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See also: Labyrinthine Labyrinth Labyrinthian Labyrinthus Labyrinthitis Labyrinthodont Labyrinthectomy

1. Related to Labyrinthinely: labyrinthine reflex, labyrinthine vertigo, labyrinthine righting reflex, labyrinthine fistula, labyrinthine dysfunction lab·y·rin·thine ( lab'i-rin'thīn ),

Labyrinthinely, Labyrinthine, Lab

2. What does Labyrinthinely mean? In a labyrinthine manner

Labyrinthinely, Labyrinthine

3. Definition of Labyrinthinely in the dictionary


4. What does Labyrinthinely mean? Information and translations of Labyrinthinely in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


5. Labyrinthinely (comparative more Labyrinthinely, superlative most Labyrinthinely) In a labyrinthine manner.

Labyrinthinely, Labyrinthine

6. Synonyms for Labyrinthinely include complexly, convolutedly, involvedly, complicatedly, intricately, tortuously, elaborately, knottily, puzzlingly and perplexingly


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9. Labyrinthinely labyrinthitis labyrinthlike: Literary usage of Labyrinthine artery

Labyrinthinely, Labyrinthitis, Labyrinthlike, Literary, Labyrinthine

10. Liberal Leaning Literary Landscapes Labyrinthinely Lined with Liminal Loops of Logic and Legend

Liberal, Leaning, Literary, Landscapes, Labyrinthinely, Lined, Liminal, Loops, Logic, Legend

11. Labyrinthinely large-handedly leoninely level-handed lissomly level-handedly lighthanded livelily lakeward lighthandedly large-heartedly level-headedly Latinly lightheadedly largeheartedly long-termly levelhanded lifeward levelhandedly like new lively loose-handed like …

Labyrinthinely, Large, Leoninely, Level, Lissomly, Lighthanded, Livelily, Lakeward, Lighthandedly, Latinly, Lightheadedly, Largeheartedly, Long, Levelhanded, Lifeward, Levelhandedly, Like, Lively, Loose

12. Liberal Leaning Literary Landscapes Labyrinthinely Lined with Liminal Loops of Logic and Legend

Liberal, Leaning, Literary, Landscapes, Labyrinthinely, Lined, Liminal, Loops, Logic, Legend

13. Second, it's weird low budget horror flick made by one guy, with a nonsensically obtuse plot and Labyrinthinely conflicting thematic aims

Low, Labyrinthinely

14. It was a beautifully written, Labyrinthinely plotted, and atmospherically evocative novel


15. But Heat, using the central elements of the Labyrinthinely-plotted heist movie, is one of the great modern movie experiences


16. The chief roller-coaster operator of leftfield bass/techno graces us with 4 heavily modulated, Labyrinthinely structured mind-twisting corkers

Leftfield, Labyrinthinely

17. Sentences wended, Labyrinthinely, in the direction of a ridiculous and pat bottom line

Labyrinthinely, Line

18. AC’s argument is Labyrinthinely complicated


19. This bunch is also advised to check out the freshly released “Imminent End”, the band’s fourth instalment, almost as Labyrinthinely-woven but not so reliant on enchanting melodic embellishments; the riffs are a bit drier with more frequently inserted brutal escapades which to some may be the better option.


20. Spot the movie references in Pedro Almodóvar's cinephiliac, Labyrinthinely plotted noir Broken Embraces, about a heavily flashbacked love triangle involving a …

Labyrinthinely, Love

21. If this was the 16 th century, however, we would need to summon four — ahem — key people at Fez’s already ancient and Labyrinthinely spectacular medina to open all the locks and gain access to information in priceless form.

Labyrinthinely, Locks

22. There might be some truth to Sony’s reasoning, but it seems to me like this whole Spider-Man deal was Labyrinthinely complicated from the start and is unravelling in an equally esoteric way

Like, Labyrinthinely

23. It had little of the main building’s opulence, but then Marling – a young person with an old soul, looking so pure yet singing songs so Labyrinthinely in love – embodies contrasts.

Little, Looking, Labyrinthinely, Love

24. Blood Feast, as does Thyestes, concerns the long-simmering, Labyrinthinely complicated rivalry between two brothers, Acrisius (now clearly in his thirties at least in this part of the action, though the whole cast looks uniformly sub-25) and Proetus, the details of which are generously provided – actors constantly drift to the front of the

Long, Labyrinthinely, Least, Looks

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LABYRINTHINELY [ˌlab(ə)ˈrinTHin, ˌlab(ə)ˈrinˌTHēn, ˌlab(ə)ˈrinˌTHīn]

labyrinthine (adjective)

  • (of a network) like a labyrinth; irregular and twisting.
  • (of a system) intricate and confusing.
Synonyms: mazelike . winding . twisting . serpentine . meandering . wandering . rambling . mazy . sinuous . zigzag . complicated . intricate . complex . involved . tortuous . convoluted . tangled . elaborate . knotty . confusing . puzzling . perplexing . mystifying . bewildering . baffling . inextricable . entangled . impenetrable . thorny . byzantine . involute . involuted . straightforward . simple .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does labyrinthine sense mean?

LABYRINTHINE SENSE (noun) The noun LABYRINTHINE SENSE has 1 sense: 1. a sensory system located in structures of the inner ear that registers the orientation of the head Familiarity information: LABYRINTHINE SENSE used as a noun is very rare.

What does labyrinthian mean?

labyrinthian - resembling a labyrinth in form or complexity; "a labyrinthine network of tortuous footpaths". mazy, labyrinthine. complex - complicated in structure; consisting of interconnected parts; "a complex set of variations based on a simple folk melody"; "a complex mass of diverse laws and customs".

What does labyrinthine artery mean?

labyrinthine artery. A branch of the basilar or the anterior inferior cerebellar artery; it enters the internal acoustic meatus and supplies blood to the inner ear. See also: artery.

What does labyrinthine vein mean?

• LABYRINTHINE VEIN (noun) The noun LABYRINTHINE VEIN has 1 sense: 1. veins that drain the inner ear Familiarity information: LABYRINTHINE VEIN used as a noun is very rare.

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