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1. (la-mel'a) plural.Lamellae [L., a little plate] 1. A thin layer, sheet, or plate. 2.

La, Lamellae, Little, Layer

2. Definition of Lamellae in the dictionary


3. What does Lamellae mean? Information and translations of Lamellae in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


4. Lamella (plural Lamellae) means a small plate or flake in Latin, and in English may refer to:

Lamella, Lamellae, Latin

5. The grana are connected to other stacks by simple membranes (lamellae) within the stroma, the fluid proteinaceous portion containing the enzymes essential for the photosynthetic dark reaction, or …


6. Other articles where Lamella is discussed: lizard: Locomotion and limb adaptations: …geckos and anoles (Anolis) have Lamellae (fine plates) on the undersides of the toes

Lamella, Lizard, Locomotion, Limb, Lamellae

7. Lamellae office is located in the business district at the heart of Quezon City, Metro Manila

Lamellae, Located

8. Is the owner of Lamellae Marketing, Armed with a degree in Management and experience in Sales; established the company in 1999, when B.Braun Medical Supplies Inc


9. Lamellae can be mainly divided as homogenous Lamellae or striated Lamellae


10. These two types of Lamellae are observed in the longitudinal and the transverse sections of the bone

Lamellae, Longitudinal

11. The striated Lamellae are a result of the passage of little tissue bridges which lie between the homogenous Lamellae distributed in the bone matrix.

Lamellae, Little, Lie

12. Lamellae generally are layered, alternating with a lamella, then a thin layer of fluid, then another lamella

Lamellae, Layered, Lamella, Layer

13. Chameleons have Lamellae on their feet to improve their grip


14. (la-mel'a) plural.Lamellae [L., a little plate] 1. A thin layer, sheet, or plate. 2.

La, Lamellae, Little, Layer

15. Learn more about the word "Lamellae", its origin, alternative forms, and usage from Wiktionary

Learn, Lamellae

16. Examples of in a sentence X, Glandular Lamellae of the inner face of the mantle-skirt.


17. Internal anterior to posterior partitions of the ethmoid sinuses are called basal Lamellae


18. According to a concept proposed by Killian, four or five (if supreme turbinate is included) basal Lamellae make up the ethmoid


19. Lamellae in the Spinks soil series were found at 40 cm until 200 cm depth


20. The Lamellae at 40 to 50 cm were less than 2 mm thick and slightly finer than the interLamellae soil textures

Lamellae, Less

21. Lamellae in the Oshtemo soil series occurred below 185 cm depth


22. Noun Lamellae 1 A thin layer, membrane, or plate of tissue, especially in bone

Lamellae, Layer

23. ‘Tunas have numerous Lamellae (gill membranes) and very thin lamellar walls, and are able to extract more oxygen from the water than any other fish.’

Lamellae, Lamellar

24. Each osteon consists of concentric layers, or Lamellae, of compact bone tissue that surround a central canal, the Haversian canal

Layers, Lamellae

25. 3 synonyms of Lamellae from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 8 related words, definitions, and antonyms


26. Inverted pigeonite is often enclosed by clinopyroxene (augite) and contains her ring bone-like augite Lamellae

Like, Lamellae

27. Each osteon consists of concentric layers, or Lamellae, of compact bonetissue that surround a central canal, the haversian canal

Layers, Lamellae

28. Near the surface of the compact bone, the Lamellaeare arranged parallel to …


29. The Lamellae are the concentric circles around the Haversian canal; they are a bone matrix formed from calcium, phosphorus salts and fibres


30. The lacunae are small spaces in the Lamellae which provide an area for bone cells or osteocytes

Lacunae, Lamellae

31. Exsolution Lamellae in Pyroxene Exsolution is a process by which a solid solution phase unmixes into two separate phases in the solid state


32. Garnet Lamellae in diopside (Fig


33. There is no doubt that in the “two-cycle” experiment (ma- 144a) the large grain of diopside with garnet nuclei and Lamellae is a relict crystal in which garnet nucleated and

