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1. When you attend a Language school abroad, you are investing time and energy in one of the best ways to connect with the world around you, wherever you live

Language, Live

2. Guide to Language schools The best way to experience a foreign destination is to learn about and embrace all that makes it special

Language, Learn

3. Language schools All basic foreign language teaching takes place in one of the schools for undergraduate education


4. Nile Language school is the leader in providing English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction and preparing the students from the global community for the TOEFL iBT test and education in America as well as other English-speaking countries.

Language, Leader

5. LEADING FACULTY Through our professional, competitive, high-quality, and CEA Accredited language programs, the Gulf Language school will prepare you to achieve educational, professional, and personal success

Leading, Language

6. Callan Language school teachers are running exciting and effective English and Spanish classes at our school and online


7. Degla Valley Language school is an English Language school. In addition to the Ministry of Education English Language curriculum, the school applies a Reading and Writing International Programme


8. Atlanta International Language Institute is the Atlanta Language school of choice for over 60 languages

Language, Languages

9. Ranking based on 639 authentic reviews of English Language schools in USA Courses from 410 US$ Free cancellation Exclusive discounts & Lowest price guaranteed Free and impartial advice from our friendly consultants

Language, Lowest

10. Lumos Language school opened its doors in 2008 and has grown to be one of the leading institutions in language training in the Western United States

Lumos, Language, Leading

11. Lumos Language school has a goal of Enabling Success for every student and for that we strive to offer our multinational, multicultural students an immersive English learning environment.

Lumos, Language, Learning

12. The International Language school’s teachers are highly trained, passionate, and devoted to making sure you or your child can learn a new language

Language, Learn

13. KCP International Japanese Language school in Tokyo, a non-profit organization, is dedicated in providing quality language instruction no matter your level

Language, Level

14. Study a language abroad with EF at one of our Language schools in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Costa Rica, China and Japan


15. A Language school is a school where one studies a foreign language


16. Classes at a Language school are usually geared towards, for example, communicative competence in a foreign language


17. Denver Language school located in Denver, Colorado - CO

Language, Located

18. Find Denver Language school test scores, student-teacher ratio, parent reviews and teacher stats


19. Language school – Courses & Learning Management System WordPress Theme is a powerful tool to create a website for any school, courses, training and other learning and education website.

Language, Learning

20. SEFLA Language school SEFLA Languages is a language institute based in San Antonio, Texas

Language, Languages

21. With more than 40 years of experience, our Language school offers the most effective classes and courses of English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Arabic among other languages.

Language, Languages

22. Language school utilizes Tutor LMS, an advanced WordPress plugin to create eLearning websites on the fly

Language, Lms

23. A great way to learn the rules of a language (as well as all of the interesting, dirty slang that is relevant to life which school textbooks don’t mention) is to attend a specialized Language school

Learn, Language, Life

24. Even better, a Language school abroad.


25. Language schools and immersion programs in Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic, German, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Thai, Hindi and Greek will help you learn a language of your choice

Language, Learn

26. Deciding on a particular Language school is …


27. Language schools play a central role in bringing the world together by lowering communication barriers

Language, Lowering

28. It’s important to know whether the local demand for Language before going for an Own Language school.

Local, Language

29. The transformative learning experiences at Adi’s Language school are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom… Get in Touch Speak a New Language With Confidence

Learning, Language

30. Choose from a selection of language classes and courses at one of our Berlitz Language schools or take an online language class with us


31. “The Middlebury Language school was the best place I could have gone to study French


32. This list contains details of Language schools, international schools and other institutions offering English language courses in the UK.

List, Language

33. At Duke Language school, energetic, helpful and linguistically-competent teachers have little interest in abiding by traditional rote-learning, and neither should you

Language, Linguistically, Little, Learning

34. AKITA INAKA SCHOOL - Japanese Language school in Akita Study Japanese in Japan, while being part of the community


35. The Chinese Language school is a first-rate Chinese immersion program


36. Join Middlebury Language schools! The Chinese School provides a first-rate language program and life experience to look upon with pride and a deep sense of accomplishment long after the summer is over.

Language, Life, Look, Long

37. 16 (BNA): The French embassy will host a reception to congratulate 19 students from the public and private schools of Bahrain and the Alliance Francaise who have successfully completed a French summer course at Azurlingua Language school in Nice, in southern France.


38. The Language school layout pack is going to be a powerful asset for anyone building an online language course

Language, Layout

39. Get 114 Language school website templates on ThemeForest


40. Buy Language school website templates from $5


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a language school?

A language school is a school where one studies a foreign language.Classes at a language school are usually geared towards, for example, communicative competence in a foreign language. Language learning in such schools typically supplements formal education or existing knowledge of a foreign language.

What do you need to know about language school?

Language school. Language learning in such schools typically supplements formal education or existing knowledge of a foreign language. Students vary widely by age, educational background, work experience. Further, at language school students usually have the possibility of selecting a specific course according to their language proficiency.

What is the definition of language in linguistics?

The American linguists Bernard Bloch and George L. Trager formulated the following definition: “A language is a system of arbitrary vocal symbols by means of which a social group cooperates.”. Any succinct definition of language makes a number of presuppositions and begs a number of questions. The first, for example, puts excessive weight on ...

What are the criteria for language school?

This ensures the quality of the language school and provides students with a richer experience. Teachers may have graduated with a B.A, Master's degree or a Ph.D. Pedagogy, experience and strong teaching skills are the principal criteria during the recruitment of the language school's teachers.

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