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1. "With a killer view of the coastline from its lofty location, Lashings comprises a clutch of sleek, contemporary rooms with hanging lanterns and quirky posters. Whether you're soaking in the view from the infinity pool or mixing it up with British politicians at the bar, it's hard not to appreciate the wallet-friendly luxury."

Lofty, Location, Lashings, Lanterns, Luxury

2. Lashings definition is - a great plenty : abundance


3. How to use Lashings in a sentence.


4. Lashing - rope that is used for fastening something to something else; "the boats were held together by Lashings". fastening, holdfast, fastener, fixing - restraint that attaches to something or holds …

Lashing, Lashings

5. She put Lashings of butter on her muffin


6. Romain Jamaica. Lashings Boutique Hotel features a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, a bar and shared lounge in Treasure Beach. There is a terrace and guests can make use of free WiFi and free private parking

Lashings, Lounge

7. Lashings tree top bar and restaurant in Treasure Beach, Jamaica


8. Lashings WORLD XI. In 1984 Lashings Bar in Maidstone was challenged to a game of cricket. After being let down at the last minute and having already booked the famous Mote Park, the Minstrel Bar was desperate to find some sort of opposition.

Lashings, Let, Last

9. Lashings make delicious small batch baked goods, produced locally in Wellington by British pastry chef Jackie Lee Morrison.

Lashings, Locally, Lee

10. A large amount; an abundance (usually followed by of): strawberries with Lashings of cream; scallops with a …

Large, Lashings

11. Square Lashings are used to join two poles that are at right angles


12. Lashings of: A large indefinite amount of

Lashings, Large

13. Lashings - a large number or amount; "made lots of new friends"; "she amassed stacks of newspapers" dozens , gobs , heaps , loads , lots , oodles , rafts , scads , scores , slews , stacks , tons , wads , piles

Lashings, Large, Lots, Loads

14. Bamboo scaffolding secured with Lashings in Kowloon


15. A-FRAME TRANSPORT RACE (wide, in or out) View Video – Materials: two 8-foot x 4-inch spars, one 6-foot x 3-inch spar, three 15-20-foot x 1/4-inch manila lashing ropes for each patrol – Method: On signal, patrols lash together an A-frame using a shear lashing at the tips of the 8-foot spars and square Lashings at the butt ends for the 6-foot

Lashing, Lash, Lashings

16. Diagonal Lashings are used to lash to spars together other than at a right angle

Lashings, Lash

17. Lashings is a family business with over 25 years of experience in the food and catering industry


18. We take pride in using only the best quality ingredients, preparing and presenting your meals with Lashings of great taste and value


19. Our succulent chickens are a Lashings size 15, 100% grain fed, hormone free and barn raised.


20. Both Lashings can be used to join two poles together that cross each other from 45º to 90º


21. Lashings are used to join together poles or spars to enable the construction of objects and structures


22. ‘chocolate cake with Lashings of cream’


23. ‘The members were glad to be spared long and expensive journeys, while most of those on the conference trains enjoyed the conviviality, the singing of rousing songs, and the Lashings of drink on

Long, Lashings

24. Lashing definition: Lashings of something means a large quantity or amount of it

Lashing, Lashings, Large

25. Lashings are used to tie objects together


26. Video Demonstrations of Tying Lashings


27. Anchor Knots - Used as the starting point and tie-off for the various Lashings below (Video) Clove Hitch - Pictures & Text


28. Strawberries with Lashings of cream


29. Lashings are one of the places where we really put those knots to work


30. Use Lashings to build without nails useful simple structures like a tripod, a chair, a hang-drying rack or a flagpole

Lashings, Like

31. Pioneering is the use of spars and Lashings to build complex structures with trestle triangles like a tower, a shelter or a bridge

Lashings, Like

32. There are times to not use Lashings


33. SQUARE Lashings *** The basic type of lashing for most projects is some form of a square lashing

Lashings, Lashing

34. For example, square Lashings are used when building …


35. Lashings are fixed to the truck and tightened using different devices such as a turnbuckle or ratchet, or different knots such as a trucker’s hitch


36. Lashings must be rated to take a certain amount of load, depending on whether the load is secured against a headboard or blocked, or not secured against a …

Lashings, Load

37. From the introduction to "Knots & Lashings": "The ability to join two pieces of natural material together, and so increase their length, gives man the ability to make full use of …

Lashings, Length

38. Lashings, Wellington, New Zealand


39. Lashings INFORMATION SHEET Lashings are used to join together poles (or ‘spars’ as they are often called), most commonly for making up frameworks in pioneering projects such as gateways, bridges and aerial runways to name but a few! On a smaller scale, you can make camp gadgets, for example, wash stands, tables, place racks or even a camp


40. Next, make ~3 frapping turns between the two poles to tighten the Lashings (figure 3)


41. Lashings 🍫 Single origin choc brownies + baked goods 📍 Wellington, NZ 🧱 #LashingsHQ Tues - Sun (entry Eva St) 🛍 Online + markets + selected supermarkets

Lashings, Lashingshq, Lashingsfood

42. Find 20 ways to say Lashings, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


43. Lashings of cream (1 mention) and Lashings of ginger beer (4 mentions) in this hilarious send up


44. As they swung on the turn the sled went over, spilling half its load through the loose Lashings

Load, Loose, Lashings

45. (The Call of the Wild, by Jack London) Once, he roused with a start and hastily got the axe out from underneath the Lashings

London, Lashings

46. Lashings, Wellington, New Zealand


47. Synonyms for Lashings in Free Thesaurus


48. 14 synonyms for Lashings: dozens, gobs, heaps, loads, lots, oodles, rafts, scads, scores, slews

Lashings, Loads, Lots

49. Lashings Boutique Hotel is situated in Treasure Beach and has an outdoor swimming pool, barbecue facilities and a garden


50. Guests at Lashings Boutique Hotel will be able to enjoy activities in and around Treasure Beach, like

Lashings, Like

51. Use your Uber account to order a delivery from Lashings - Drummoyne in Sydney


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name lashing mean?

Noun. 1. lashing - beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment. flogging, whipping, flagellation, tanning. whacking, beating, drubbing, licking, thrashing, trouncing, lacing - the act of inflicting corporal punishment with repeated blows.

What does the word lashing mean?

Definition of lashing : something used for binding, wrapping, or fastening : the act of hitting someone with a whip as a form of punishment : ropes used for tying, wrapping, or connecting things British, informal : a large amount of something : something used for tying, wrapping, or fastening

What means the same as lashing?

lashing - rope that is used for fastening something to something else; "the boats were held together by lashings". fastening, holdfast, fastener, fixing - restraint that attaches to something or holds something in place. rope - a strong line.

What is the meaning of Lash?

lash 1. n. 1. the flexible section of cord or the like forming the extremity of a whip. 2. a swift stroke or blow, with a whip or the like, given as a punishment. 3. something that goads or pains in a manner compared to that of a whip.

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