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1. Lambent, which first appeared in English in the 17th century, is a part of this tradition, coming from lambens, the present participle of the Latin verb lambere, meaning "to lick." In its earliest uses, Lambent

Lambent, Lambens, Latin, Lambere, Lick

2. Lambent definition, running or moving lightly over a surface: Lambent tongues of flame

Lambent, Lightly

3. Lambent synonyms, Lambent pronunciation, Lambent translation, English dictionary definition of Lambent


4. Flickering lightly: Lambent firelight

Lightly, Lambent

5. Having a gentle glow; luminous: "A Lambent moon cast shadows on crumbling walls"

Luminous, Lambent

6. Lambent is a word describing a type of light that is subdued or soft

Lambent, Light

7. A Lambent glow is not a bright, blinding light

Lambent, Light

8. Lambent comes from a Latin word meaning "lick," and that fact may help you remember …

Lambent, Latin, Lick

9. The Lambent Lighting Group consists of premier brands for high-end architectural applications. Lambent Holdings was formed to pursue partnership investments within the fast-growing LED lighting space

Lambent, Lighting, Led

10. Lambent is a licensed provider of Paul Ekman trainings in the UK, Spain and Portugal. Lambent has an European quality award for its coaching training and this training is used by the International coaching community, training over 11000 coaches in 60 countries. Lambent provides coaches for every level in business for international companies.

Lambent, Licensed, Level

11. Lambent & YOU Let’s get together and build your online business and brand presence

Lambent, Let

12. Crazed by the infernal round, unable to resist the fascination of the Lambent flames, one of them sprang and fell into the fire


13. SNNICA VICENTE BLASCO IBEZ As he was borne along through the soft, Lambent air, everything he passed appealed to his heart and imagination


14. 21 synonyms of Lambent from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 37 related words, definitions, and antonyms


15. Lambent: giving off or reflecting much light.

Lambent, Light

16. "Lambent" refers to a group of various different lifeforms on the planet Sera that have been heavily mutated after prolonged contact with Imulsion, a low-viscosity, highly volatile fluid that the humans of Sera regularly utilized as a fuel source.

Lambent, Lifeforms, Low

17. Monica Swinton, 29, of graceful shape and Lambent eye, went and sat in her living room, arranging her limbs with taste

Lambent, Living, Limbs

18. Her fists clench, and he could have sworn that her eyes were blazing with fire, the Lambent glow bathing him in an evil red light.

Lambent, Light

19. Lambent (adj.) of light, flame, etc., "flowing or running over the surface," 1640s, from a figurative use of Latin Lambentem (nominative lambens), present participle of lambere "to lick, lap, wash, bathe," from PIE root *lab-, indicative of smacking lips or licking (source also of Greek laptein "to sip, to lick," Old English lapian "to lick, lap up, to suck;" see lap (v.1)).

Lambent, Light, Latin, Lambentem, Lambens, Lambere, Lick, Lap, Lab, Lips, Licking, Laptein, Lapian

20. The Lambent are the overarching antagonists of the Gears of War franchise


21. The Lambent are a species of various mutated and infected lifeforms on Sera as a result of prolonged exposure to Imulsion

Lambent, Lifeforms

22. Lambent is a Sour - Berliner Weisse style beer brewed by Deciduous Brewing Company in Newmarket, NH


23. Qms commented on the word Lambent


24. Is suggestively Lambent, As shadows shape the inward sight


25. Her Colombian report, "In Bogota," begins by imagining the capital as Lambent with emeralds, smelling of roses and Madeira consomme, a mirage cracked the instant she looks out from the new Bogota Hilton to see "a shantytown of packing-crate and tin-can shacks, where a small boy

Lambent, Looks

26. Mid 17th century from Latin Lambent- ‘licking’, from the verb lambere.

Latin, Lambent, Licking, Lambere

27. Lambent Bulls were normal bulls infected by Imulsion and turned Lambent, and were capable of great speed


28. Along with Lambent Dogs, Lambent Bulls proved Damon Baird 's theory that Lambency was capable of jumping the species barrier.