Large, Lamellae

34. Gill Lamellae Thin plates of tissue on gill filaments that contain the capillary beds across which gases are exchanged


35. The stacks of sacs are connected by stromal Lamellae


36. Lamellae #1: (From Petelia: IV-III B.C.) (See Powell, 5th ed., p


37. The Lamellae are not usually visible unless the duck's bill is open or there is some injury or deformity on the side of the bill that exposes the Lamellae


38. In addition to ducks, geese, swans, and other waterfowl, flamingos also have prominent Lamellae


39. Start studying 5. Different types of Lamellae


40. Cortical bone consists of layers of bone (Lamellae) in an orderly concentric cylindrical arrangement around tiny Haversian canals

Layers, Lamellae

41. -The circumferential Lamellae that line the medullary cavity are called inner circumferential Lamellae

Lamellae, Line

42. Spongy Bone Tissue-Also referred to as trabecular or cancellous bone tissue.-It is located in the interior of a bone.-It consists of Lamellae that are arranged in an irregular pattern called trabeculae.

Located, Lamellae

43. Learn how to say Lamellae with EmmaSaying free pronunciation tutorials.Definition and meaning can be found here:

Learn, Lamellae

44. The Lamellae are mainly perpendicular to the substrate but significant fractions of tilted and parallel Lamellae were present


45. When the temperature increased to 200 °C, the ordering of the vertically aligned Lamellae was improved but some in-plane Lamellae remained.


46. Concentric Lamellae are the layers of compact bone tissue that make up the fundamental structure of cortical bones in most mammals

Lamellae, Layers

47. Lamellae, which translates to "little plates," are part of the Haversian system.

Lamellae, Little

48. *Lamellae are scales found on the lizards’ toepads

Lamellae, Lizards

49. In general, the greater the number of Lamellae, the larger the toepad

Lamellae, Larger

50. The bill is lined with numerous complex rows of Lamellae, which filter the various small crustacea, algae, and unicellular organisms on which flamingos feed

Lined, Lamellae

51. In salinity of 7 g [L.sup.-1], slight alterations were observed such as epithelial lifting, fusion of secondary Lamellae, aggregation of cells in the primary lamella and severe alterations such as telangiectasia and aneurysms in a few secondary Lamellae.

Lifting, Lamellae, Lamella

52. Annulate Lamellae (AL) have been observed many times over the years on electron micrographs of rapidly dividing cells, but little is known about these unusual organelles consisting of stacked sheets of endoplasmic reticulum-derived membranes with nuclear pore complexes (NPCs)

Lamellae, Little

53. Osteon: Osteons are the circular structures found in compact bone that consist of rings of concentric Lamellae


54. Many Lamellae will make up an osteon and many osteons will make up the compact bone.


55. Circumferential Lamellae or primary osteones: They encircle the inner and outer surfaces of the bone


56. These Lamellae are held together by the perforating fibres of Sharpey, which are derived from the periosteum and run obliquely pinning the Lamellae together


57. The Lamellae which surround the grana are called grana Lamellae


58. The intergranal Lamellae or stroma Lamellae connects all the grana present in the chloroplast


59. Synonyms for Lamellae include plates, laminae, scales, layers, films, sheets, coats, skins, coatings and coverings

Lamellae, Laminae, Layers

60. Lamellae: The lacunae are arranged in concentric circles called Lamellae around central (Haversian) canals

Lamellae, Lacunae

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LAMELLAE [ləˈmelə]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is lamellae in the body?

The lamellae are the concentric circles around the Haversian canal ; they are a bone matrix formed from calcium, phosphorus salts and fibres. The lacunae are small spaces in the lamellae which provide an area for bone cells or osteocytes.

What does lamella mean?

Definition of lamella. : a thin flat scale, membrane, or layer: such as. a : one of the thin plates composing the gills of a bivalve mollusk.

What is concentric lamellae?

concentric lamellae. The thin cylindrical plates, or layers of bone matrix (produced by osteoblasts) around the minute vascular central canals in compact bone, which in cross-section produce a pattern of circles of different size, one within another, having a common center.

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