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1. Lamellar’s work to prevent the severe respiratory effects of COVID-19


2. Lamellar definition is - composed of or arranged in lamellae

Lamellar, Lamellae

3. How to use Lamellar in a sentence.


4. Lamellar definition, referring to a lamella or lamellae

Lamellar, Lamella, Lamellae

5. Lamellar structures or microstructures are composed of fine, alternating layers of different materials in the form of lamellae.They are often observed in cases where a phase transformation front moves quickly, leaving behind two solid products, as in rapid cooling of eutectic (such as solder) or eutectoid (such as pearlite) systems.

Lamellar, Layers, Lamellae, Leaving

6. Lamellar technology is a type of liquid hair treatment that’s a far cry from the hair masks you know of

Lamellar, Liquid

7. Lamellar armour is a type of body armour, made from small rectangular plates (scales or lamellae) of iron or steel, leather (), or bronze laced into horizontal rows.Lamellar armour was used over a wide range of time periods in Central Asia, Eastern Asia (especially in China, Japan, Mongolia, and Tibet), Western Asia, and Eastern Europe.The earliest evidence for Lamellar armour comes from

Lamellar, Lamellae, Leather, Laced

8. Lamellar water is so lightweight it won’t build up on your strands over time, making it A-OK for frequent applications

Lamellar, Lightweight

9. Lamellar macular hold progresses to a full thickness macular hole, and if this occurs, an operation called vitrectomy can be performed to repair the problem


10. Breakthrough Lamellar water technology, 8 seconds to silkier, shinier, healthier looking hair with a totally weightless feel unlike anything else in hair care

Lamellar, Looking

11. Lamellar Technology Hair Fiber Resurfacing Solution (patent pending): Lamellar molecules smooth the cuticle to create a fluid, glass-like surface

Lamellar, Like

12. Lamellar: ( lam'ĕ-lăr, lă-mel'ăr ), 1

Lamellar, Lam

13. Lamellar ichthyosis is a rare genetic condition that affects the skin


14. Infants affected by Lamellar ichthyosis are generally born with a shiny, waxy layer of skin (called a collodian membrane) that is typically shed within the first two weeks of life.

Lamellar, Layer, Life

15. LMH is also referred to as degenerative Lamellar macular hole

Lmh, Lamellar

16. Lamellar tearing is a risk in shell plates adjacent to end closures or tube plates, or in cylindri- cal wrapper plates when these are stiffened by inter- nal ribs


17. Lamellar bone has a regular parallel alignment of collagen into sheets (lamellae) and is mechanically strong

Lamellar, Lamellae

18. Lamellar bone is stronger and filled with many collagen fibers parallel to other fibers in the same layer (osteons).

Lamellar, Layer

19. Lamellar is a type of armor in which small plates of various types of materials are strung together in parallel rows using fine cord


20. Lamellar plates can be constructed from lacquered leather, horn, or even stone, though suits of iron and steel are the most common.

Lamellar, Lacquered, Leather

21. Lamellar was used by various cultures from the East to the West up through the 16th century


22. Plastic Lamellar manufactures several types of plastic plates that can be used along with our lacing to create costumes for SCA, cosplay and other projects

Lamellar, Lacing

23. In contrast, a Lamellar macular hole is defined by the appearance of the fovea via OCT


24. Lamellar steel plates for armor x 100 pcs - Viking - Byzantine - Frankish LivingHistoryMarket

Lamellar, Livinghistorymarket

25. Lamellar synonyms, Lamellar pronunciation, Lamellar translation, English dictionary definition of Lamellar


26.Lamellar Water is an exciting, innovative liquid conditioning rinse out that works in just 10 seconds

Lamellar, Liquid

27. Leather Lamellar Viking cuirass, Fantasy armor for Medieval and Historical events, Lamellar armor made by Steel Mastery SteelMasteryCom

Leather, Lamellar

28. Favorite Add to Longbard Lamellar leather armour, viking, handmade, historical reenactment TheIronRing

Longbard, Lamellar, Leather

29. Lamellar ichthyosis (LI) is a rare genetic skin disorder that is present at birth

Lamellar, Li

30. Leather Lamellar plates (100 plates in set) East was always ahead of West, even though the second one hated to say it

Leather, Lamellar

31. Even with armor, although the majority will firstly remember knight plate armor and chain mail, but in fact, Eastern Lamellar armor had appeared and protected much better.


