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1. Ladies definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation


2. Ladies (uncountable) (Britain, euphemistic) A Ladies' room: a lavatory intended for use by women

Ladies, Lavatory

3. Pardon me, I need to visit the Ladies.


4. Find 35 ways to say Ladies, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


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7. Ladies "Ladies" is a song by Sarai, released as a single in 2003


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9. Official audio for “Ladies” by Fiona Apple off her new album Fetch the Bolt CuttersFetch the Bolt Cutters available at:

Ladies, Lnk

10. Ladies America Announces New Chapter: Ladies Atlanta Several gangs of purse snatching criminal Ladies are operating with impunity in these two bazaars and even police do not take action against them, said a group of Ladies .


11. If the president was a bachelor or widower, or if his wife was unable or unwilling to perform the role, other female relatives or friends were called upon to carry out the first lady's official duties; thus, there have been more first Ladies than presidents.

Lady, Ladies

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13. Ladies Lyrics: Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, Ladies / Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, Ladies / Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, Ladies / Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, Ladies / Ruminations on the

Ladies, Lyrics

14. What does Ladies mean? Ladies' room


15. (noun) Didn't the Boston Ladies have any interest in the other items you're donating to the museum?


16. The plural possessive is "Ladies'." "Lady" is singular, so if you were referring solely to one woman's shoes, it would be "the lady's shoes." As for your second question, I'm assuming you're referring to a group of women in your salutation of them, so it would be "Good morning, Ladies."

Ladies, Lady

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18. Ladies' man definition is - a man who shows a marked fondness for the company of women or is especially attentive to women


19. How to use Ladies' man in a sentence.


20. The Barenaked Ladies 2021 Tour Information


21. Ladies riding apparel is available from warm coats to lightweight sun protective clothing, our Ladies riding clothing will keep you comfortable in the saddle

Ladies, Lightweight

22. The Ladies head to a high society rowing event, but the fun takes a dive when Adela confronts Juliet


23. Ladies' man synonyms, Ladies' man pronunciation, Ladies' man translation, English dictionary definition of Ladies' man


24. There is not only Ladies market, but several other street markets adjacent, but they are all the same: it is the place to be to buy souvenirs, but make sure to bargain for real because some charge the 10-fold of what you end up paying in the end


25. See: (one's) old lady a bag lady a Ladies' man a lady of leisure Athanasian wench boss lady break it up couldn't happen to a nicer (person) Covent Garden lady dragon lady faint heart never won fair lady foxy lady it ain't over till/until the fat lady sings it ain't/it's not over till the fat lady sings it isn't over till the fat lady sings it isn't over

Lady, Ladies, Leisure

26. Ladies First helps eligible Alaskans get breast and cervical health screenings


27. Ladies First enrollees can get free mammograms and pap tests


28. Ladies First also pays for diagnostic tests when needed, and helps women get referred for financial support if they need treatment.


29. All living former presidents and first Ladies — with the exception of Donald and Melania Trump — appear in a public service announcement released Thursday urging Americans to …

Living, Ladies

30. Our mission at Ladies & Gentlemen Salon and Spa is to conduct our business based on our principles


31. Since 1975, when Ladies & Gentlemen was a tiny space with 3 staff members, we thought of changing the world of beauty by building a staff of people who work as a team.


32. Ladies America-DC Chapter, Washington, District of Columbia


33. The founding chapter of Ladies America


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38. By the time of the Mexican-American War (1846–48), that belief had begun to shape the lives of the first Ladies

Lives, Ladies

39. During the Civil War era, first Ladies from the Midwest and the West brought new attitudes to the role



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LADIES [ˈlādē]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ladies first mean?

ladies first. A polite invitation for a lady or ladies to do something first, especially entering some place or something. A: "Oh, excuse me, I didn't see you there, please go ahead!" B: "No, no, ladies first, I insist!". See also: first, lady.

What does Ladie mean?

1. a woman who is refined, polite, and well-spoken. 2. a woman of high social position or economic class. 3. any woman; female (sometimes used in combination): the lady who answered the phone; a saleslady. 4. (used in direct address: often offensive in the singular): Ladies and gentlemen, welcome.

What is the definition of a lady?

Definition of lady 1a : a woman having proprietary rights or authority especially as a feudal superior b : a woman receiving the homage or devotion of a knight or lover 3a : a woman of superior social position b : a woman of refinement and gentle manners

What does it mean to be called 'My Ole Lady'?

Ole Lady is a term used for girlfriend/wife/woman. Typically, biker gangs (not saying your boyfriend is in one!) call their wives their "ole lady" to show possession and for other members to back off.

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