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Looking for sentences with "Joyous"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Cheerful 2. Happy 3. Jolly 4. Merry 5. Bright 6. Sunny 7. Lighthearted 8. Sparkling 9. Bubbly 10. Effervescent 11. Exuberant 12. Ebullient 13. Breezy 14. Airy 15. Cheery 16. Sprightly 17. Jaunty 18. Smiling 19. Grinning 20. Beaming ...21. Laughing 22. Mirthful 23. Radiant 24. Jubilant 25. Overjoyed 26. Thrilled 27. Ecstatic 28. Euphoric 29. Blissful 30. Elated 31. Delighted 32. Glad 33. Gleeful 34. Gratified 35. Jovial 36. Genial 37. Carefree 38. Unworried 39. Untroubled 40. Buoyant 41. Optimistic 42. Hopeful 43. Positive 44. Content 45. Contented 46. Upbeat 47. Chipper 48. Chirpy 49. Peppy 50. Smiley 51. Sparky 52. Peart 53. Gay 54. Wrapped 55. Jocund 56. Gladsome 57. Blithe 58. Blithesome 59. Festive 60. Celebratory 61. Sad 62. Miserable 63. Depressing 64. Legal See more »
1. I would like to wish you a joyous new year and express my hope for your happiness and good future
2. I wish you a joyous new year happiness and good luck in the future
3. My childhood and adolescence were a joyous outpouring of energy a ceaseless quest for expression skill and experience School was only a background to the supreme delight of lessons in music dance and dramatics and the thrill of sojourns in the c
4. This is truly a joyous time Congratulations and good luck
5. She treasures her memories of those joyous days
6. She had made their childhood so joyous and carefree
7. Our music is a joyous celebration of life
8. The poem is a joyous affirmation of the power of love
9. She could now enjoy the joyous prospect of being reunited with him again
10. Michael's homecoming was a joyous occasion
11. Rather than joyous abandon I am full of thought
12. That night had been particularly joyous because Ashi felt that at last her family was allowing her to blossom fully into womanhood
13. Aunt Edie heard yelling joyous sounds from Betsy and Patsy as their dad entered the fray
14. A wonderful joyous mouth that could laugh and grin and smile in a hundred expressions of precious life-giving mirth
15. It is above all a joyous celebration of all who break down barriers between people set up by authority
16. It is a joyous time of year a time for rebirth redemption and the hope of romance
17. What was meant for a joyous occasion would shrivel to a general wretchedness
18. The bells crashed out the joyous news practically all day
19. The meeting of father and son after so long was a joyous occasion
20. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is protesting one of the joyous traditions of hockey says the newsletter Dispatches
21. Through shouts and music and dancing we worship the Goddess with joyous bodies
22. The night that Johnson announced he was pulling out there were joyous parades in Ann Arbor and around the country
23. It's big healthy hunks of wholesome home cooking served to a joyous family gathering
24. The many depictions of bulls in Cretan art include images of bulls sacrificed to the Goddess in joyous processions
25. A hundred youngsters from ten regions competed for medals with a joyous intensity
26. There were songs and testimonies spontaneous sermons and exhortations joyous shouts and prayers punctuated by sobs and tears
27. For other people at work they seemed to be such joyous occasions
28. Examples of joyous in a Sentence a mood of joyous anticipation a joyous crowd eagerly awaiting the countdown to midnight on New Year's Eve Recent Examples on the Web The sets of both shows will be decked out for the holidays and festively themed games will make these special primetime episodes even more joyous.
29. Weddings are a joyous occasion to celebrate with family and good friends. 1 0 But in John this symbolism figures a great historic fact, the joyous freshness of Jesus' ministerial beginnings, as indicated in the sayings of the Bridegroom and of the new wine, a freshness typical of Jesus' ceaseless renovation of souls.
30. It's the kind of joyous, infectious laughter that catches on, the kind that gets everybody laughing, even at the most inappropriate time. The heavenly powers greet you with sacred canticles and with joyouspraise. Christmas time is a joyousseason meant to spread happiness around the world.
31. joyous in a sentence - Use "joyous" in a sentence 1. But for the survivors, the day was a joyous one. 2. There was also a bittersweet note to the otherwise joyous occasion. click for more sentences of joyous: 40. Define joyous.
32. 1. The astronaut was welcomed with joyous, resounding acclaim. 2. The bells rang a joyous peal.
33. A person of a joyous and happy disposition often brightens up at once any little circle into which he enters, while a morose and melancholy man carries gloom with him wherever he goes. Again the Youngish Girl’s laughter rang out in light, joyous, utterly superficial appreciation.
34. How To Use joyous In A Sentence? Her heart began to quicken with the joyous sort of fear that is one of the prime sweets of youth. She was a dark little creature, nicely demure and almost boisterously joyous by turns. A joyous bird song was heard in the air, and the two orioles darted into the apple tree.
35. 11 synonyms of joyous from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 39 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for joyous. Joyous: experiencing pleasure, satisfaction, or delight.
36. joyous is an adjective that means feeling great happiness or causing to feel great happiness and joy. The adverb form is joyously, the noun form is joyousness. joyous appears around the turn of the fourteenth century, from the Old French joios meaning happy, cheerful, merry, glad.
37. Another word for joyous. Find more ways to say joyous, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
38. There is hardly one day out of a hundred which is wholly joyous and sunny. [adjective] 2 These things are charming when one is joyous, and lugubrious when one is sad. [adjective] 2
39. Official Video for "Akhonamandla" by joyous Celebration. Download or stream here - https:///JC24PAYFollow joyous Celebration On Social Media:Facebook:
40. It was a joyous occasion for them, as a sizeable crowd watched and cheered them. It was a joyous occasion and oh so different from the season end 12 months ago. To commemorate such a joyous occasion, these guys are having not one but two throwdowns to properly celebrate next week.
41. Define joyous. joyous synonyms, joyous pronunciation, joyous translation, English dictionary definition of joyous. adj. Feeling, showing, or causing joy; joyful. See Synonyms at glad1. joy′ous·ly adv. joy′ous·ness n. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language,
42. joyous in a sentence - Use "joyous" in a sentence 1. But for the survivors, the day was a joyous one. 2. There was also a bittersweet note to the otherwise joyous occasion. click for more sentences of joyous
43. joyous definition: 1. full of joy; very happy: 2. full of joy; very happy: 3. full of joy: . Learn more.

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