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1. Juristical (adj) of or pertaining to a jurist, to the legal profession, or to jurisprudence How to pronounce Juristical?

Juristical, Jurist, Jurisprudence

2. Juristical meaning Alternative form of juristic.

Juristical, Juristic

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5. Juristically meaning In a juristic manner or context.

Juristically, Juristic

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7. Translation for 'Juristical' in the free English-Polish dictionary and many other Polish translations.


8. Synonyms for Juristically include forensically, criminally, criminologically, judicially, legally, materially, medically, pathologically, physically and

Juristically, Judicially

9. Juridical definition in English dictionary, juridical meaning, synonyms, see also 'juridical days',juridically',juridic',Juristical'

Juridical, Juridically, Juridic, Juristical

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11. General (8 matching dictionaries) Juristical: Collins English Dictionary [home, info] Juristical: Wordnik [home, info] Juristical: Wiktionary [home, info] Juristical: [home, info] Juristical: Online Plain Text English Dictionary [home


12. Juristical (comparative more Juristical, superlative most Juristical)


13. The identity certification or Juristical competency certification of the lessee


14. Being a Juristical concept, forest right plays an important role in forestry practice


15. Latin words for Juristical include legalis, iuridicialis and juridicialis

Juristical, Juridicialis

16. Use Juristically in a sentence, Juristically meaning?, Juristically definition, how to use Juristically in a sentence, use Juristically in a sentence with examples


17. Jurist juristic Juristical Juristically jurists juror jurors jury jurying juryless word in a sentence starts with the same letter,it is : 10

Jurist, Juristic, Juristical, Juristically, Jurists, Juror, Jurors, Jury, Jurying, Juryless

18. Juristically meaning In a juristic manner or context.

Juristically, Juristic

19. , a 90-day pilot trial for Juristical aid cars to first respond


20. So do you think it would be possible to say "They went the Juristical way", meaning "They went to court" ? #2 Author soton99 (236595) 28 Jun 09, 11:12; Comment: Nein, das klingt furchtbar übersetzt ("sie gingen den juristischen Weg" scheint förmlich hindurch), ich …

Juristical, Jun, Juristischen

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23. What are synonyms for Juristical?


24. If anybody knows a good practical techno-Juristical solution, that will give everybody what s/he deserves, I would be interested to hear about it.


25. Words and phrases that rhyme with Juristical: (62 results) 3 syllables: distichal, istical, mystacal, mystical, twistical 4 syllables:


26. Experts of the Association discussed on November 13 at the Sixteenth Session of the Crimean Discussion Club the key points of the Juristical reality of the occupied peninsula


27. Juristical: Same as <internalXref urlencoded="juristic">juristic</internalXref>

Juristical, Juristic

28. Aquinas, protest against Juristical doctrine of law being the pleasure of the prince, ii.


29. Rousseau (Volume 1 and 2) What the Juristical oligarchy now claims is to monopolise the _knowledge_ of the laws, to have the exclusive possession of the principles by which quarrels are decided.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does juristically mean?

1 : of or relating to a jurist or jurisprudence juristic thought 2 : of, relating to, or recognized in law juristic theory Other Words from juristic juristically ju̇-​ˈri-​sti-​k (ə-​)lē

What does juristic mean?

Legal Definition of juristic. 1 : of or relating to a jurist or jurisprudence juristic scholarship juristic thought. 2 : of, relating to, or recognized in law all of these considerations are of little or no juristic significance — Wilson v. Lund, 491 P.2d 1287 (1971) More from Merriam-Webster on juristic.

What does juridical mean?

1 : of or relating to the administration of justice or the office of a judge 2 : of or relating to law or jurisprudence : legal Other Words from juridical Example Sentences Learn More about juridical Other Words from juridical

What does juridico mean?

Legal Definition of juridical. 1 : of or relating to the administration of justice or the office of a judge raises a juridical question regarding trial. 2 : of or relating to law or jurisprudence : legal juridical opinions. History and Etymology for juridical. Latin juridicus, from jur-, jus law + dicere to say.

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