Lambent, Lambency

29. Lambent Total Number of words made out of Lambent = 124 Lambent is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 11 points.Lambent is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 15 points


30. Lambent is a 7 letter medium Word starting with L and ending with T

Lambent, Letter

31. 6 letter Words made out of Lambent

Letter, Lambent

32. 28725 Lambent WAY is a house in SANTA CLARITA, CA 91350


33. Shop Homelegance Lambent Sofa online at


34. Sleek styling gives way to subtle curves creating the bold contemporary styling of the Lambent Collection


35. Lambent gold plated hoop earrings, mens hoop earrings, gold hoop earrings etsy, huggie hoop earrings, sterling silver posts, E250YHH 360JewelsElite


36. Lambent is a word used in either Gears of War or Gears of War 2 in order to show that something has been heavily exposed to a large or good amount of imulsion

Lambent, Large

37. In the Gears of War series, a couple of the Locust you face in the series are exposed to Lambent

Locust, Lambent

38. The Lambent have returned in Gears of War 3 and are a major threat in that game


39. It was first believed that only locust was affected by the Lambent virus, but it eventually spread to humans as well

Locust, Lambent

40. There are many different kinds of Lambent Locust

Lambent, Locust

41. Find 7 ways to say Lambent, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


42. Lambent’s strengths in the corporate realm include our sensitivity to candidates’ quality of fit with the established culture, our focus on saving our stakeholders time at every stage of the hiring process, and our ability to identify the best possible prospects for given pay parameters.


43. ‘Here, warm, Lambent sunlight bathes a country road framed by towering trees.’ ‘Jaben hurled the annulus into the lava, where it disappeared in a burst of Lambent flame.’ ‘Outside it's the close of a Lambent spring afternoon, a clarity of light still falling on the residential street.’

Lambent, Lava, Light

44. Lambent Plume is a Keepsake that increases Zagreus' dodge chance and movement speed each time he clears an encounter within a time limit

Lambent, Limit

45. While the Lambent Plume is equipped, a circular timer is visible in the bottom …


46. Lambent Risk Management Services, Inc


47. Lambent Grove is a track that appears in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle


48. 1 Description 2 Gameplay 3 Overview 4 Trivia 5 Music Lambent Grove is a medium-difficulty track based in Mystic Jungle


49. In Lambent Grove, the playable characters are stuck running down the level's road and …

Lambent, Level

50. Lambent are usually nicknamed as "glowies" due to the fact that they're always giving off a yellow glow similar to what's seen with the Imulsion substance.


51. Definition of Lambent in the dictionary


52. What does Lambent mean? Information and translations of Lambent in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


53. Lambent (comparative more Lambent, superlative most Lambent)


54. Looking for Lambent? Find out information about Lambent

Looking, Lambent

55. Luminescence luminescence, general term applied to all forms of cool light, i.e., light emitted by sources other than a hot, incandescent body, such as a Explanation of Lambent

Luminescence, Light, Lambent

56. Lambent Front Humans; champions of the Imeris Peninsula who through virtue and purity fought their way from Hell itself


57. Lambent Fire is a Stone Skeleton Key Boss that is found in Crystal Caves – Avalon


58. Lambent Fuse is a character-driven drama that illustrates human connection and choice


59. Lambent Hat provides 5 P.DEF, 3 M.DEF, +2 M.ATK, and increases Lightning damage by 25%

Lambent, Lightning

60. Bravely Second: End Layer [edit edit source] Lambent Hat is a hat that provides 6 P.DEF and 15 …

Layer, Lambent

61. The Lambent Berserker is a mutated version of the Locust Berserker due to prolonged exposure to Imulsion

Lambent, Locust

62. The Lambent Brumak is a Brumak that has been heavily mutated due to extended exposure to Imulsion.Only one Lambent Brumak has ever been seen, appearing as the final boss of Gears of War 2


63. Lambent Lockbox looted; Description

Lambent, Lockbox, Looted

64. 0 notes & May 22, 2012The $10k Feature: Matt Cici’s ‘Lambent Fuse’ ‘Lambent Fuse’ is an Independent film released onto the festival circuit late last year, selling out the Twin Cities Film Festival and winning Best Dramatic Feature at the Highway 61 Film Festival.

Lambent, Late, Last

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