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Looking for sentences with "Laceration"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Legal
1. The victim suffered a fractured tibia and a laceration
2. She inflicted a laceration on the left
3. He has a laceration on his right forearm
4. Objective To investigate the repair effect of canalicular laceration
5. Results: Trachea and bronchus laceration were caused by injury
6. He has a laceration on his right arm
7. Objective To estimate the curative effect of anastomosed laceration canaliculus
8. Methods Observed cases of canalicular laceration who accepted lacrimal drainage tube implantation in months after extubation of the therapeutic effect and to evaluate its therapeutic effects
9. Common bile duct laceration was noted at laparotomy and was successfully treated by choledochotomy and T-tube stent
10. Complicated traumatic wet lung cases pulmonary laceration cases bronchofragmentation cases tension pneumothorax cases
11. There were hepatic subcapsular hematoma cases laceration cases parenchymal hematoma cases bile duct injury cases and hemoperitoneum cases
12. Anal sphincter laceration was the primary outcome[Sentence dictionary] defined as third - and fourth - degree perineal lacerations
13. This leads to a lacerated wound with wider tissue destruction around the laceration
14. Result Subcapsular hematoma were found in cases of which with uncoplete renal laceration renal hematoma in case and perirenal hematoma in cases
15. According to the analysis of SEM spectrogram the isintegration of molybdenite is the result of comprehensive effect of brittle cleavage fracture and plastic-brittle noncleavage laceration
16. He was taken to the local clinic and received thirteen staples to close the laceration
17. Objective To observe the effects of silicon tube insertion for repair of canaliculi laceration
18. Examples of laceration in a Sentence She suffered lacerations on her legs. The broken glass caused severe laceration of his feet. Recent Examples on the Web Whenever there is a laceration, healing takes time.
19. A laceration too may have little or profuse bleeding, the tissue damage is generally greater, and the wound's ragged edges do not readily line up. 4. 3. scalp laceration. 3. 1. These methods of treatment require to be modified for wounds in special situations and for those in which there is much contusion and laceration. 2. 1.
20. A laceration is an injury to the skin and the soft tissue underneath it. Lacerations can happen anywhere on the body. What are the signs and symptoms of a laceration? Lacerations can be many shapes and sizes.
21. How to use laceration in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word laceration? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. His head began to throb painfully and he felt the eyelid under the laceration lower in reaction. A skin tear is a specific type of laceration that most often affects older patients.
22. A splint may be used for lacerations over joints or areas of your body that bend. Ask your healthcare provider how to apply and remove a splint. Decrease scarring of your wound by applying ointments as directed. Do not apply ointments until your healthcare provider says it is okay.
23. Definition of laceration an irregular open wound caused by a blunt impact to soft tissue Examples of laceration in a sentence Because the laceration was so deep and ugly, Dick was rushed to the emergency room by an ambulance. 🔊
24. Frequently, patients with facial fractures also have lacerations. Very often, these existing soft-tissue injuries can be used to directly access the facial bones for management of the fractures. The surgeon may elect to extend the laceration to provide adequate access to the fractured area, following the relaxed skin tension lines (RSTL).
25. A laceration is a cut that goes all the way through the skin. A small cut can be cared for at home. A large cut requires immediate medical attention. If the cut is minor, a liquid bandage (liquid adhesive) can be used on the cut to close the wound and help stop bleeding.
26. laceration repair techniques follow common principles, regardless of laceration location or closure method. Aseptic techniques must be used, including sterile fields and gloves and universal body
27. Background Minor lacerations are extremely common in childhood, and there are a variety of different methods of management available. It is important when active treatment is required that this is undertaken in a way which allows the best functional and cosmetic result, with the least distress to the child.
28. Topical and injectable local anesthetics reduce pain during treatment of lacerations and may be used alone or in combination. 21 – 23 Topical anesthetics (eTable A) are particularly useful when
29. A laceration is defined as a ‘tear produced by blunt force trauma’. The term laceration is often misused by medical professionals to describe an incised wound. An incised wound results from a sharp-edged implement, i.e. scalpel, knife or glass shard being drawn across the skin.
30. Facial fractures are often associated with lacerations. These existing soft-tissue injuries can be used to access directly the facial bones for management of the fractures.
31. The term laceration implies a torn or jagged wound. lacerations tend to be caused by sharp objects. Cuts and lacerations are terms for the same condition. The term gash can be used for more dramatic effect because it implies a longer or deeper cut.
32. English words and Examples of Usage use "laceration" in a sentence A third one died and two nine year old sturgeon were declared ill on 2 January 2009. The autopsy on the dead fish showed a laceration in the head area and a blood clot in the brain.
33. Once you have determined a laceration is appropriate for staple closure, clean the \wound thoroughly. Check the wound carefully for foreign bodies and other evidence of complication. Numb the area with anesthetic such as lidocaine.
34. Laceration, tearing of the skin that results in an irregular wound. Lacerations may be caused by injury with a sharp object or by impact injury from a blunt object or force. They may occur anywhere on the body. In most cases, tissue injury is minimal, and infections are uncommon. However, severe
35. Nail bed injuries: Trephinate subungual hematomas that occupy over half of the nail bed- use 18-gauge needle, cautery device, nail drill, or scalpel after proper anesthesia (12). Remove the nail if significant avulsion present to repair underlying nail bed laceration- retain the nail and suture back in place to keep the matrix open (12). Leg, Foot

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