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maze, warren, network, complex, web, coil, entanglement, tangle, web, morass,

"Labyrinths" in Example Sentences

1. Use "such as a" in a Sentence Example Sentences for "such as a" Some special needs children in Germany do not attend a special school, but are educated in a mainstream school such as a Hauptschule or Gesamtschule; Ficciones and labyrinths. In that year, Borges began lecture tours of Europe.
2. How to use labyrinths in a sentence. Example sentences with the word labyrinths. labyrinths example sentences.
3. Labyrinth in a sentence - Use "labyrinth" in a sentence 1. labyrinths are ancient spiritual patterns _ found in many religious traditions. 2. Almost 400 churches and community groups are building their own labyrinths. click for more sentences of labyrinth
4. How can you use “labyrinths” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Known as “China’s Yellowstone,” this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a remote park of spectacular and uncanny quartz labyrinths and pinnacles, massive limestone caves, white-water rapids, steep hiking trails, and minority
5. labyrinths definition: Noun 1. plural form of labyrinth Abelard, Peter Lombard, Gilbert de la Porree and Peter of Poitiers he calls the " four labyrinths of France."; A short distance south of Maastricht are the great sandstone quarries of Pietersberg, which were worked from the time of the Romans to near the end of the 19th century; the result is one of the most extraordinary subterranean
6. The delicate traceries of individual drawings mingle and tangle with each other, creating labyrinths of wings, teeth and sinewy limbs. Comprised of a long sinewy pull followed by a spry frog kick, the pulldown is a holy moment of shrouded watery silence. Hanger steak is as good as the one in the Paris outpost, sinewy, briny, and full of brash
7. Disease-carrying thoughts swarm and multiply in the dark and twisted labyrinths of our minds, and all that is needed is a mob and a good political slogan for the epidemic to be spread once again, with a burst of automatic weapons or a mushroom cloud.. romain gary — Introduction to The Plague (1946) by Albert Camus, as translated in a 1962 edition.. Tags: thoughts, swarm, multiply, dark
8. Examples of drip in a sentence, how to use it. 99 examples: Their origin has traditionally been explained as stalactites1, implying formation from dripping water in the vadose zone. - In this technique the joint is designed so that baffles, labyrinths, drips and upstands control the effects of kinetic energy, surface tension, gravity and…
9. labyrinths lac lac-pro laci lacos lacosby Example sentences for: labyrinth How can you use “labyrinth” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: King Theseus, the legendary ruler who slew the minotaur in the Cretan labyrinth, was revered by Athenians for
10. English words and Examples of Usage use "chanced upon" in a sentence I wandered to and fro in the labyrinths of that stony ant-heap until I chanced upon a curtained doorway which admitted to a long chamber, high-roofed, ample in proportions, with colonnades on either side separated from the main aisle by rows of
11. Matthews ties in the historical/mythical aspect, noting that religious mazes or labyrinths “may be taken as emblematical of the temptation-labyrinth of this worldly life, which can only be safely traversed by means of the Ariadne thread of divine grace.”—Mazes and Labyrinths—Their History and Development.
12. Definition of labyrinths in the D dictionary. Meaning of labyrinths. What does labyrinths mean? Information and translations of labyrinths in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
13. Download a Labyrinth Screen Saver for Windows. Watch A 3-minute Real Video about the Labyrinth. Learn More about Labyrinths: The classical labyrinth The Chartres labyrinth Walking a labyrinth The threefold path Draw a labyrinth Build your own labyrinth Ways to use a labyrinth. Labyrinth Rituals. The labyrinth and the ocean
14. How to use reservedly in a sentence. Reservedly pronunciation. When the girl had returned Mikolai's kiss at the station, shyly and and naturally the least loving, did not like to wander in the labyrinths of sentimentality and went straight to the point,-in which perhaps they were right; for the result was that those who loved most deeply
15. English words and Examples of Usage if not completely bewildered in the dark and intricate labyrinths into which he has been led by the false grammar books! Every attempt he has made to extricate himself, by the dim light of the "simplifiers," has only tended to bewilder him still more, till he is utterly
16. Used in a sentence (click/touch triangles for details) Definition a maze (a complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost) or: anything so complicated that it is extremely confusing Just the great dark library with its labyrinths and hedgerow mazes of sleeping books. Ray Bradbury -- Something Wicked This Way Comes.
17. Monolayer in a sentence up(0) down(0) Sentence count:40Posted:2019-05-07Updated:2019-05-07. Similar words: layer, slayer, player, delayer, layered, bilayer, layering, cd player. Random good picture Not show. 31, The collecting duct is composed of the monolayer columnlike epithelia and there are abundant membrane labyrinths in cytoplast. 32,
18. Use "labyrinths" in a sentence. labyrinths in a sentence. Labyrinths; I also saw labyrinths. THE labyrinths OF MEMORY. It was as if he’d started his own museum of labyrinths. And even so, you could have labyrinths in other parts too. I can’t tell you the labyrinths I traveled down on that one.
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