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1. A Lacune is a type of small stroke that occurs when someone has hypertension or another type of small vessel disease, and an "infarct," or death, occurs within the vessel, according to …


2. The terms “Lacune, “lacunar infarct” and “lacunar stroke” are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing

Lacune, Lacunar

3. Lacunes are 3 to 15 mm cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)-filled cavities in the basal ganglia or white matter, frequently observed coincidentally on imaging in older people, often not clearly associated with discrete neurological symptoms.


4. Lacune is a Latin term that indicates a hole, as stated in the first description by Miller Fisher with pathologic specimens

Lacune, Latin

5. Lacunes have been historically considered the first SVD feature ( Fisher, 1991 ) and are one of the etiology subtypes of ischemic stroke.


6. Lacune translate: gap in one’s knowledge


7. Such a small area of brain destruction is called a Lacune


8. Lacune definition: a gap or space Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


9. Lacune (plural Lacunes) A lacunar stroke or infarct.

Lacune, Lacunes, Lacunar

10. Lacune translation in French - French Reverso dictionary, see also 'combler une Lacune',lacaune',Lacuneux',lucane', examples, definition, conjugation

Lacune, Lacaune, Lacuneux, Lucane

11. La Lacune cruciale qui a bénéficié d'une attention plus soutenue concerne les capacités

La, Lacune, Les

12. Cette Lacune est source d'incertitude


13. De nombreuses personnes ont signalé cette grave Lacune


14. Entre-temps, cette Lacune de sécurité persiste


15. The term Lacune was first introduced in 1843 by M


16. Tharoor's choice of words ranging from 'puerile' (silly or immature), ' Lacune ' (an unfilled space), arcana (secrets) and 'frisson' (sudden feeling of excitement or fear) amongst others, have left the people in splits.

Lacune, Left

17. " What Is a Lacune?." Stroke, 39(11), pp


18. Definition of Lacune in the dictionary


19. What does Lacune mean? Information and translations of Lacune in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


20. In a monoparetic stroke, the most frequent stroke subtype was cardioembolism (38.7%), followed by LAD (29.0%), cryptogenic stroke (12.9%), Lacune (9.7%), and two or more mechanisms (9.7%, cardioembolism and LAD); most patients had nonlacunar strokes (90.3%).

Lad, Lacune

21. Finding on brain MRI: A Lacune is a small fluid collection in the brain


22. Small collections of cerebral spinal fluid near the base of the brain are sometimes mistakenly called Lacunes.


23. Lacune locations were correlated with neuropsychological results

Lacune, Locations

24. Markus 2014 , ' Strategic Lacunes and their relationship to cognitive impairment in cerebral small vessel disease', NeuroImage


25. Other articles where Cerebral Lacune is discussed: stroke: Types and symptoms: …wither, creating minute holes, called Lacunes

Lacune, Lacunes

26. The lacunar hypothesis proposes that (1) symptomatic Lacunes present with distinctive lacunar syndromes and (2) a Lacune is due to occlusion of a single, deep penetrating artery generated by a specific vascular pathology

Lacunar, Lacunes, Lacune

27. The above concept is controversial, because different definitions of Lacunes have been used.


28. Cette Lacune se traduit par l'absence de liens entre les sous-projets et les partenaires locaux

Lacune, Liens, Les, Locaux

29. La principale Lacune de nos connaissances concerne l'impact des entreprises étrangères existantes dans la région.

La, Lacune

30. French Cette disposition pourrait combler une Lacune et clarifier un point qui, comme vous l’avez fait remarquer vous-même, n’a pas été bien intégré


31. Plural of Lacune··Plural form of Lacune Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary


32. Synonyms for Lacune in Free Thesaurus


33. Le Lacune evidenziate sono sostanzialmente note da tempo

Le, Lacune

34. Tuttavia, entrambe le iniziative presentano numerose limitazioni e Lacune .

Le, Limitazioni, Lacune

35. What does Lacune mean? A lacuna

Lacune, Lacuna

36. (noun) Words near Lacune in the Dictionary


37. English words for combler une Lacune include bridge, stop a gap and make up a deficiency


38. Cette Lacune ne reduit cependant en rien la pertinence d'un tel ouvrage qui saura a coup sur interesser tout lecteur desirant creuser la question des relations etablies entre les Autochtones et L'Etat canadien.

Lacune, La, Lecteur, Les

39. The term Lacune (“hole” in Latin) was first used by French neurologists in the initial part of the nineteenth century, Dechambre [3] and Durand-Fardel [4], who described small cavities within

Lacune, Latin

40. The notion that Lacunes occur haphazardly is criticized because the first or only Lacune tends to be symptomatic

Lacunes, Lacune

41. The incidence of cerebral Lacunes has declined since the introduction of antihypertensive therapy, an indication that therapy is effective.


42. Background and purpose: To compare the risk factors and risk of stroke between Lacune and large perivascular spaces (PVSs) in a community-based sample

Lacune, Large

43. The relationship between cardiovascular risk factors, neuroimaging changes, and incidental stroke risk and the presence of Lacune


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LACUNE [ləˈk(y)o͞onə]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does lacuna mean?

Definition of lacuna. 1 : a blank space or a missing part : gap the evident lacunae in his story— Shirley Hazzard also : deficiency sense 1 despite all these lacunae, those reforms were a vast improvement — New Republic. 2 : a small cavity, pit, or discontinuity in an anatomical structure.

What is found in a lacuna?

In histology, a lacuna is a small space containing an osteocyte in bone or chondrocyte in cartilage.

What does the Latin word lacuna mean?

) "blank or missing portion in a manuscript," 1660s, from Latin lacuna "hole, pit," figuratively "a gap, void, want," diminutive of lacus "pond, lake; hollow, opening" (see lake (n.1)). The Latin plural is lacunae. The word has also been used in English from c. 1700 in the literal Latin sense in anatomy, zoology, botany.

What is the noun for Lacuna?

noun lacunae, lacunas. 1 An unfilled space; a gap. 'the journal has filled a lacuna in Middle Eastern studies'. More example sentences. 'Thus, divergent growth apparently prompted offsetting, in order for the coral to maintain the lacuna and occupy the space around it.'.

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