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1. Kaoma - The Lambada (also known as Llorando se f

Lambada, Llorando

2. Stream & Download: of Lambada originally performed by Kaoma

Lambadacover, Lambada

3. "Lambada", also known as "Chorando Se Foi (Lambada)" or "Llorando se fue (Lambada)" (both meaning "Crying [he/she] went away" in Portuguese and Spanish, respectively), is a song recorded by French-Brazilian pop group Kaoma

Lambada, Llorando

4. Lambada del 1989cantata dal gruppo Kaoma fu un successo mondiale, raggiungendo la prima posizione delle classifiche di undici paesie raggiungendo la top 10 i

Lambada, La

5. Lambada, we dance at the bar the whole day


6. Eddie Peck) likes to spend the evening dancing the Lambada at Latin clubs

Likes, Lambada, Latin

7. Kevin Laird is a Beverly Hills school teacher by day and a mystery man by night. Using his Lambada dance moves to first earn the kid's respect and acceptance, Kevin then teaches them academics

Laird, Lambada

8. " Lambada ", also known as " Chorando Se Foi (Lambada) " or " Llorando Se Fue (Lambada) " (both meaning 'crying [he/she] went away' in Portuguese and Spanish, respectively), is a song recorded by French-Brazilian pop group Kaoma.

Lambada, Llorando

9. The track was a cover of a Bolivian folk song ("Llorando Se Fue"), set to the Afro-Brazilian Lambada rhythm derived from the folkloric carimb

Llorando, Lambada

10. Mientras en Europa se baila la [Lambada,] los jóvenes negros de Bahía danzan la samba-reggae

La, Lambada, Los

11. Ni siquiera con el baile de la ["Lambada"] es fácil expresar la caricia

La, Lambada

12. He ganado el primer premio de [Lambada] en el Garden


13. A Brazilian princess tries to save the rain forests by introducing the world to the electrifying exotic Lambada.


14. For those of you too young to recall it, the Lambada is a Brazilian dance for couples, which is generally danced with arched legs, with the steps being from side to side or …

Lambada, Legs

15. Lambada is a 1990 dramatic film starring J


16. Eddie Peck, Melora Hardin, Adolfo "Shabba-doo" Quinones, Ricky Paull Goldin, Dennis Burkley, and Keene Curtis.Lambada was written and directed by Joel Silberg and choreographed by Shabba-Doo.


17. The film was released simultaneously with rival film The Forbidden Dance; neither was well received, though Lambada was seen as 'the better of the two'.


18. Translation of 'Lambada' by Kaoma from Portuguese to English (Version #2) He left crying, the one who one day only made me cry.

Lambada, Left

19. The Lambada opens numerous possibilities for adventure with minimal impact on the environment or the wallet


20. Lambada, also known as “Chorando Se Foi (Lambada)” or “Llorando se fue (Lambada)” (both meaning “Crying [he/she] went away” in Portuguese and Spanish, respectively), is a song recorded

Lambada, Llorando

21. The history of Lambada and its relationship with the world music


22. The origins of Lambada dance came from “karimbo” – at the time when Brazil was a Portuguese colony (1500-1822 gg.) in the northern part of the country there was a popular dance called karimbo, that was very sensual dance of man and woman.


23. Lambada was the #10 song in 1989 in the Pop charts.The song was performed by Kaoma.Comment below with facts and trivia about the song and we may include it in our song facts!


24. The Forbidden Dance (also released as The Forbidden Dance is Lambada) is a 1990 drama film starring former Miss USA Laura Harring.Made to cash in on the Lambada dance craze by Menahem Golan's 21st Century Film Corporation, it opened on the same day (March 16, 1990) as a similarly themed film, Lambada, produced by Golan's former company Cannon Films and his cousin, Yoram Globus.

Lambada, Laura

25. Lambada (Original Version 1989) by Kaoma


26. Translation of 'Lambada' by Kaoma from Portuguese to English Deutsch English Español Français Hungarian Italiano Nederlands Polski Português (Brasil) Română Svenska Türkçe Ελληνικά Български Русский Српски العربية فارسی 日本語 한국어


27. Lambada easter, lambathes, easter candle

Lambada, Lambathes

28. Favorite Add to More colors Greek Easter candle Mati easter lambatha Lambada orthodox pascha pasxa

Lambatha, Lambada

29.Lambada” is a catchy enough tune to propel it to number one, but it’s everything around it that pushed it to ubiquity


30. Like many modern chart-toppers, “Lambada” became a worldwide hit

Like, Lambada

31. Check out Lambada (Original Version 1989) by Kaoma on Amazon Music


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33. Lyrics to "La Lambada" on

Lyrics, La, Lambada

34. Lambada easter, lambathes, easter candle

Lambada, Lambathes

35. Favorite Add to Easter Lambada-Easter candle-Lambathes for girl-Lambada with bracelet-Orthodox Easter-Fast Shipping

Lambada, Lambathes

36. ‘The word Lambada refers both to the rhythm - a fusion of carimbó and merengue - and to the dance, which incorporates elements of forró, samba, merengue and maxixe (the 19th century Brazilian dance which was a tremendous success in Europe).’


37. Lambada MP3 Song by The True Star from the album Lambada (Kaoma Tribute)


38. Download Lambada song on and listen Lambada (Kaoma Tribute) Lambada song offline.

Lambada, Listen

39. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Kaoma - Lambada at Discogs


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