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Looking for sentences with "Laced"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Fasten 2. Secure 3. Bind 4. Knot 5. Truss 6. Undo 7. Entwine 8. Intertwine 9. Twine 10. Entangle 11. Interweave 12. Interlink 13. Link 14. Crisscross 15. Braid 16. Plait 17. Flavor 18. Blend 19. Fortify 20. Strengthen ...21. Stiffen 22. Season 23. Imbue 24. Infuse 25. Enrich 26. Enliven 27. Doctor 28. Adulterate 29. Contaminate 30. Drug 31. Spike 32. Boost See more »
1. He verbally laced into his son for his misbehavior
2. He verbally laced into his son for his misbehaviour
3. My drink has been laced
4. She had laced his drink with poison
5. He laced into the thief until he begged for mercy
6. The investigation report was laced with lies
7. Her drink had been laced with a deadly poison
8. Iris's voice was heavily laced with irony
9. The girl is fond of shirts laced with silver
10. They laced into her for being late
11. She laced strands into a braid
12. She laced his food with sleeping pills
13. My old aunts are very strait - laced
14. The congressman laced into the government for being corrupt
15. He laced up his boots
16. The grocery was laced with red and yellow
17. He had laced her milk with rum
18. The girl's shirt collar is laced
19. Make sure that the boards are firmly laced in
20. Hannah laced her fingers together
21. Her conversation was laced with witty asides
22. The canvas was laced to a steel frame
23. They sat with their fingers laced
24. The cloth is laced with silver
25. Reviewers laced into the play
26. He sat on the steps and laced up his boots
27. I had a riding whip with me and I rushed at the fellow and fairly laced into him
28. With chemotherapy, the patient uses a topical cream laced with chemicals, takes a pill or gets the chemicals injected intravenously to kill cancerous cells. 1 1 Shoes were done in leather and were laced up above the ankles.
29. Use “terrifically” in a sentence | “terrifically” example sentences . 1- It is a terrifically engaging mainstream pop record. 2- He was brilliant without being eccentric, and was terrifically humorous. 3- She’s terrifically hot and she keeps crying. 4- A terrifically fun read laced throughout with copious F-bombs.
30. Another word for laced. Find more ways to say laced, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
31. To add a substance, especially an intoxicant or narcotic, to: laced the eggnog with rum and brandy.
32. Fentanyl laced heroin is a product that many users don’t know they are buying with dangerous results. The drug is often marketed as heroin, or even a prescription opioid, and consumed with that in mind. This can be a deadly assumption, as the addition of fentanyl to other drugs is increasing.
33. Lacing is a very common practice for some drugs, particularly drugs like cocaine that are often laced with other substances to bulk up the amount of the original product and gain more profits. Other drugs that are sold by weight may also laced be with other substances in order to add weight or bulk them up to enhance their profitability.
34. Lacing is the act of adding one or more substances to another. Some street drugs are commonly laced with other chemicals for various reasons, but it is most commonly done so as to bulk up the original product or to sell other, cheaper drugs in the place of something more expensive. Individuals sometimes lace their own drugs with another substance to combine or alter the physiological or
35. A drug so powerful that it’s used to sedate elephants is finding a new, illicit use laced into heroin, potentially contributing to hundreds of overdoses in the last several weeks. The drug, called
36. If fentanyl-laced cocaine is becoming more and more of an issue, is it possible to tell the difference before you use? Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between typical illicit cocaine and fentanyl-laced cocaine. Fentanyl in powder form is a white substance that’s nearly identical to powdered cocaine.
37. January 21, 2021 Fentanyl-laced drugs from Philly tied to body dumped at Pottstown Hospital Two men face charges related to 35-year-old victim's death
38. In general, laced weed can be a real concern if you’re buying it off the streets. Of course, laced weed isn’t necessarily common because it would actually cause drug dealers to lose money, but it is possible. Many times if a drug dealer is going to sell weed laced with other things, they let the buyer know and charge a higher price for it.
39. Common Drugs and Substances laced Into Heroin Heroin can and generally is laced with a variety of substances that range from non-intoxicating substances that would be otherwise harmless if not ingested to other drugs, some of which even deadlier than heroin to straight poison. Household powders commonly used as “fillers” include:
40. laced weed refers to marijuana that’s secretly mixed or contaminated with another substance. Some dealers intentionally lace weed to rip off customers. Others contaminate marijuana in attempts to make it seem more potent. Weed can be laced with several substances, including:
41. NORWALK — Investigators seized over 250 bags of fentanyl-laced heroin and cocaine during a drug raid that was four months in the making, police said.
42. However, drugs such as Molly are often cut or laced with other substances. When one study looked at hair samples of nightclub/festival-attending young adults in New York City who reported lifetime Molly/MDMA/ecstasy use, they found that only half of the hair samples contained MDMA.
43. The danger of “laced” drugs isn’t new. Many of the substances sold on the street are laced with “cutting agents,” more potent substances or disguised as another drug altogether. These can be laundry detergent, talcum powder or rat poison. Marijuana can be laced with embalming fluid, or the hallucinogen PCP.

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