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1. Synonyms for Joyousnesses include blisses, cheerfulnesses, elations, exuberances, exultations, gladnesses, happinesses, joys, joyfulnesses and jubilations

Joyousnesses, Joys, Joyfulnesses, Jubilations

2. Joyousness (countable and uncountable, plural Joyousnesses) The state of being joyous.

Joyousness, Joyousnesses, Joyous

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Joyfulness, Joyfulnesses, Joygasm, Joygasms, Joying, Joyless, Joylessly, Joylessness, Joylessnesses, Joyne, Joyned, Joyning, Joyous, Joyously, Joyousness, Joyousnesses, Joypad, Joypads, Joypop, Joypopped, Joypopper, Joypoppers, Joypopping

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6. The word Joyousnesses uses 12 letters: e, e, j, n, o, o, s, s, s, s, u, y


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10. Antonyms for reluctance: gusto, Joyousnesses, brisknesses, certitude, de lights, sureness, dis positions, Palates, promptitudes, de-light, dis patches, willingness


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