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"Lace" in Example Sentences

1. Lace-making was formerly the chief industry, but machines for making lace set up in the town by John Heathcote were destroyed by the Luddites in 1816, and the manufacture lost its importance. 0 It has lace , dyeing and tanning industries, and manufactures of toys and musical instruments; and there is a convalescent home for the poor of the city
2. Use "lace" in a sentence Janet had on a red blouse with white lace at the collar and cuffs. The little boy had tied his lace in a knot and couldn't get it undone. She was wearing a beautiful lace shawl over her evening gown. The tablecloth has a lovely, delicate lace trim that is quite attractive.
3. How to use place in a sentence. Example sentences with the word place. place example sentences.
4. Bobbin lace making is a new offer for 2015, involving the intricate task of braiding thread to create delicate lace work. The Golcar venue is hosting a display of goldwork, blackwork, cross-stitch, stump work, needle lace and patchwork. So did lace detail on a long sleeve navy shift and a variety of flattering high-waisted A-frames.
5. Use "lace" in a sentence Janet had on a red blouse with white lace at the collar and cuffs. 3. Bobbin lace making is a new offer for 2015, involving the intricate task of braiding thread to create delicate lace work.
6. lace definition is - to draw together the edges of by or as if by a lace passed through eyelets. How to use lace in a sentence.
7. Use "lace" in a sentence. Just tie your laces in a bow. If you tie them in a knot, you won't be able to get them undone. Janet had on a red blouse with white lace at the collar and cuffs. The little boy had tied his lace in a knot and couldn't get it undone. She was wearing a black dress outlined with
8. lace up in a sentence - Use "lace up" in a sentence 1. Considered among the fastest guards to lace up a pair of sneakers. 2. But she's still lacing up, even if some folks are wondering why. click for more sentences of lace up
9. 1. How to use lace in a sentence. Example sentences with the word example Sentence Examples. and over all the stole embroidered with his arms. The pope's liturgical costume consists, in the first p lace, of all the elements comprising that of the bishops: stockings and sandals, amice, alb, cincture,
10. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word lace: . See lace used in context: 100 poetry verses, 6 Shakespeare works, 2 Bible passages, 31 definitions
11. Reticella lace in a sentence - Use "reticella lace" in a sentence 1. Freeform crocheted lace also exists, examples of which are pieces striving to imitate reticella lace. 2. Goldwork embroidery on the tablecloth and curtains proclaim the status of the home's owner, in the same way that the felted fur hat, sheer linen shirt trimmed with reticella lace, and opulent embroidery on the prince's
12. Example sentences for: lace How can you use “lace” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Such displays are to be expected in Paris, as part of the traditional French insistence that Eve has the right to cut and shape her fig leaf, edge it with spangled lace, and lacquer it black.. through a cloud/ of lace the glimpse of/ your flesh, which my
13. Examples of lace curtain in a sentence, how to use it. 17 examples: He has had sufficient advice and criticism cascading down on him to make his code look about as substantial as a lace curtain. - I call it the "lace curtain poor".
14. Lacy in a sentence up(0) down(0) Meaning: ['leɪsɪ] adj. 1. made of or resembling lace 2. having open interstices or resembling a web. Random good picture Not show. 31. Instead, he posed for photos on the red carpet with his Australian co-star Emilie De Ravin, who looked cute in a black lacy mini-dress and studded heels.
15. How to use lace Up in a Sentence? 1. Without delaying to lace up her shoes, she ran down the stairs, Rosanna close at her elbow. 🔊 2. There was a very long pole that kept a canopy of lace up over the round bed, and Orren pulled it down. 🔊 Online Word Unscramble Tool Free .
