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1. Ladino, Westernized Central American person of predominantly mixed Spanish and indigenous descent


2. In that sense, Ladino is synonymous with mestizo


3. The word Ladino is Spanish (meaning “Latin”), and the Ladinos of Central America are not to be confused with those Sephardic Jews who speak the Ladino

Ladino, Latin, Ladinos

4. Examples of Ladino in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web But time hasn't smiled on the Maya, whose descendants make up nearly half of Guatemala's population (the rest are largely Ladino, a …

Ladino, Largely

5. Ladino is classified as a Judeo-Spanish Romance language

Ladino, Language

6. In Spanish, it's called djudeo-espanyol or Ladino. In English, the language is also …

Ladino, Language

7. Word Origin for Ladino C20: perhaps from Italian Ladino (see Ladin), referring to a person or thing from the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland, where the clover is grown British Dictionary definitions for Ladino

Ladino, Ladin

8. Sometimes called "Spaniolish," Ladino is the Spanish-Jewish dialect spoken by Sephardic Jews. Ladino's origins are similar to those of Yiddish, in that they both combine Hebrew and local language (s)

Ladino, Local, Language

9. As the Ladino language developed during the 15th and 16th centuries, it grew to include Arabic, Turkish, Greek, French and Italian.

Ladino, Language

10. El Ladino es bastante fácil de entender si hablas español.Ladino is fairly easy to understand if you speak Spanish


11. Ladino, otherwise known as Judeo-Spanish, is the spoken and written Hispanic language of Jews of Spanish origin. Ladino did not become a specifically Jewish language until after the expulsion from Spain in 1492 - it was merely the language of their province

Ladino, Language

12. Ladino white clover is a tall, white flowering clover that is one of the most widely planted pasture legumes in the United States

Ladino, Legumes

13. Ladino is a highly palatable and very nutritious forage for all classes of livestock

Ladino, Livestock

14. Ladin (/ l ə ˈ d iː n /, also UK: / l æ ˈ d iː n /; autonym: ladin, Italian: Ladino; German: Dolomitenladinisch) is a Romance language of the Rhaeto-Romance subgroup, mainly spoken in the Dolomite Mountains in Northern Italy in the provinces of South Tyrol, Trentino, and Belluno, by the Ladin people.It exhibits similarities to Swiss Romansh and Friulian.

Ladin, Ladino, Language

15. Ladino language, also called Judeo-Spanish, Judesmo, or Sephardi, Romance language spoken by Sephardic Jews living mostly in Israel, the Balkans, North Africa, Greece, and Turkey

Ladino, Language, Living

16. Ladino is very nearly extinct in many of these areas.


17. The Ladino people are a mix of mestizo or hispanicized peoples in Latin America, principally in Central America.The demonym Ladino is a Spanish word that derives from Latino

Ladino, Latin, Latino

18. Ladino is an exonym invented during the colonial era to refer to those Spanish-speakers who were not Peninsulares, Criollos or indigenous peoples.


19. Ladino, a language rooted in Spanish with connections to Turkish, Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, and other languages, is in danger of being lost

Ladino, Language, Languages, Lost

20. Ladino developed along the same timeframe as Modern Spanish, just within a different community that never standardized it, but it developed from Old Spanish just like Modern Castilian Spanish did

Ladino, Like

21. Ladino is a giant white clover that grows as a perennial all across the Unites States


22. Soletreo is the written alphabet of Ladino (also known as Judezmo or Judeo-Spanish), the endangered language of Sephardic Jews

Ladino, Language

23. Very few places around the world offer formal academic instruction in writing soletreo or speaking Ladino.


24. Ladino phrasebook From Ladino (Djudezmo or Judeo-Espanyol) is a Jewish language spoken by the Sephardic Jews

Ladino, Language

25. For the most of its speakers, today, Ladino is the second language.

Ladino, Language

26. Ladino handwriting was in the cursive solitreo script


27. Ladino literature commenced in Spain with translations of Hebrew seforim while original Ladino seforim only developed after the Expulsion

Ladino, Literature

28. Ladino Avellaneda graduated from the Colegio Mayor De Nuestra Senora Del Rosario Facultad De Medicina in 2003


29. Ladino Avellaneda is affiliated with University Of Miami Hospital, Miami VA Medical Center and Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.


30. Other Ladino-speaking communities developed elsewhere in the US, including Seattle and Los Angeles, though younger generations switched to English

Ladino, Los

31. Endangered everywhere today, Ladino nonetheless has a substantial legacy and a vital presence in New York

Ladino, Legacy

32. Judaeo-Spanish, Djudio, Djudezmo or Ladino is a language spoken by Sephardic Jews, Jews expelled from Spain in 1492

Ladino, Language

33. Ladino is a Romance language, derived mainly from Old Castilian and Hebrew (Spanish)

Ladino, Language

34. Ladino Clover is a great option for our neighbors in Florida, and the rest of the Deep South


35. *Pre-Inoculated Seed*~~~ Ladino Clover is a …


36. Ladino (Latino), or Judeo-Spanish, the spoken and written Hispanic language of Jews of Spanish origin

Ladino, Latino, Language

37. Noun Ladinos A white (or Dutch) clover of a large variety native to Italy and cultivated for fodder in North America

Ladinos, Large

38. ‘Legume coverage was very sparse in the post-seeding years for all treatments except for the Ladino clover treatment in year 1, which averaged >9%.’

