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1. Lairdships synonyms, Lairdships pronunciation, Lairdships translation, English dictionary definition of Lairdships


2. What does Lairdships mean? Plural form of lairdship

Lairdships, Lairdship

3. Dispute over selling of peat and Lairdships AN established seller of small ''heritage'' plots of land in Caithness is incensed at being linked with a new US-based operation designed.

Lairdships, Land, Linked

4. The Lairdship of Blackwood is one of the most notable and well documented Lairdships in Scotland

Lairdship, Lairdships

5. Since Lairdships are technically inherited in Scotland, it was believed that after David's death, his eldest son, James Matthews, would become a …


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7. Here you can find How many syllables in Lairdships, Singular form of Lairdships and Vowels and Consonants in Lairdships.


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9. What are synonyms for Lairdships?


10.Lairdships for one and all.’ Enigmabadger, CC BY-SA


11. Lairdships meaning in Urdu Scotland ka zamindar اسکاٹ لینڈ کا زمیندار


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14. The Campbell’s also held the Earldom of Loudoun in Ayrshire, which spawned a host of Lairdships there

Loudoun, Lairdships

15. 3 c1515-1556 Woodhouse Dumbretton Robgill Bold Script Lairdships of Bonshaw killed Italic script descendants through female lines Edward Geoffrey 2 sons William Gilbert Black Christie c1518-1605 -1554 -1556 fl.1612 fl.1612 Wysbie fl

Lairdships, Lines

16. The titles that you can buy online are generally Scottish Lairdships – to be a Laird (or Lady) basically means that you are a landowner

Lairdships, Laird, Lady, Landowner

17. Thousands of people, including celebrities, are understood to have bought the one foot square plots which come with supposed Lairdships in the highlands


18. The estate extended to more than 300 acres and consisted of smaller properties, described as ‘bonnet Lairdships’ 4


19. The Lairdship of Blackwood is one of the most notable and well documented Lairdships in Scotland

Lairdship, Lairdships

20. The Lairdship of Blackwood is one of the most notable and well documented Lairdships in Scotland

Lairdship, Lairdships

21. Yet a legal quirk creates a market in Scottish baronies, “Lairdships” or “manorial lordships”

Legal, Lairdships, Lordships

22. Plural form of lairdship is Lairdships

Lairdship, Lairdships

23. We visited our square foot of land at Dunans (selling plots and "Lairdships" is how the owners are raising funds to restore the castle) and had prebooked a tour

Land, Lairdships

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LAIRDSHIPS [lairdships]


Synonyms: laird .

laird (noun) · lairds (plural noun)

  • (in Scotland) a person who owns a large estate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a Laird and a lady?

The term ‘laird’ is not synonymous with that of ‘lord’ or ‘lady’. Ownership of a souvenir plot of land is not sufficient to bring a person otherwise ineligible within the jurisdiction of the Lord Lyon for the purpose of seeking a grant of arms.

What's the modern view of Lairdship titles in Scotland?

A contemporary popular view of Lairdship titles has taken a unique twist in the 21st century in millions of sales of souvenir land plots from sellers who show no interests in the opinions of the Registry of Scotland or of the Court of Lyon.

Is the title of Laird the same as Lord of the manor?

Although "laird" is sometimes translated as lord and historically signifies the same, like the English term lord of the manor "laird" is not a title of nobility.

What does it mean to be a laird of Brodie?

A laird, in the county of Aberdeen, had a well-stocked fowl yard, but could never get any new-laid eggs for breakfast. According to the literal meaning, it would seem that the Laird of Brodie was something less than a gentleman?

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