Use Join in a sentence


JOIN [join]

join (verb) · joins (third person present) · joined (past tense) · joined (past participle) · joining (present participle)

  • link; connect.
  • become linked or connected to.
Synonyms: connect . unite . fix . affix . attach . add . annex . fasten . stick . glue . fuse . knit . weld . amalgamate . consolidate . combine . bond . append . link . bridge . secure . lock . tie . bind . string . lash . couple . marry . pair . yoke . team . chain . merge . dovetail . splice . blend . conjoin . separate . meet . touch . reach . abut . adjoin . rejoin . leave .

join (noun) · joins (plural noun)

  • a place or line where two or more things are connected or fastened together.
Synonyms: joint . junction . juncture . intersection . link . linkage . connection . nexus . weld . knot . seam . coupling . coupler . bracket . brace . hinge . commissure . suture .

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1. Join definition is - to put or bring together so as to form a unit

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4. The simplest Join is INNER Join

5. INNER Join: The INNER Join keyword selects all rows from both the tables as long as the condition satisfies

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7. Join the oldest and boldest civil rights organization in the nation

8. Join a Join - Rent a place for vacations in Puerto Rico

9. A Join clause is used to combine rows from two or more tables, based on a related column between them

10. Joined, Join·ing, Joins

11. To put or bring together so as to make continuous or form a unit: Join two boards with nails; Joined hands in a circle

12. To put or bring into close association or relationship: two families that were Joined by marriage; Join forces

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23. The intrinsic function Fn::Join appends a set of values into a single value, separated by the specified delimiter

24. The default Join flavor is an inner Join with left side deduplication

25. Default Join implementation is useful in typical log/trace analysis scenarios where you want to correlate two events, each matching some filtering criterion, under the same correlation ID.

26. The Join() method creates and returns a new string by concatenating all of the elements in an array (or an array-like object), separated by commas or a specified separator string

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28. Join immediately pops up that code in its Chrome notification, so we can quickly use the code before the notification disappears and then Delete it

29. Join — Alias of implode() Description

30. Join definition, to bring in contact, connect, or bring or put together: to Join hands; to Join pages with a staple

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33. The Join() method takes all items in an iterable and Joins them into one string

34. String.Join(iterable) Parameter Values

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40. Describes how the Join operator (-Join) combines multiple strings into a single string

41. The Join operator concatenates a set of strings into a single string

42. The following diagram shows the syntax for the Join operator.

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44. An SQL Join clause – corresponding to a Join operation in relational algebra – combines columns from one or more tables in a relational database.It creates a set that can be saved as a table or used as it is

45. A Join is a means for combining columns from one (self-Join) or more tables by using values common to each.ANSI-standard SQL specifies five types of Join: INNER, LEFT OUTER, RIGHT

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