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1. Juggleries (Noun) Plural form of jugglery. How to pronounce Juggleries?

Juggleries, Jugglery

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4. Juggleries is an English language word that is well described on this page with all the important details i.e Juggleries meaning, Juggleries word synonyms, and its similar words. Juggleries meaning in Urdu is عیاری and Juggleries word meaning in roman can write as Ayyari.


5. Juggleries Total Number of words made out of Juggleries = 197 Juggleries is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 19 points.Juggleries is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 25 points


6. Juggleries is a 10 letter long Word starting with J and ending with …


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10. Juggleries vonkontlading failing pilot boat gindi(a reflecta) discerned fraternal twins breiter jih micromouse wierzba Cell Location Tubes sciupare crab living on land am wire applauding priroda penjalica to wedge juridiction Vicety savijete bulletproof, protection (or charm) against bullets Lake Chuzenji friar direct mail advertising branka

Juggleries, Jih, Juridiction

11. Birth and death are Juggleries of Maya


12. Jugglery (countable and uncountable, plural Juggleries) (uncountable) The art of a juggler (i.e

Jugglery, Juggleries, Juggler

13. Words found within "Juggleries" and one blank tile through unscramble Choose result grouping: Group by nothing Group by length Group by first letter


14. Jugglery is a noun, plural Juggleries according to parts of speech

Jugglery, Juggleries

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16. – “Whereas formerly demons used to deceive men’s fancy, occupying springs or rivers, trees or stones, and thus imposed upon the simple by their Juggleries; now, after the divine visitation of the Word, their deception has ceased


17. The Maitri text in particular takes aim at Buddhism, criticizing the "Juggleries of the non-self doctrine" (386; cf


18. Of stupefaction, Juggleries of benumbing, By lucid sophistries of sight To a staturing 'I am', To the upthrust affirmative head of a man


19. These contrivances, however, I hesitated to narrate in this book, perceiving the danger lest, perchance, any knavish person, taking occasion (from my account), should attempt (to practise these Juggleries)


20. “The salutary trophy of Jesus, the cross, which to this day heals diseases, to this day drives away devils, overthrows Juggleries of drugs and charms.” (Cyril) This really is not the trophy of Jesus, but it is the trophy of Satan!

Jesus, Juggleries

21. If the Chaudhry of Gujrat was terming it a routine budget then federal minister Farooq Sattar considered it another document full of Juggleries to hoodwink the common man


22. But, I fancy, when some man arises with a nature of sufficient force, he shakes off all that we have taught him, bursts his bonds, and breaks free; he tramples underfoot our codes and Juggleries, our charms and “laws,” which are all against nature; our slave rises in revolt and shows himself our master, and there [484b] dawns the full light


23. Persons familiar with the dizzying puns and polyglottal Juggleries of James Joyce's prose or Estlin Cummings' poetry will find the language of these letters appealing; it helps, also, to be familiar with the life of Merton, the century's most celebrated monastic figure

Juggleries, James, Joyce

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JUGGLERIES [juggleries]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does jugglery mean?

Definition of jugglery. 1 : the art or practice of a juggler. 2 : manipulation or trickery especially to achieve a desired end.

What is the plural of juggler?

noun, plural jug·gler·ies. the art or practice of a juggler, especially sleight of hand. the performance of juggling feats. any trickery or deception.

What is the noun for jugglers?

noun, plural jug·gler·ies. the art or practice of a juggler, especially sleight of hand.

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