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1. Scruffy and unkept, alleys (or Laneways) are the secret passageways behind impressive houses and buildings along grand boulevards and bustling city streets that keep a city running


2. However, by shouldering the burdens and refuse of its inhabitants, Laneways make urban places possible.


3. High-rise multi-family residences, condominiums, a boutique hotel, food and beverage outlets, health and wellbeing offerings, green spaces and Laneways will all come together in a beautiful mix of culture and community in the heart of Midtown.


4. At Laneways.Agency we design, build and support premium Software Solutions and custom CRM


5. At Laneways.Agency, we work a lot with companies that are slowed down by their legacy systems

Laneways, Lot, Legacy

6. Laneways is a tattoo studio in Christchurch City


7. The Laneways is designed to nourish your creative pursuits


8. Open to Laneways locals, the Laneways studio is the company’s first center in Midtown

Laneways, Locals

9. Laneways, Victoria's hub for the startup and investor community


10. Laneways Based in the heart of Fitzroy, Melbourne, I have always been fascinated with subtle details often ignored, whether it be in the fine-arts, design, or architecture


11. We’re partnering with the Victorian Government to deliver the creative Laneways program, a program that will revitalise 40 of Melbourne’s historic Laneways. Russell Place is one of the first 40 Laneways to be transformed through the creative Laneways program, with a …


12. Click here to view pictures and details of the 10 Laneways FITZROY RESIDENCES Condos currently for sale ranging in asking price from $325,000 to $1,465,000


13. Laneways Located in eclectic Midtown Houston, Fitzroy Residences boasts a bevy of unique urban experiences

Laneways, Located

14. Caydon’s Laneways is inspired by Melbourne Laneways iconic form and function, utilizing international design concepts to help breakdown the large scale city block.

Laneways, Large

15. 45 synonyms and near synonyms of Laneways from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus


16. Find another word for Laneways.


17. Laneways FITZROY RESIDENCES -, Houston, TX 77002 - Highrise condominium can be found using Highrise Finder


18. Listings in Laneways FITZROY RESIDENCES For Sale (14)

Listings, Laneways

19. Melbourne Laneways Degraves Street and Centre Place


20. Melbourne-based Caydon is moving ahead with the second phase of its Laneways development in Midtown with the launch of the Fitzroy Residences, …

Laneways, Launch

21. City Laneways There's always something new to discover in Melbourne's hive of bustling, creative Laneways, with their covert boutiques, famed restaurants and hole-in-the-wall cafes and bars.


22. Dubbed Laneways, the project will hold more than 2.5 million square feet of high-rise multifamily and condominium residences, a boutique hotel, restaurants, health and wellness offerings and green spaces


23. The developer will begin construction on Laneways in early 2020


24. Tucked just off Martin Place, these two Laneways are a part of the Ivy precinct, a buzzing collection of restaurants with alfresco dining alongside the ‘Forgotten Songs’ art installation


25. To make sure you’re making the right turns down the right Laneways, we’ve collected a list of bars and restaurants that you need to visit while in South Australia’s capital

Laneways, List

26. The Laneways, or “little streets,” of Melbourne’s central business district (or CBD) originated in the Victorian era and were used at the time as lanes for horses and carts

Laneways, Little, Lanes

27. Starting around the 1990’s, as the city began to gentrify, the Laneways, pleasingly intimate in scale and tucked away from the busier streets, became famous for


28. The Laneways is the newest address is Sydney's inner-city suburb of Rosebery


29. Made up of four buildings comprising 118 apartments designed by Arc Architects, The Laneways draws its name from a leafy pedestrian pathway connecting Mentmore Avenue to Dunning Avenue.

Laneways, Leafy

30. Unlock the ultimate inner-city lifestyle at The Laneways, Rosebery

Lifestyle, Laneways

31. Located just 5km from the Sydney CBD, The Laneways offers a rare opportunity to live on sought-after Mentmore Avenue close to celebrated local retail and dining precinct, The Cannery where you’ll find Wholefoods House, Black Star Pastry, Three Blue Ducks and

Located, Laneways, Live, Local, Ll

32. Laneways also provides a directory for co-working spaces within Melbourne


33. Many of Melbourne's Laneways give off an artsy alternative vibe, but one laneway is brightening its alley with green

Laneways, Laneway

34. Part of the 'Green Your Laneways' campaign, Guildford Lane has become home to potted plants, window boxes and creeping vines

Laneways, Lane

35. Laneways There's always something new to find just around the corner in Melbourne's creative Laneways


36. Image: Laneways, Melbourne, A twist at every turn


37. The overall project, called Laneways, will …


38. For those that have a close affiliation with Limerick or have a genuine interest in the Georgian quarter of Limerick City Centre, TOBIN are supporting Limerick City and County Council in a very ambitious project to rejuvenate and reimagine Limerick’s city centre Laneways

Limerick, Laneways

39. Laneways will become a destination where residents, community members and their pets will enjoy a 360-degree active lifestyle with walkable alleyways, greenspaces for …

Laneways, Lifestyle

40. Laneways Roadways Walkways Patios Hydroseeding Sewer & Water Excavation Demolition… read more


41. Midtown real estate is surging, thanks in part to Australian firm Caydon, the group behind Midtown’s Laneways, a 2.5 million-square-foot mixed …


42. A number of Laneways, such as Hosier Lane, are street art hotspots, and referred to as "laneway galleries"

Laneways, Lane, Laneway

43. St Jerome's Laneway Festival, often referred to simply as Laneway, is a popular music festival that began in 2004 in Melbourne's Laneways.

Laneway, Laneways

44. Laneways, Glasgow, United Kingdom


45. Laneways is a 9 month project bringing together the best street eats, back street cocktails & street art collectives the Glasgow


46. One of Midtown’s most transformative projects, Australia-based Caydon’s Laneways, announced boutique hotel and dining operator Kimpton Hotels …


47. Accessible Laneways and arcades from 300 meters to nearly 3.5 kilometers6


48. The Laneways throughout the city center host a variety of experiences, from cafe and restaurant hubs, public art installations, boutique shops, thoroughfares, and residences


49. Gravel Laneways (least expensive) Gravel Laneways are very affordable and can be quickly installed

Laneways, Least

50. High quality Laneways gifts and merchandise


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LANEWAYS [ˈleɪnweɪ]

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What does laneway mean?

Laneway synonyms, Laneway pronunciation, Laneway translation, English dictionary definition of Laneway. narrow way or passage; an ocean route Not to be confused with: lain – past participle of lie; rested; reposed Abused, Confused, & Misused Words by Mary...

What does the name Lane mean?

1. a. A narrow country road. b. A narrow way or passage between walls, hedges, or fences. 2. A narrow passage, course, or track, especially: a. A prescribed course for ships or aircraft. b. A strip delineated on a street or highway to accommodate a single line of vehicles: a breakdown lane; an express lane.

What is a winding lane?

1. a narrow road or street. a winding lane. 2. used in the names of certain roads or streets. His address is 12 Penny Lane. 3. a division of a road for one line of traffic. The new motorway has three lanes in each direction. 4. a regular course across the sea taken by ships. a regular shipping lane. Want to thank TFD for its existence?

What is the definition of lanes?

2. any narrow or well-defined passage, track, channel, or course. 3. a longitudinally defined part of a highway wide enough to accommodate one vehicle, often set off from adjacent lanes by painted lines. 4. a fixed route followed by ocean steamers or airplanes: shipping lanes.

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