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1. It can be shown that if two circuits, both having capacity (C) and inductance (L), are coup l ed together inductive l y, then, when osci l l ations are set up in one circuit, osci l l ations of two periods are excited in the other differing in frequency from each other and from the natura l frequency of the circuit.
2. How to use liter in a sentence. Example sentences with the word liter. liter example sentences. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Dip each sponge finger into the coffee mixture and use to line the base of a 1.2 liter shallow serving dish. 0. 0.
3. Examples of Contrived in a sentence. During the family photo, the unhappy teenage girl wore a contrived smile on her face. 🔊 If you look at the picture of the dog and cat dancing, you can easily tell a Photoshop user created the contrived image. 🔊
4. Examples of Nurture in a sentence. Good parents nurture their children so they will become happy and healthy adults. 🔊 As a teacher, Mr. Jones attempts to nurture young minds. 🔊 The gardener will nurture the plants by placing them where they’ll receive adequate sunlight. 🔊
5. Yes you can. In English, context is everything. So let us look at you saying this sentence as a statement rather than s response to a question. “I would like to eat fish.” This implies that at some point in the future, a fish meal would be good. P
6. Use English Words in Sentences. Home; Use fording in a sentence (04-01). Use simony in a sentence (04-01)
7. No, not really. It should be written Q.E.D. It stands for the Latin phrase “Quod erat demonstrandum.” Properly translated it means “What was meant to be proved has been demonstrated”. If I recall my very much long-gone and completely misspent time
8. How to Use Yet in a Sentence. "Yet" is a useful word in the English language, as it allows you to be more clear in a sentence. "Yet" can be used as an adverb, to discuss an additional idea, or to emphasize a feeling or thought. It can also
9. ShyW. ShyWord is new website for sentence examples and show how you can use words in a sentences. Here you can check and rate best usage of words in a sentence.
10. How can l use slightly in a sentence? This is one example: it was leaning slightly to the side. Asked in Sentence and Word Structure, Example Sentences How would l use scraggy in a sentence?
11. You can listen to each sentence as you read it. / Accent Reduction / Accent Neutralization / Reductions / Linking / Improve Your American English Pronunciation / Improve Your Pronunciaton / Accent Training Audio Files / sound natural when I speak / accent modification / Works on iPad and some other mobile devices.
12. Hi there, I tried looking up the rules for using 'that' in a sentence. I understand it's mainly used to combine two clauses. I don't understand the specific rules though; a lot of sentences look like they'd work fine with 'which' as well..
13. Use stupefy in a sentence? Stupefy means to render insensitive, lethargic or to confuse and astound. It is often used when referring to people's reactions to narcotics.
14. This video is about “how to use get, make, look in a sentence and how to learn advanced spoken English language”. Easy English everyday channel helps you to improve your spoken English skills.
15. What is the use of this programme? Quelle est l'utilité de ce programme ? Quel est l'objectif de ce programme ? use n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (putting into service) utilisation nf nom féminin: s'utilise avec les articles "la", "l'" (devant une voyelle ou un h muet), "une". Ex : fille - nf > On dira "la fille" ou
16. 1. Use osteomaModl in a sentence, osteomaModl meaning?, osteomaModl definition, how to use osteomaModl in a sentence, use osteomaModl in a sentence with examples: 6. osteoma definition is - a benign tumor composed of bone tissue. Recent Examples on the Web The pneumatocele’s likely cause, an MRI would show, was an osteoma, or benign bone tumor: 6.
17. Then you can just use onclick="spacing('0.25em');" on some a link or other element to give the users clickable control over the sentence spacing. If you look at the HTMl source of this document, I use a slightly fancier version of the function which uses boxes in a table, and changes the background color of the selected choice.
18. Wondering how to use a particular word in a sentence? This site lists example sentences for a variety of words. Click on the first letter of the word you'd like to see used in a sentence.
19. Typical associates Clauses. In non-functional linguistics, a simple complete sentence consists of a single clause.In functional linguistics, a sentence is typically associated with a clause and a clause can be either a clause simplex or a clause complex.A clause is a clause simplex if it represents a single process going on through time and it is a clause complex if it represents a logical
20. Avoir is the French verb that means “to have”. But it has so much more than that going for it! For one thing, as you probably know already, avoir is the most common auxiliary (helping) verb in French. It’s used to conjugate most other French verbs in the passé composé and other compound tenses.. That would be more than enough for most verbs, but avoir’s got to have it all!
21. About that matter, Etymonline says of the use of the Latin cum preposition: The sexual cum seems to have no connection with Latin cum, the preposition meaning “with, together with”, which is occasionally used in English in local names of combined parishes or benifices (e.g. Chorlton-cum-Hardy), in popular Latin phrases (e.g. cum laude), or as a combining word to indicate a dual nature or
22. How to Use Vocabulary Words in a Sentence By Lauren Agra Use the definition to put the word in the right context, and the part of speech to put the word in the correct position. Make sure you're using the correct conjugation. If your word has irregular conjugations, make one sentence with each conjugation.
23. De, du, de la, des in French. Here is the VIDEO. The difficulties come from the fact that “de” in French can be many different things, your teacher will certainly use words like “partitif” or “indefinite article’ etc…, well it is easier to say that “de, du, de la and des” are the translation of ‘some’ and ‘any’!
24. English words and Examples of Usage use "because of" in a sentence He's misunderstood because of his vulgar language. The paint on the outside of the house has really deteriorated because of the salt air from the ocean.
25. Translation history will soon only be available when you are signed in and will be centrally managed within My Activity.Past history will be cleared during this upgrade, so make sure to save translations you want to remember for ease of access later.
