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JUMBOJET [ˈjəmbō]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does jumbo jet mean?

Definition of jumbo jet. : a very large airplane that can carry many passengers.

Is the jumbo jet out of service?

Colonel Saeed Al Hassani, Director of Media and Public Relation Department at Fujairah Police , told Gulf News that the jumbo jet is already out of service and only the main fuselage -- without wings -- was transported. When the company started constructing the jumbo jet, it did not have enough space for building such a huge aircraft.

Why is the Jet 747 called the jumbo jet?

It was nicknamed the “jumbo jet” because of its huge size. The 747 entered service in 1970, flying more than 350 people across the Atlantic Ocean between New York and London, England. The 747 carried so many people that tickets were cheaper than on smaller airliners.

How many engines does a jumbo jet have?

Wings Most of the jumbo jet’s fuel is stored in its wings. The 747-400 can fly for over 7,500 miles (14,000km) without needing to refuel. Engine Engine The jumbo jet has four turbofan jet engines, with two mounted beneath each wing. First jet airliner The sleek, 48-seat de Havilland Comet of 1952 had four turbojet engines in its wings.

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