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kings (plural noun) · the King (noun)

  - the male ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.

  - the most important chess piece, of which each player has one, which the opponent has to checkmate in order to win. The king can move in any direction, including diagonally, to any adjacent square that is not attacked by an opponent's piece or pawn.


kings (third person present) · kinged (past tense) · kinged (past participle) · kinging (present participle)

  - make (someone) king.


  - the British national anthem.


ruler, sovereign, monarch, majesty, Crown, emperor, prince, potentate, overlord, lord,

"King" in Example Sentences

1. How to use king in a sentence. Example sentences with the word king. king example sentences. Jan Samuel Chrzanowski, who held the Ottoman army at bay for eleven days behind the walls of Trembowla - enabled the king to remove "the pagan yoke from our shoulders"; and he returned to be crowned at Cracow on the 14th of February 1676.
2. The Word "King" in Example Sentences Page 1. 1356323 He was a good king. CK 1 25637 The king was executed. CK 1 2821619 Tom lives like a king. CK 1 3312163 We'll live like kings. CK 1 25640 The king abused his power. CK 1 887469 She treated him like a king. CK 1 292954 He acts as if he were a king.
3. English words and Examples of Usage use "king" in a sentence I have always greatly admired both Gandhi and Martin Luther king for their peaceful approach to political activism. The advisors to the king are supplying him with false information in order to influence his decisions.
4. Sentence for king | Use king in a sentence. Sentences for king. Journalists, teachers, and those who would like to gain additional insight into the meaning of words may enjoy the contents of this post. The lines of text below use king in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for king.
5. Use king let in a sentence? Martin Luther king Jr. is an example of how to use junior in a sentence. share: Can you use the word king in a sentence? king Arthur was very kind. The king was not
6. How do you use the word king in a sentence? Elvis Presley is described as the king of Rock and Roll. The king lived in a beautiful palace. He had the king of spades and two aces in his hand.
7. English words and Examples of Usage use "Martin Luther king " in a sentence Martin Luther king once said that we must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.
8. Martin Luther king Jr. helped stop the segregation of blacks and whites in the south. share: "use in a sentence the word fixed input" "use in a sentence the word fixed input" share: 14. Contending that the coordinating conjunction is adequate separation, some writers will leave out the comma in a sentence with short, balanced independent
9. king in a sentence. Then the king and the people also adopted the religion. 0. The task of being king was becoming a heavy burden. 0. Unfortunately for him, the king refused his request. 0. The object of the game is to capture the king. 0. With king bedroom furniture, the former is easily resolved. 0.
10. How to use king in a sentence. The king list of example sentences with king. Page 2. king examples page 2 Lists. Synonyms Antonyms Definitions Examples Part of speech. nouns verbs 0. verb "He without fear is king of the world." Quote by E. E. Eddison 0
11. Hung king in a sentence - Use "hung king" in a sentence 1. As governor of Georgia, Carter hung King's portrait in the state Capitol. 2. For example, Th醤h Gi髇g in legend helped the sixth Hung king to repulse foreign invaders. click for more sentences of hung king
12. king definition is - a male monarch of a major territorial unit; especially : one whose position is hereditary and who rules for life. How to use king in a sentence.
13. You can listen to each sentence as you read it. / Accent Reduction / Accent Neutralization / Reductions / Linking / Improve Your American English Pronunciation / Improve Your Pronunciaton / Accent Training Audio Files / sound natural when I speak / accent modification / Works on iPad and some other mobile devices.
14. king mongkut in a sentence - Use "king mongkut" in a sentence 1. He was a grandson of king Mongkut ( Rama IV ). 2. king Mongkut gave it a new name as " Wat Khongkharam ". click for more sentences of king mongkut
15. Here are 300 fantastic examples of sentences and phrases with the word "king's".
16. Examples of majesty in a sentence, how to use it. 25 examples: His was a modern reflection of the king's majesty and dominion, though (officially, at least) not his divinity. - For your majesty has been most bountiful to me, and more like a father than a master.
17. How to use king Charles I in a sentence Looking for sentences with "king Charles I"?Here are some examples.
18. Should you write “The king is here” or “The king is here”? This is a very tough question for lots of people. The real question is "When should you capitalize letters? " Although this may seem like a difficult question for lots of writers, the answer is quite simple when you know the rules.
19. Edicts in a sentence 🔊 Definition of Edicts . plural of edict. One of the earliest edicts of the king prescribed the dress that must be worn by his people. 🔊 5. This website can serve as a reference for the one who is looking how to use a word in sentences. Most of the sentences are taken from the books available in public domain.
20. Hello, Is the following usage of the word "supervise" correct? If not can you tell me how to use it in the following context: "The king was old and had one son, who was only ten years old. So the king appointed a guardianship council to supervise his son, after he dies, in ruling the kingdom." Thanks.
21. Sentence Examples for king. Dashratha was the king of Ayodhya. How to use king in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of king.
22. Use "to be performed" in a Sentence ( 1904 ), while not especially popular today, made his reputation in London when king Edward VII laughed so hard during a command performance that he broke his chair; Various consumer-grade products in the marketplace today,
23. In a 2013 interview with Joe Fassler, horror fiction maestro Stephen king reflected on the magnitude of a novel’s introductory sentence. “An opening line should invite the reader to begin the story,” he said. “It should say: Listen. Come in here. You want to know about this.” The first sentence sets the stage—however long or short the text—and hints at the “narrative vehicle
24. You can read more about it here. Other random news: DIG. has received some pretty sweet reviews and blurby things. Here is a sampling: ★"King’s narrative concerns are racism, patriarchy, colonialism, white privilege, and the ingrained systems that perpetuate them.
25. The King's Son enfolded the Goosegirl in his arms. 🔊 Decorously in a sentence| Short sentences for decorously. Convulsively in a sentence| Short sentences for convulsively. Previous Word . Next Word . About Us. This website can serve as a reference for the one who is looking how to use a word in sentences. Most of the sentences are taken
26. Sentence Examples for eminency. To be thought of only as a distinguishing attribute of Greatness and as our English word Lord is; and that without any relation of it to an Interest of property or to servitude, and only as it denotes such Superiours as king or Subjects of the greater Nobility with us and men of special Eminency in other States, known by the names of Heeren, Dons, Sieurs
27. Tropical Storm Michael king of the hill meme Use Epiphany In A Sentence. Use Epiphany in a sentence | Epiphany sentence examples. How to use Epiphany in a sentence. Example sentences with the word Epiphany. How to use epiphany in a sentence. .
28. How to use it in a sentence: “Your Aunt Kim is acting like a real thot. She won’t email me back about Labor Day plans!” Queen B, king Bey, Mrs. Carter, a popular pop artist and the
29. Definition of Burger king in the D dictionary. Meaning of Burger king. What does Burger king mean? Information and translations of Burger king in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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