32. Extreme Bleach Recovery Lamellar Water is a rinse out treatment and conditioner for bleached, highlighted, and color treated hair that has been damaged after highlighting


33. Lamellar Keratectomy (LK) Click here to schedule an appointment with Fellowship Trained Corneal Specialist, Dr

Lamellar, Lk

34. Extreme Bleach Recovery Lamellar Water is a rinse out treatment and conditioner for bleached, highlighted, and color treated hair


35. This can be done either over the entire cornea (total keratoplasty) or over a portion of it (partial keratoplasty).Two main techniques are used: (1) the penetrating keratoplasty in which the entire thickness of the cornea is removed and replaced by transparent corneal tissue; (2) the Lamellar keratoplasty in which a


36. Lamellar bodies may also contain apolipoproteins and lytic enzymes and have an acidic pH, which confers on them a lysosomal character

Lamellar, Lytic, Lysosomal

37. Under normal physiological conditions, the main function of Lamellar bodies is the supply of extracellular domains with specialized lipid components related to a specialized function.

Lamellar, Lipid

38. Synonyms for Lamellar in Free Thesaurus


39. What are synonyms for Lamellar?


40. Lamellar ichthyosis is a condition that mainly affects the skin


41. Lamellar gel systems provide enhanced occlusivity and improved water resistance


42. In short, Lamellar water effectively helps to rebuild the hair's natural structure, restoring strength and elasticity


43. Essentially, Lamellar technology provides healing hydration using moisturizers and amino acids only where it’s needed, which then leaves the hair feeling soft and silky, and looking healthier

Lamellar, Leaves, Looking

44. Lamellar bone is characterized by the organized arrangement of collagen fibers into layers or lamellae, like the organization of plywood (Fig

Lamellar, Layers, Lamellae, Like

45. This arrangement gives Lamellar bone greater stiffness when compared to the disorganized nature of woven bone


46. The Lamellar pattern consists of a zone of opacification around a clear embryonic nucleus


47. Lamellar macular hole measurements and morphology


48. Lamellar ichthyosis is a severe disorder apparent at birth with diffuse redness and a collodion membrane


49. The tension on the skin due to Lamellar ichthyosis leads to ectropion, eclabium, scarring hairloss, and disfiguring

Lamellar, Leads

50. BACKGROUND: The aim of this study is to present functional and anatomical results of pars plana vitrectomy without gas tamponade in Lamellar macular holes


51. METHODS: Twenty-six eyes of 26 patients with Lamellar macular hole were


52. Lamellar is a rare HP type warrior weilding the force affinity thus, very powerful against enemies with affinity


53. Lamellar is a useful team member in the game


54. In addition, Lamellar is born as an exceptional leader as Lamellar brings an Aura effect of (Increases Ally HP in Faction Crypts by 22%) to the team when sent into the field.

Lamellar, Leader

55. Purpose: To investigate the outcomes of embedding Lamellar hole-associated epiretinal proliferation (LHEP) into retinal cleavage for the surgical treatment of degenerative Lamellar macular hole (LMH)

Lamellar, Lhep, Lmh

56. Lamellar ichthyosis is a very heterogeneous disease with both homozygous and compound heterozygous mutations documented


57. ProLipid™ Lamellar gels are designed to exert a “second skin” effect, mimicking the unique Lamellar organization of stratum corneum lipids

Lamellar, Lipids

58. In addition, they enhance the performance of cosmetic formulations and can be used to develop stable Lamellar gel networks with a wide range of rheologies and sensory attributes depending on the type of auxiliary ingredients present.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does the name lamellar mean?

    lamellar(Adjective) Of or pertaining to a lamella, plate-like, flat and thin. Etymology:Compare lamellaire. Webster Dictionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Lamellar(adj) flat and thin; lamelliform; composed of lamellae.

    What does lamellar structure mean?

    Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Lamellar structures or microstructures are composed of fine, alternating layers of different materials in the form of lamellae. They are often observed in cases where a phase transformation front moves quickly, leaving behind two solid products, as in rapid cooling of eutectic or eutectoid systems.

    What does lamellar trama mean?

    Definitions for lamellar trama. lamel·lar tra·ma. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word lamellar trama. Wiktionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: lamellar trama(Noun) The tissue inside a mushroom gill.

    What does lamellar mixture mean?

    The noun LAMELLAR MIXTURE has 1 sense: 1. a mixture in which substances occur in distinct layers Familiarity information: LAMELLAR MIXTURE used as a noun is very rare.

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