26. The use of the word “problematic” in a sentence. Ask Question Asked 11 days ago. Active 10 days ago. Viewed 784 times 4. 1. There are a couple of words one can use to refer to someone with a hearing problem, such as "deaf", "hearing-impaired" or "hard of hearing". I was wondering if we could use the word "problematic" to refer to their
27. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "fringe" The nation of Bhutan, located on the southern fringes of the eastern Himalayas, takes its name from an Indian word meaning 'the edge of TibetShe was wearing a cowboy hat and a leather jacket trimmed with fringe. The nation of Bhutan, located on the southern fringes of the eastern Himalayas, takes its
28. With three, four, and five authors, you will cite all of the authors at first mention. Each subsequent mention you will abbreviate to just the first surname followed by et al. For example, the first time Rasmussen, Hopkins, and Fitzpatrick (2004) is used, the source is cited like this:
29. An example of the use of he as an indefinite article is “Vili ake oi k'aumai he toki ”, where ‘he toki ’ mean ‘an axe’. The use of he and te in Tokelauan are reserved for when describing a singular noun. However, when describing a plural noun, different articles are used.
30. The Little Rascals were in school when their teacher asked for a volunteer to use the word "dictate" in a sentence. Alfalfa raises his hand immediately, but the teacher calls on Spanky who simply can't use such a big word in a sentence.
31. Importance definition is - the quality or state of being important : consequence. How to use importance in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of importance.
32. Definition of letter of credit (L/C): A written commitment to pay, by a buyer's or importer's bank (called the issuing bank) to the seller's or exporter's bank (called the accepting bank, negotiating bank, or paying bank). Use 'letter of credit (L/C)' in a Sentence. Whenever I went to buy new equipment for the company I was given a letter
33. Conventional definition is - formed by agreement or compact. How to use conventional in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of conventional.
34. From college admissions to carbon emissions, it seems society these days is facing a myriad of challenges … or is it myriad challenges?Thanks, myriad.As if we don’t have enough to deal with. Most of us have heard of the word myriad … but can you use it in a sentence? Well, we’re going help make at least one thing simpler and get to the bottom of this little word for big things.
35. The rationale behind all this is I would think that rationale could rather be replaced by reasoning than logic, but both are certainly possible.Rationale highlights more the deduction process than the set of rules behind it.. Rationale is derived from Latin ratio, which is the human reason, brain, wit, understanding.. Look at rational, rationality: in philosophy, rationality is the exercise
36. This is a part of a bigger question that troubles both learners and native speakers of English: when to use I and when to use me. The difference between I and me. Both I and me are 1st person singular pronouns, which means that they are used by one person to refer to himself or herself.
37. Sentence Examples for xenial. How to use xenial in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of xenial.
38. Verbs that end in -ier have an imperfect root that ends in i, so end with double i in the nous and vous form of the imperfect. This isn't irregular, but it looks kind of weird. WHEN TO USE THE IMPERFECT TENSE The French imperfect (imparfait) is a descriptive past tense which indicates an ongoing state of being or a repeated or incomplete action.
39. WOULD is a modal auxiliary verb. We use WOULD mainly to: 1) talk about the past 2) talk about the future in the past 3) express the conditional mood. We also use WOULD for other functions, such as: expressing desire, polite requests and questions, opinion or hope, wish, regret
40. Use "heresy" in a sentence? I'm a little stuck. Can someone give me an example of a sentence useing heresy that's NOT religious? please and thank you :) Answer Save. 6 Answers. Relevance. danieltlee1. Lv 7. 8 years ago. Favorite Answer. Saying particles can travel faster than the speed of light is heresy in the scientific community. 0 1 0.
41. You use it wherever you would use the words “for example” in a sentence. Just as for i.e., you could replace “e.g.” with “for example” in the following sentences and they would still be correct. I think small dog breeds, e.g., the Chihuahua, are cute and I can’t wait to get one.
42. Learn the definition of lextase and how to use it in a sentence. This website focus on english words and example sentences, so everyone can learn how to use them. Easily browse through english vocabulary, listen the sentences or copy them. How to use lextase in a sentence. lextase pronunciation.
43. Learn the definition of linnocent and how to use it in a sentence. This website focus on english words and example sentences, so everyone can learn how to use them. Easily browse through english vocabulary, listen the sentences or copy them. How to use linnocent in a sentence. linnocent pronunciation.
44. How do you use implication in a sentence? I understand the meaning but not making a sentence out of it. HELP!!! Answer Save. 7 Answers. Relevance. The Kooze. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. The implication of your actions is unimaginable. The future implications of global warming are not fully understood. 0 2 0.
45. Use scathel in a sentence, scathel meaning?, scathel definition, how to use scathel in a sentence, use scathel in a sentence with examples: 2. 2. 4. Reviewers called it a scathing, devastating expose of the former centerfold and reality star, but frankly, it wasn't that hard to scathe and devastate. 3.
46. We use should and shouldn't to give advice or to talk about what we think is right or wrong. You should means something like I think it is a good idea for you to do it. You shouldn't means something like I think it is a bad idea for you to do it. Should is used to express the opinion of a speaker and often follows I think or I don't think. Examples
47. 1. 1. Use oxalisl in a sentence, oxalisl meaning?, oxalisl definition, how to use oxalisl in a sentence, use oxalisl in a sentence with examples. . Top 1000 Words; Text to speech NOUN. oxalises (plural noun) - a plant of a genus which includes the wood sorrel, typically having three-lobed leaves and white, yellow, or pink flowers : 15.
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