16. Gargantua, a half-Swiss and half-French company, makes trendy circular lacelike placemats out of laser-worked steel, then drenches them with car paint in Popsiclelike colors. (open, save, copy)
17. How can you use “alphabet-lace” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Turning the cutout letters of Emily Post's Advice to Debutantes into a debutante's dress (designed by Evans and Wong, 1996),
18. 6. He was, however, a prodigious dandy, and wore a lace frill and embroidered waistcoat. 🔊 7. In the Australian Chlamydosaurus it forms an immense frill round the neck like a mediaeval collar. 🔊 8. Religion is not a frill or an ornament or a luxury; still less is it a thing to clutch at only in danger or in heartbreak. 🔊 9.
19. Is a ruffle or frill, generally of lace, worn at the throat of a woman's shirt or blouse. They were formerly also worn at the neck of a man's shirt, and still are by Scots wearing traditional Highland Dress. This somewhat ostentatious item was widespread in eras of luxury, and was a key part of an 18thcentury gentleman's costume.
20. Tablecloth Sentence Examples | Use Tablecloth in a sentence 1. he hands the glass to louis. louis drinks the blood and stares at it in surprise, then at the dead rat on the fine lace Tablecloth . 2. it takes a moment to get used to the sight of a fully-clothed woman lying on a Tablecloth on a banquet table, as if at a magic show.
21. These simple rules for adverbs of place will help you to use them the right way: An adverb of place always talks about the location where the action of the verb is being carried out.; Adverbs of place are normally placed after a sentence’s object or main verb.
22. Adverb placement of focusing adverbs generally takes place in the middle of a sentence, or in the 'mid-position'. Focusing adverbs put the emphasis on one part of the clause in order to modify, qualify or add additional information.
23. They use lace in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for lace. A most evil-looking old woman in the most gorgeous lace. (8) Winton noted the rise and fall of the lace on her breast. (8) She has on a lace cap over her finished hair, and the wrapper. (8)
24. If a bride is having a rustic or vintage type of wedding it would be very appropriate to use a lace wedding invitation. Or if the couple likes lace alot they can use it.
25. How do you use boondoggle in a sentence? Wiki User 2012-02-23 00:44:59. Because it wasn't well planned, the event was an embarrassing Other words for boondoggle are gimp, rexlace, plastic lace
26. It is used to describes something in a sentence or statement. memorable, memoried, memorizable, menadic, menarcheal, menarchial, mendable, mendelian, meningeal information is provided for free without any warrantty or guarranttee that it will serve your special : 8. To lace a drink with something, it’s like craftwork. Use it in a sentence.
27. Made of or resembling lace; "a lacy gown"; "a lacy leaf" Having open interstices or resembling a web The lac operon is an operon required for the transport and metabolism of lactose in Escherichia coli and some other enteric bacteria. It consists of three adjacent structural genes, a promoter, a terminator, and an operator.
28. 13) Flanger lace widely used in clothing shoes Artex toys handbags Christmas gift wrap and other products. 14) Food, chocolate, chewing gum, tobacco and beverages, handicrafts, Christmas gift wrap, etc.
29. Sentence Examples for applique. She was examining anxiously a lace appliqued and embroidered white coat, and turned a slightly flushed face toward the opening door. How to use applique in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of applique.
30. "Place" He went in place of me. I'll come to your place. You are in a safe place. There is no place like home. She brought him to our place. This place is large, isn't it? Please put it back in its place. When did the wedding take place? He acted like he owned the place. Please keep my place in this line. They had trouble finding the place. I don't know the exact place I was born.
31. Please is a very flexible word -- it can be used in several different places in a sentence.. Please is correctly used in each of the following sentences:. Can I please put you on hold?. Can I put you on hold, please? Please, can I put you on hold? The last example is used less frequently than the other two, but it is idiomatic English. == Here is another example:
32. lace definition: 1. a string, ribbon, etc. used to draw together and fasten the parts of a shoe, corset, etc. by being drawn through eyelets or over hooks 2. an ornamental braid of gold or silver, for trimming uniforms, hats, etc. 3. a fine netting

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