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1. Jumarred definitions Simple past tense and past participle of jumar.

Jumarred, Jumar

2. Jumarred is a playable word ` jumar

Jumarred, Jumar

3. Jumared, jumaring, jumars or Jumarred, jumarring, jumars to climb with ropes using a type of clamp 74 Playable Words can be made from "JUMARED" 2-Letter Words (14 found)

Jumared, Jumaring, Jumars, Jumarred, Jumarring

4. One by one we Jumarred our way up and into the previously unknown passage.


5. For a time, Honnold held the jugging speed record at one hour, until Lucas, on a second trip to bring Caldwell tea and a keypad so he could type updates to the world, Jumarred in 54 minutes.

Jugging, Jumarred

6. With a boot cast on her broken foot, she Jumarred up the route to have a closer look


7. Jumar (third-person singular simple present jumars, present participle jumaring or jumarring, simple past and past participle jumared or Jumarred) (intransitive) To climb using this device

Jumar, Jumars, Jumaring, Jumarring, Jumared, Jumarred

8. Matching words include jumaring, Jumarred, jumblers, jumblier, jumbling, jumboise, jumboize, jumbucks, jumelles and jumpable

Jumaring, Jumarred, Jumblers, Jumblier, Jumbling, Jumboise, Jumboize, Jumbucks, Jumelles, Jumpable

9. There are 14 eight-letter words beginning with JUM: JUMARING Jumarred JUMBLERS JUMPINGS JUMPOFFS JUMPSUIT

Jum, Jumaring, Jumarred, Jumblers, Jumpings, Jumpoffs, Jumpsuit

10. 70 meters of dynamic rope stretches a lot when Jumarred on, which increases the amount that it rubs against potential sharp edges


11. Jumarred jumarring jumars jumart jumarts jumbal jumball jumbals: jumbie jumbie bead jumbies jumble jumble sale (current term) jumble sales jumbled jumblement jumblements jumbler: jumblers jumbles jumblier jumbliest jumbling jumblingly jumbly jumbo jumbo jet

Jumarred, Jumarring, Jumars, Jumart, Jumarts, Jumbal, Jumball, Jumbals, Jumbie, Jumbies, Jumble, Jumbled, Jumblement, Jumblements, Jumbler, Jumblers, Jumbles, Jumblier, Jumbliest, Jumbling, Jumblingly, Jumbly, Jumbo, Jet

12. Johnston Jumarred in immediately and found Batkin caught on the second ledge some 50 feet down

Johnston, Jumarred

13. He rigged a sling around him by which the others pulled him to the surface while Johnston Jumarred up

Johnston, Jumarred

14. Hans Florine agrees, noting that spelunkers have Jumarred the 3,000-foot Southeast Face of El Cap in only 48 minutes


15. Jumar (third-person singular simple present jumars, present participle jumaring or jumarring, simple past and past participle jumared or Jumarred) (intransitive) To climb using this device.

Jumar, Jumars, Jumaring, Jumarring, Jumared, Jumarred

16. In slightly belated fashion, climbing magazine reported that paraplegic Phil Packer–a Major in the British army who lost the use of his legs in a rocket attack– Jumarred his …


17. Whilst Kaz and I did toilet duties again (Kaz still filling the box twice as much as everyone else!), Dave Jumarred up the fixed ropes and prepared to haul the monster load! Kaz packing the poo! Ali on the end of Big Sandy – the loo! Up the steep face with the bags – the top is in sight!


18. He’d Jumarred 150 meters on his second ever day of rope access with a tarantula in his boot that had bitten him twice


19. He Jumarred out and went for help, but over two hours elapsed before another party could reach the scene


20. I have Jumarred many thousands of feet and have never bothered with knots, prussics or the grigri backup


21. I was jumarring a lot with it, I probably Jumarred close to 20,000 feet over the course of the month.

Jumarring, Jumarred

22. Basically I got on 2 jumars, moved my rap device below the knot, and down-Jumarred until I came tight on the rap device below the knot

Jumars, Jumarred

23. Jumarred jumarring jumars (current term) jumart jumarts jumbal jumball: jumbals jumbie jumbie bead jumbies jumble jumble sale jumble sales jumbled jumblement; Literary usage of Jumars

Jumarred, Jumarring, Jumars, Jumart, Jumarts, Jumbal, Jumball, Jumbals, Jumbie, Jumbies, Jumble, Jumbled, Jumblement

24. We followed suit as we Jumarred the walls of the glacier over the fixed rope


25. I hauled, Jumarred and hauled and got back on to the lead


26. Then worse: as Max Jumarred, cleaning the route of the gear that Andy had placed, the trailing rope behind him jammed, caught in some hidden crack

Jumarred, Jammed

27. Jumarred pitches 4 & 5, started day2 on pitch 6


28. 015 JUMAR to climb with ropes using a type of clamp [v JUMARED, JUMARING, JUMARS or Jumarred, JUMARRING, JUMARS] */s AJMRU 016 JUVIE a juvenile delinquent [n JUVIES] */s EIJUV 017 KAPOW a sudden sharp sound [n KAPOWS] */s AKOPW 018 KAPUS· KAPU, a Hawaiian set of rules for daily life [n] */* AKPSU 019 KARRI an Australian eucalyptus [n KARRIS

Jumar, Jumared, Jumaring, Jumars, Jumarred, Jumarring, Juvie, Juvenile, Juvies

29. Fifteen hundred feet above the valley floor, I cleaned and Jumarred the mossy, lichen covered 5.11 pitch alone in the twilight, and joined him at the top, where we carefully scrambled our way down the descent in the dark, and caught the last shuttle bus from Curry Village to Camp 4.

Jumarred, Joined

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ju Mar mean?

ju·mar (jo͞o′mär) n. A device used in ascending a fixed rope, having a springloaded cam that grips the rope when weight is applied but allows free movement upwards when the load is lifted.

What does unmarred mean?

Unmarred definition is - not marred : having no injury, defacement, or imperfection : not altered or changed from an original or pristine state. How to use unmarred in a sentence.

What does Jumar mean?

jumar (plural jumars) (climbing) A device, used to clip on a rope, that tightens when weight is applied, thus allowing the rope to be climbed.

What does the name Marred mean?

verb (used with object), marred, mar·ring. to damage or spoil to a certain extent; render less perfect, attractive, useful, etc.; impair or spoil: That billboard mars the view. The holiday was marred by bad weather.

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