Legume, Ladino

39. Ladino (Djudezmo or Judeo-Espanyol) is a Jewish language spoken by the Sephardic Jews.

Ladino, Language

40. It is also spoken by the minor Jewish communities in Turkey, Israel, Netherlands, Greece and the United States.For the most of its speakers, today, Ladino is the second language

Ladino, Language

41. A Western Romance language, Ladino is closely related to and mutually intelligible with Spanish.

Language, Ladino

42. Ladino Language I am now 72 was born in a Jewish community far inside the mountains " Sangre de Christo Mountains NM

Ladino, Language

43. I was told we spoke Ladino ; I …


44. Transliterated Ladino is a late-comer that only became widespread at the point of its virtual demise i.e

Ladino, Late

45. Ladino can be mixed with red clover and frost-seeded in late winter

Ladino, Late

46. Essentially The Ladino is a language born in modern age, nor as a tongue with an independent develop from Latin in stet of the nearer language, neither, as someone says, as a jam of Latin and Rhaetian languages.

Ladino, Language, Latin, Languages

47. But Ladino had already given us this concept in the 19th century: Turkino


48. Last year, after brushing up on modern Spanish in college, and with a Ladino-Turkish dictionary in hand, I began reading Istanbul’s monthly Ladino newspaper El Amaneser — the only contemporary Ladino newspaper circulated today — and a Ladino book of essays

Last, Ladino

49. The Ladino family name was found in the USA between 1880 and 1920


50. The most Ladino families were found in the USA in 1920


51. In 1880 there were 4 Ladino families living in New York

Ladino, Living

52. This was 100% of all the recorded Ladino's in the USA


53. New York had the highest population of Ladino families in 1880.


54. Ladino clover is widely used for forage, especially in pasture


55. Ladino, or Judeo-Spanish, was widely spoken by Jews in Spain and, following their expulsion, in the Ottoman Empire, the Balkans, Morocco, and, to …


56. Synonyms for Ladino in Free Thesaurus


57. 2 synonyms for Ladino: mestizo, Judeo-Spanish


58. Ladino type white clovers spread by stolons and fill in empty space in forage stands for more productive grazing


59. Jumbo Ladino may be seeded conventionally when establishing a new plot, or may be frost seeded into an existing plot


60. Jumbo Ladino Clover has good disease resistance, tolerates summer heat and dry weather, a clover that is widely


61. (Ladino is a Jewish language that is also called Judeo-Spanish; it can be best described as a mix of 16th-century Spanish, Hebrew, Turkish, and other languages.) The song’s title translates to “Eight Little Candles,” and it was written by Flory Jagoda, a Sephardic composer, in 1983.

Ladino, Language, Languages, Little

62. Ladino Clover (Trifolium Repens Latum) - Ladino clover is a large white perennial clover which makes up about half the total white clover acreage in the U.S

Ladino, Latum, Large

63. Ladino (also called Judeo-Spanish) is a Jewish Romance language that is very close to the Spanish language from which it originates

Ladino, Language

64. The bees worked my Ladino mostly in the afternoon (I also selected my Ladino variety for deer, not bees)


65. My situation may not be a good test for Ladino as I have a lot of white dutch around and it may be that they are selecting WD because they work what they want to at the moment.

Ladino, Lot

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LADINO [ləˈdēnō]

ladino (noun) · ladinos (plural noun)

  • a white clover of a large variety native to Italy and cultivated for fodder in North America.

Ladino (noun) · Ladinos (plural noun)

  • the language of some Sephardic Jews, especially formerly in Mediterranean countries. It is based on medieval Spanish, with an admixture of Hebrew, Greek, and Turkish words, and is written in modified Hebrew characters.Also called Judezmo.
Synonyms: judezmo .
  • a mestizo or Spanish-speaking white person in Central America.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Spanish and Ladino?

Notable Differences From Spanish A big difference in Ladino is that the "k" and "s" are usually used to represent sounds that are sometimes represented in Spanish by other letters. Another notable grammatical difference from Ladino is that usted and ustedes, the forms of the second-person pronoun, are missing.

What does Ladino mean?

ladino(Noun) A larger veriaty of white clover. Trifolium repens. Ladino(Noun) a person in Latin America who speaks Spanish and is "Westernized", and whose culture is a mixture of European Spanish and Native American decent, a mestizo.

What is the difference between Latino and Ladino?

Ladino means Latino in the Judeo Spanish Language, is the same word in a different language, The word Latino comes from Latinus which comes from the word Latins (The Italic Tribe who ruled Italy) from which comes the language called Latin the ancestor of the Romance Languages.