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1. Jibberish synonyms, Jibberish pronunciation, Jibberish translation, English dictionary definition of Jibberish


2. The word gibberish is a noun; it is pronounced as Jibberish.“To gibber” is to speak fast, inarticulately and unintelligible due to fear or shock.


3. Jibberish A language made up by the user (s) that doesn't fall under any particular established tounge


4. "When my friends talk about World of Warcraft, it seems like their speaking Jibberish". " Sigur Ros use a Jibberish


5. As adjectives the difference between gibberish and Jibberish is that gibberish is unintelligible, incoherent or meaningless while Jibberish is.


6.Gibberish or gobbledygook refer to speech or other use of language that is nonsense • (language game) Gibberish (sometimes Jibberish) is a language game or secret language similar to Pig Latin that is played in the United States


7. What does Jibberish mean? Alternative spelling of gibberish


8. Rather flatfooted comic relief is provided by DJ's traveling companions, Tall Tall (Vladimir Cuk), Jibberish (Chris Coppola) and the ingratiating but treacherous Mouse (Homie Doroodian).


9. Jibberish July 1, 2020 · "Normal American Life by Jibberish ambles along like a folk pop diorama of growing up within the white picket fence normalcy of American life and within it's pleasant cadence and chill vocal performance, it feels like a protest against this automaton existence we all have.

Jibberish, July

10. Supreme Court will be forced to undergo what more than 350juries have had to do--listen to my inane Jibberish and slashing repartee.


11. Jibberish by HARCO PRONT, released 04 September 2003 1


12. Today, it’s almost always said like Jibberish , with a soft g sound


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JIBBERISH [ˈjib(ə)riSH]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Gibberish mean?

Definition of gibberish. : unintelligible or meaningless language: a : a technical or esoteric (see esoteric sense 1) language The doctors spoke to one another in their medical gibberish that I was unable to follow.

Is gibberish really a language in itself?

Gibberish is speech or writing that belongs to no known language, consisting of sounds that are not actual words. Gibberish is a disparaging term, often applied to language that is made meaningless through the overuse of technical or legal terms. The origin of the word gibberish is unknown.

What are some good examples of gibberish?

Some examples of Gibberish words (and their English translations) include:

  • Hothagellothago (Hello)
  • Hothagow othagare yothagou (How are you?)
  • Mothagy nothagame othagis (My name is)
  • Whothagat othagis yothagour nothagame? (What is your name?)
  • Hothagow othagold othagare yothagou? ...
  • Whothagat tothagime othagis othagit? ...
  • Whothagat othagis thothage othaganswothager? ...
  • Whothago othagis thothagat? ...
  • Whothagat dothagid othagi mothagiss? ...
  • What is the etymology of the word gibberish?

    Etymology. The etymology of gibberish is uncertain. The term was first seen in English in the early 16th century. It is generally thought to be an onomatopoeia imitative of speech, similar to the words jabber (to talk rapidly) and gibber (to speak inarticulately). It may originate from the word jib,... Nov 7 2019

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