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1. Jhon is a derivative of the English and Hebrew John

Jhon, John

2. See also the related category hebrew. Jhon is irregularly used as a baby boy name


3. Wiki content for Jhon Jhon - Jhon is a common misspelling of John, of use mostly in South American countries among recent generations, and may refer to: Jhonen Vasquez - Jhonen C

Jhon, John, Jhonen

4. Name: Jhon Gender: Male Usage: Jhon, of african origin, is a very popular first name


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JHON [jän]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does John mean in slang?

The slang meaning for John is "A guy who flirts all the time. A certified manwhore. So, never date a John if you want to keep your heart intact. ".

What is the biblical definition of John?

John ▼ as a boys' name is pronounced jahn. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of John is "God is gracious". Biblical: the name of the longest-lived of the 12 apostles, who was especially loved by Christ. Also the name of John the Baptist, who baptized Christ in the Jordan river.

What does John mean in Urban Dictionary?

Urban Dictionary: John. John is infinite and multi-faceted. He is generally a level headed person but when he comes under pressure and is compelled to make a decision thats when things get vexed.

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