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1. Lamellana is een geslacht van weekdieren uit de klasse van de Gastropoda (slakken)


2. Lamellana gymnota Lin, 1992 Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 9 okt 2018 om 15:00

Lamellana, Lin, Laatst

3. Lamellana gymnota Lin, 1992 è un mollusco nudibranchio della famiglia Polyceridae

Lamellana, Lin

4. È l'unica specie nota del genere Lamellana


5. Gymnota, Lamellana gynenopla, Phyllidiopsis gypsata, Horologica (1) gypsata, Paracomitas gypsina, Pleurotomoides (1) gyratum, Lapidicola gyratus, Mipus (6) gyrinata, Ranella (10) gyrineum, Guildfordia gyrinoides, Murex (6) gyrinoides carinata (var.), Triton (6)

Lamellana, Lapidicola

6. Lamellana gymnota is een slakkensoort uit de familie van de Polyceridae


7. Lamellana gymnota No specified locations indicated NA l

Lamellana, Locations

8. Lamellana gymnota Lin, 1992 (Figure: Lin, 1992, fig

Lamellana, Lin

9. Fucola, Gymnodoris, Lamellana, Lecithophorus, Paliolla

Lamellana, Lecithophorus

10. Language Label Description Also known as; English: Lamellana

Language, Label, Lamellana

11. Lamellana Genus of sea slugs, dorid nudibranchs, shell-less marine gastropod molluscs in the family Polyceridae

Lamellana, Less

12. The only species in the genus Lamellana is: Wikipedia


13. ShaDarrien Lamellana - Colorado Yeti - Backup Alvin Chipmunk - Colorado Yeti - Backup Thomas Kane III - San Jose Sabercats - Backup Gabriel Tenzini - Baltimore Hawks - Backup Knute Knurtsson - Yellowknife Wraiths - Backup Spencer Castle - Baltimore Hawks - Backup Chris Steele - …


14. Genera (9): Greilada – Gymnodoris – Lamellana – Lecithophorus – Palio – Paliolla – Polycera – Polycerella – Thecacera

Lamellana, Lecithophorus

15. Lamellana gymnota Lamellana gymnota is een slakkensoort uit de familie van de Gymnodorididae


16. Pour « Une vie tranquille » je remercie notamment Lamellana qui a disparu de la circulation et c'est bien dommage, Natsushizu, et Krsnik qui ont été les plus fidèles et enthousiastes, mais y a aussi Yoruichii, Shadow Bloody, Natsukiiisama, Lessy-enne, Yurilys, AsheD, Elrith, Blackfish, Clara76120, AkiraAndAngie, et plus récemment Asegawa.

Lamellana, La, Les, Lessy

17. Lamellana a T i ed'dae s Tntonia odhneri TO toma challe nana Aulacom ater Gaimardva tra ext-va Bentho us eureka Enterocto us m aloc thus Loli ahi e Am h',medon s A / silla s Clathfina s Halichondna Eumastva attenuata Haliclona Soestella c,h/lens's Porifera Halvsarca s 'o hon s Phorbas s ellow, unidentified Sco lina s aero us s S on s Tedama mucosa

Lamellana, Loli, Lens, Lina

18. (Reindirizzamento da Lamellana) Leggi in un'altra lingua Aggiungi agli osservati speciali Questa voce sull'argomento gasteropodi è solo un abbozzo ; Salve oggi ho ritirato esame delle biobsie Cosa vuole dire modesto infiltrato flogistico linfoplasmacellulare in lamina propria?? Grazie Stefania: Significa che.

Lamellana, Leggi, Lingua, Linfoplasmacellulare, Lamina

19. 1855 Genus Lamellana Lin, 1992 Genus Lecithophorus Macnae, 1958 Genus Palio Gray, 1857 Genus Paliolla Burn, 1958 Genus Polycera Cuvier, 1817 - type

Lamellana, Lin, Lecithophorus

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LAMELLANA [ləˈmelə]

lamella (noun) · lamellae (plural noun)

  • a thin layer, membrane, or plate of tissue, especially in bone.
  • a membranous fold in a chloroplast.
Synonyms: plate . lamina . scute . scutum .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name lamella mean?

Lamella (noun) a thin plate or scale of anything, as a thin scale growing from the petals of certain flowers; or one of the thin plates or scales of which certain shells are composed Etymology: [L. lamella, dim. of lamina plate, leaf, layer: cf. F. lamelle.

What does lamella mean?

Definition of lamella. : a thin flat scale, membrane, or layer: such as. a : one of the thin plates composing the gills of a bivalve mollusk.

What is the function of lamellea in bone?

The lamellae act as reserves for the inorganic molecules stored there. Not only are these molecules used to produce new bone cells, but they act as a reservoir for calcium and phosphorus for the body. The function of compact bone is to help to keep the levels of these minerals at constant within the blood.

What is concentric lamellae?

concentric lamellae. The thin cylindrical plates, or layers of bone matrix (produced by osteoblasts) around the minute vascular central canals in compact bone, which in cross-section produce a pattern of circles of different size, one within another, having a common center.