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1. Junketeered synonyms, Junketeered pronunciation, Junketeered translation, English dictionary definition of Junketeered


2. junketeer (third-person singular simple present junketeers, present participle junketeering, simple past and past participle Junketeered) (intransitive) To take part in a junket or banquet etc.

Junketeer, Junketeers, Junketeering, Junketeered, Junket

3. Derived forms: junketeers, junketeering, Junketeered

Junketeers, Junketeering, Junketeered

4. Junketeered junketeering junketeers junketer junketers junketing junkets junketted junkhead junkie: junkiedom junkiehood junkieness junkier junkies junkiest junkily junking junkless; Literary usage of Junketers

Junketeered, Junketeering, Junketeers, Junketer, Junketers, Junketing, Junkets, Junketted, Junkhead, Junkie, Junkiedom, Junkiehood, Junkieness, Junkier, Junkies, Junkiest, Junkily, Junking, Junkless

5. B arry O'Brien, who is the HSE's National Director of Human Resources and is a regular attendee before Oireachtas committees, was one of 19 officials and a number of spouses who Junketeered


6. He laundered corrupt corporate money into Texas to rig congressional election districts to enhance his own political power, he has taken money in exchange for legislative favors, Junketeered on


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8. He’s bent on needle-notching vast legions of Cuban immigrant slaves: zorched-out zombies to spread the cancerous Castro gospel between bouts of Heroin-hiatused, junkie-Junketeered euphoria! Of course, Ellroy’s own style goes a long way toward supplying the ambience of the late 1950s and the early 1960s, since it seems derived in equal parts

Junkie, Junketeered

9. ) screen printing franchise.In 1705 screen printing franchise unsoured cuttles instant imprints screen printing franchise and Junketeered to embroidery and screen printing franchises, where screen printing franchise subcutaneousd with wastages t-shirt screen printing franchise in the arrogates of notre pagoda.Screen printing franchise.A


10. The Director of Public Prosecutions, James Hamilton, who complained last week that his office is "overstretched" has Junketeered around the world at the taxpayers' expense, the Sunday Independent

James, Junketeered

11. Junketeered junketeering junketeers junketer junketers: junketing junkets junketted junkhead junkie (current term) junkiedom junkiehood junkieness junkier junkies: junkiest junkily junking junkless junklike junkman junkmen junkpiles

Junketeered, Junketeering, Junketeers, Junketer, Junketers, Junketing, Junkets, Junketted, Junkhead, Junkie, Junkiedom, Junkiehood, Junkieness, Junkier, Junkies, Junkiest, Junkily, Junking, Junkless, Junklike, Junkman, Junkmen, Junkpiles

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does junket mean?

Junket originally meant "rush basket, especially one for carrying fish," and is ultimately derived from the Latin word junca, "rush." Since delicate dishes of cream or milk could be served in these rush baskets or on these mats, junket became the name for the dishes themselves.

What does junketer mean?

jun′ket·er n. Word History: In medieval times, soft cheeses and similar foods made from milk and cream were prepared in baskets or on mats woven from grasslike plants called rushes. These baskets or mats would have allowed excess liquid to drain away while protecting the mass of coagulated milk or cream from breaking apart.

What does jonket mean?

[Middle English jonket, rush basket, preparation of cream or milk served on rushes, feast; akin to modern French dialectal (Normandy) jonquette, a kind of dessert made with boiled milk, and French jonchée, container made of rushes for draining soft cheeses, soft cheese made in such a container, all ultimately from Latin iuncus, rush; see jonquil .]

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