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1. Lapland is a destination above ordinary, full of contrasts and unique natural phenomena: Midnight Sun, Polar Nights, autumn colors, Northern Lights, and Arctic cites nestled among Ice Age fells

Lapland, Lights

2. About Lapland The northern most part of Finland, Lapland, is the magical arctic region full of contrasts


3. In fact, contrasts are a key factor in the allure of Lapland where 24-hour sunlight in the summer replaces the dark winter days filled with Northern Lights

Lapland, Lights

4. Every season in Finnish Lapland is …


5. Lapland is a region of great topographical variety


6. Lapland is nature’s magic coupled with genuine people and their stories


7. Lapland is the northern part of Finland – a place to visit, to live and work, to shoot a film, and do business.

Lapland, Live

8. "Lapland" is situated in Scandinavia and often referred to as the northern area of Finland


9. Lapland casts a powerful spell: there's something lonely and intangible here that fills it with Arctic magic.

Lapland, Lonely

10. Lapland, also written as Lappland (Lappi, Sápmi, Lappland), is the largest but least populated region in Finland

Lapland, Lappland, Lappi, Largest, Least

11. Due to its northernmost location, Lapland is known for the vast snowy landscapes and ski resorts, and is usually associated with Christmas

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12. Lapland Holidays 2021/2022: magical 3 or 4 day December breaks to experience the Real Santa Lapland adventure in Lapland, Finland.


13. Swedish Lapland is a region unlike any other


14. Storyline Recently widowed Eileen Lewis,son Pete and his wife Mandy and daughter Paula with her spouse Ray,plus the grandchildren, leave Birkenhead to spend Christmas in Lapland.

Lewis, Leave, Lapland

15. Finnish Lapland is the land of myths, legends and dreams

Lapland, Land, Legends

16. Many are centered on Lapland’s gold fields and those people who, even today, are chasing after the world’s purest gold – the one found in and around the Lemmenjoki and Ivalojoki rivers

Lapland, Lemmenjoki

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18. Birders who visit the tundra in summer will find Lapland Longspurs very common almost everywhere there, the bright males singing their short warbling songs from hummocks or rocks or while flying

Lapland, Longspurs

19. You may think that it is far too early to be considering visiting Lapland in 2022, however, with the majority of customers who missed out in 2020 now booking for 2021 we don't expect to have much availability left soon

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20. Lapland region is the largest and also the northernmost part of Finland

Lapland, Largest

21. Lapland has borders with Sweden, Norway and Russia


22. Lapland is quite large area, totaling almost 100 000 square kilometers

Lapland, Large

23. Lapland holidays come in all shapes and sizes


24. The most popular packages are 3 and 4 day trips but Iglu Ski also offers day trips and 5 day breaks to Lapland during December


25. Alternatively view 7 night ski holidays to Lapland throughout the ski season


26. The Lapland Longspur with which most birders in North America are familiar is a small, streaky thing, but during the breeding season they are spectacular

Lapland, Longspur

27. The deep black masks and chestnut napes of the males, only slightly more subdued in females, make the Lapland Longspur difficult to mistake for any other species—a far cry from their

Lapland, Longspur

28. Santa holiday breaks in Lapland with Santa's Lapland


29. Book your December Lapland break and meet the Real Santa Claus


30. The first case of coronavirus in Finland was discovered in Lapland, and treated in Rovaniemi


31. Picking a Lapland wedding location may first begin with selecting the Lapland hotel or resort you wish to base yourselves at

Lapland, Location

32. We tend to lean towards the experience side things… Hands down our favorite Lapland luxury hotels follow: Arctic Treehouse Hotel can be found in Rovaniemi

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33. Lapland synonyms, Lapland pronunciation, Lapland translation, English dictionary definition of Lapland


34. Lapland isn’t a country but a region of Northern Europe with over 170,000 inhabitants and 100,366 square kilometres of sparsely populated land

Lapland, Land

35. Rumoured to be the home of Santa Claus and his workshop, Lapland also has a reputation as a winter wonderland, with snow blanketing the …


36. High quality Lapland gifts and merchandise


37. Located in Northern Finland, the Province of Lapland covers and area of 150,000 square miles, or one third of Finland's total area

Located, Lapland

38. While it’s not the first name that comes to mind when thinking about vacations, there are actually lots of interesting things to do in Lapland.Finland’s largest region offers many unique experiences, from seeing reindeer crossing the road, admiring natural wonders, or simply relaxing in an authentic wooden cabin.

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39. Our 2021 Lapland Holidays are now on sale


40. Our range of Lapland day trips and short breaks are listed below, all you need to do is choose your perfect trip.

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41. Lapland's main exports are petroleum, oil, natural gas, lumber, paper, and copper

Lapland, Lumber

42. Lapland has the fourth strongest economy in the world


43. Lapland has the eighteenth largest exporter and the eleventh largest importer of goods

Lapland, Largest

44. Oil is a popular export as Lapland has the tenth largest ammount of reserve oil and fifth largest natural gas reserves.

Lapland, Largest

45. What does Lapland mean? A region of extreme northern Europe including northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland and the Ko


46. During World War II, the Lapland War (Finnish: Lapin sota; Swedish: Lapplandskriget; German: Lapplandkrieg) saw fighting between Finland and Nazi Germany – effectively from September to November 1944 – in Finland's northernmost region, Lapland.Although Finns and Germans had been fighting against the Soviet Union since 1941 during the Continuation War (1941–1944), the Soviet …

Lapland, Lapin, Lapplandskriget, Lapplandkrieg

47. Lapland does experience long seasons, so if you're looking for snow sure resorts then Finnish Lapland resorts are a good choice

Lapland, Long, Looking

48. Lapland is also known for its midnight sun during the summer months


49. Finnish Lapland (Finnish: Lappi) is the Arctic far north of Finland, strictly defined as the province of the same name, but in practice starting near the Arctic Circle.

Lapland, Lappi

50. Dash Lapland is a design hackathon organized in Rovaniemi 17-19.04.2020


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LAPLAND [ˈlapˌland]


  • a region in northern Europe that extends from the Norwegian Sea to the White Sea and lies mainly within the Arctic Circle. It consists of the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, and Finland, as well as the Kola Peninsula of Russia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lapland famous for?

However, did you know that Lapland is famous for its cheese? 'Squeaky cheese', so-called because of the noise it makes when you chew it (think halloumi) is the oldest and most well-known gourmet cheese in Finland. It's served with another Lapland speciality - cloudberry jam. Lapland is the best place to view the Northern Lights.

What countries are a part of Lapland?

Lapland, Sami Sápmi, Finnish Lapi or Lappi, Swedish Lappland, region of northern Europe largely within the Arctic Circle, stretching across northern Norway, Sweden , and Finland and into the Kola Peninsula of Russia . It is bounded by the Norwegian Sea on the west, the Barents Sea on the north, and the White Sea on the east.

Where exactly is Lapland?

Lapland is located in Finland, northern Europe. So where is this little country called Finland then? Finland is in northern Europe, Scandinavia. The closest neighbors of Finland are Sweden and Russia.

What to do in Lapland in winter?

One of the 5 things to do on a trip to Lapland in winter is taking in the scenery on horseback. Horse riding is exciting especially in winter and it allows you to get an up close view of the flora and fauna.

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