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1. Lamenesses Discover protocols, advice and other valuable information on how to handle soft tissue injuries, laminitis, caudal heel pain or any other Lamenesses that farriers face on a …

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2. Lamenesses meaning Plural form of lameness.

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3. Veterinarians localized forelimb Lamenesses most commonly using a palmar digital nerve block (which blocks the heel and part of the hoof walls), an …

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4. Non-infectious Lamenesses.-They have a multifactorial origin, because they can be due to handling defects (fights, rough handling), problems in the installations (faulty slats, slippery floors, etc.), age, genetics (more or less sensitive genetic strains) or nutrition (unbalanced or insufficient diets).

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5. The wide variety of cases from Lamenesses, lacerations, colics, dystocias, dentistry, sick foals to the most unusual and complex cases provided him with an incredible broad medicine and surgery experience

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6. “Some Lamenesses aren’t really truly Lamenesses, but are more performance issues,” says Vrono


7. Front limb Lamenesses are more common, because the horse carries 60 percent of its body weight on the forelimbs.

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8. Radtke on a number of cases from Lamenesses to an eye enucleation


9. Ing and other related Lamenesses


10. Lamenesses are often due to injuries


11. Lamenesses - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Lamenesses and much more


12. The word Lamenesses uses 10 letters: a, e, e, e, l, m, n, s, s, s

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13. Lamenesses is playable in: Words With Friends 15


14. (1916) "Certain Lamenesses which are purely nervous or rheumatic, have


15. Foot-associated Lamenesses are common diagnostic challenges for the equine practitioner


16. Common Lamenesses in Horses While some breeds and types of horses are more prone to lameness than others, almost every horse has or will have been lame at some point in its life

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17. Most of these Lamenesses, even those originating from the navicular region, do not have the poor prognosis as was commonly thought


18. Words created with Lamenesses, words starting with Lamenesses, words start Lamenesses


19. The majority of Lamenesses are caused by a handful of diseases.9 In the forelimb, elbow dysplasia with or without fragmentation of the medial coronoid process and osteochondritis dissecans of the humeral head are most common


20. Can detect grade 2 Lamenesses: Forelimb lameness: Can determine which leg if holding it up or pointing it: Occasionally know which leg is affected: Generally accurate at which leg is affected: Almost always accurate at which leg is affected: Hindlimb lameness: Can see if major asymmetry: Can see a lameness at a walk: Can usually see a lameness

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21. For example, the effects of changes of hoof angle, conformational problems, as well as clinical studies on selected Lamenesses and their response to surgical and/or medical treatment could be quantitatively evaluated using these shoes


22. Brown, DVM, MSc, DACVS Appleton Endowed Professor of Surgery College of Veterinary Medicine University of Florida Three common Lamenesses which affect all types of horses will be discussed: (1) proximal suspensory desmitis, (2) tarsitis (distal hock pain), and (3) patellar fixation


23. “Foot Lamenesses can be caused by traumatic injuries or as a result of a degenerative process.” Of course, your horse doesn’t have to be an elite athlete to suffer an injury


24. That is why you need to be careful evaluating Lamenesses, particularly hind end lameness

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25. Hippopathology : a systematic treatise on the disorders and Lamenesses of the horse, with their most approved methods of cure ; embracing the doctrines of the English and French veterinary schools ; the opinions of Professors Coleman and Spooner, Dirrector Girard, Hurtrel d'Arboval, and other British and foreign veterinarians ; with illustrative woodcuts


26. Long term Lamenesses particularly those with an associated "head nod" will cause strain due to increasing the demand on the muscle to stabilise the head and neck whilst the lame limb is underperforming

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27. Lamenesses of the hind leg often offer considerably more difficulty in diagnosis and treatment than those occurring in the foreleg

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28. A number of the commonly occurring Lamenesses are encountered high in the leg, and the heavy muscle mass makes visual

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29. Riddick enjoys working on a variety of cases, especially Lamenesses and performance injuries


30. Lameness (countable and uncountable, plural Lamenesses) An impediment to walking due to the feet or legs

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31. Subtle to obvious Lamenesses are worked up thoroughly, leaving no stone unturned

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32. Tension is the Enemy and the Cause of Many Lamenesses in Sport Horses


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LAMENESSES [ˈlāmnəs]


Synonyms: lame .

lame (adjective) · lamer (comparative adjective) · lamest (superlative adjective)

  • (especially of an animal) unable to walk without difficulty as the result of an injury or illness affecting the leg or foot.
  • (of a leg or foot) affected by injury or illness.
Synonyms: limping . hobbling . incapacitated . debilitated . infirm . deformed . maimed . defective . halt . game . able-bodied .

lame (verb) · lames (third person present) · lamed (past tense) · lamed (past participle) · laming (present participle)

  • make (a person or animal) lame.
Synonyms: incapacitate . impair . damage . weaken . enfeeble . debilitate . indispose . immobilize . hamstring . paralyze . prostrate . torpefy .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does lameness, animal mean?

Lameness is an abnormal gait or stance of an animal that is the result of dysfunction of the locomotor system. In the horse, it is most commonly caused by pain, but can be due to neurologic or mechanical dysfunction. Lameness is a common veterinary problem in racehorses, sport horses, and pleasure horses.

What is the plural of lameness?

The noun lameness can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be lameness. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be lamenesses e.g. in reference to various types of lamenesses or a collection of lamenesses.

What does so lame mean?

"You are so lame" means that the person has said or done something inappropriate or awkward. We often say "That was so lame", referring to the action, rather than the person.