981), German film director, screenwriter, producer, and actor; Kadri-Ann Lass (born 1996), Estonian basketball player; Liis Lass (born 1989), Estonian actress; Martin Lass (born 1958

Lass, Liis

17. Countable noun A Lass is a young woman or girl


18. [mainly Scottish, or Northern England] Anne is a Lancashire Lass from Longton, near Preston.

Lancashire, Lass, Longton

19. A1: There are three (3) roles: Lender Submitter - This user completes the lender's Lass reporting package and submits it to both the Independent Public Accountant (IPA) for attestation and to HUD for review and recertification

Lender, Lass

20. What does Lass mean? A sweetheart


21. (noun) From Middle English Lasse, from Old Norse *lasqa (“an unmarried woman" )

Lasse, Lasqa

22. Lass (n.) "young woman, girl," c


23. Lass is a crossword puzzle clue


24. Lass is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted over 20 times


25. The College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (CLass) is a dynamic academic environment dedicated to the study of human creativity and society, as well as our mental and physical capabilities and conditions


26. 7 synonyms of Lass from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 11 related words, definitions, and antonyms


27. Lass: a female person who has not yet reached adulthood.


28. Lass: 1 n a girl or young woman who is unmarried Synonyms: jeune fille , Lassie , young girl Types: bobby-socker , bobbysoxer an adolescent girl wearing bobby socks (common in the 1940s) Lolita a sexually precocious young girl Type of: fille , girl , miss , missy …

Lass, Lassie, Lolita

29. Lagen om assistansersättning även förkortat Lass reglerade svenska statens ersättning för den personliga assistans som en person kan få och som utbetalas av Försäkringskassan.Lagen har funnits sedan den 5 maj 1993 men upphävdes 2011-01-01 genom SFS 2010:111 och ersattes därmed av Socialförsäkringsbalken

Lagen, Lass

30. A furious Lass using the Blue Flame


31. Lass's name is an Arabic translation for "thief" (لص) which is also his base job


32. Due to censorship issues, Lass was spelled as Las in the Korean server.; Though Lass shares his surname with the Knight Master, there is no confirmation of a familial relationship between the two.

Lass, Las

33. However, since Lass was born a Wilde, the surname Isolet is likely borrowed.

Lass, Likely

34. Antonyms for Lass include lad, man, guy, laddie, boy, chap, male, fellow, bloke and gentleman

Lass, Lad, Laddie

35. The PM2.5 Open Data Portal offers the access to PM2.5 Open Data for Lass/EDIMAX AirBox and EPA devices


36. Irish Lass full of Sass Shirt, St Patrick's Shirt, Shamrock Shirt, Lucky Irish Shirt, Saint Patrick's Day Shirt, Irish Clover Shirt nfiniti

Lass, Lucky

37. Lassana Diarra (born 10 March 1985) is a French former professional footballer.His predominant position was as a defensive midfielder but he could also play in a more advanced role and has played at right back, which he occasionally has done for the France national football team.Diarra has, in his club footballing career, featured for Chelsea, Arsenal, Portsmouth, Real Madrid and most recently


38. Definition of Lass (noun): a girl, or a young woman


39. Definition and synonyms of Lass from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.


40. This is the British English definition of Lass.View American English definition of Lass.


41. Lass: Language Arts & Social Studies: Lass: Language Acquisition Support System: Lass: Lightweight Armament Support Structure (US DoD) Lass: Local Area Signaling Services

Lass, Language, Lightweight, Local

42. Sassy Lass Boutique, Fayette, Alabama


43. The latest tweets from @The_Irish_Lass


44. Lass supports two modes, one being directly in your lisp code, the other in pure Lass files

Lass, Lisp

45. Adding Lass into your code is easy: (Lass:compile-and-write '(div :background black)) "div{ background: black; }" Lass works on the following simple principles: A list is a block

Lass, List

46. People in Ireland don't call girls 'Lass'


47. Amy Lass, a certified family law specialist, was born in New York and raised in San Diego, California

Lass, Law

48. Lasso Lass demonstrated her old equipment for the kids and told of her continuous fight against adults, but Numbuh 1 still insisted that she could not fight adults when she was an adult

Lasso, Lass

49. Lass Alums are an exceptionally accomplished group


50. French Translation of “Lass” The official Collins English-French Dictionary online


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LASS [las]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Lass and Lassie?

As nouns the difference between lassie and lass. is that lassie is (chiefly

What does Lass mean?

The definition of a lass is a girl or a female loved one. An example of a lass is a young girl in Scotland. YourDictionary definition and usage example. "Lass.".

What is the difference between Lass and Lad?

Lad is a related term of lass. Lass is a related term of lad. As nouns the difference between lass and lad is that lass is (archaic

What is the definition of Lass?

lass (las),USA pronunciation n. a girl or young woman, esp. one who is unmarried. a female sweetheart:a young lad and his lass. Middle English las, lasse, of uncertain origin, originally 1250–1300.

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