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1. Jews (Hebrew: יְהוּדִים ‎ ISO 259-2 Yehudim, Israeli pronunciation) or Jewish people are members of an ethnoreligious group and a nation originating from the Israelites and Hebrews of historical Israel and Judah.Jewish ethnicity, nationhood, and religion are strongly interrelated, as Judaism is the ethnic religion of the Jewish people, although its observance varies from strict to none.

Jews, Jewish, Judah, Judaism

2. Jew, Hebrew Yĕhūdhī or Yehudi, any person whose religion is Judaism

Jew, Judaism

3. In the broader sense of the term, a Jew is any person belonging to the worldwide group that constitutes, through descent or conversion, a continuation of the ancient Jewish people, who were themselves descendants of the Hebrews of the Bible (Old Testament).

Jew, Jewish

4. Jew definition is - a person belonging to a continuation through descent or conversion of the ancient Jewish people.

Jew, Jewish

5. Jewish identity is also commonly defined through ethnicity


6. Opinion polls have suggested that the majority of Jews see being Jewish as predominantly a matter of …

Jews, Jewish

7. Throughout our 3300-year history, what has defined us as Jews is a relationship and commitment


8. We are Jews because G‑d chose us to be His "cherished treasure from all the nations a kingdom of priests and a holy people" (Exodus 19:5 -6).


9. In the Bible, Jews were called Hebrews or Children of Israel The terms "Jew" and "Judaism" come from the tribe or kingdom of Judah "Jew" now refers to all physical and spiritual descendants of Jacob A person can be Jewish by birth or by conversion

Jews, Jew, Judaism, Judah, Jacob, Jewish

10. Stereotypes of Jews are generalized representations of Jews, often caricatured and of a prejudiced and antisemitic nature


11. Those stereotypes include: Jews always acting with unforgiving hostility towards Christians, Jews' religious rituals which have specifically undermined the Christian Church and state, and Jews' habitual assassinations of Christians as their most extreme deeds.


12. What Is a Jew? Simple: A Jew is anyone who was born of a Jewish mother, or has undergone conversion to Judaism according to halachah (Jewish law)

Jew, Jewish, Judaism

13. That’s the way it’s been since Biblical times and it’s also firmly established in the Code of Jewish Law.


14. And mysterious: You’ll never hear of an atheist Protestant or a Catholic Muslim, but a Jewish atheist, or even a Jew who converts to

Jewish, Jew

15. Jew Jew Bee: Jews: Theres a type of candy called JuJu: Jew Yorker: Jews: Due to high incidence of Jews in NY: Jew-Bag: Jews: Reference to being cheap

Jew, Jews, Juju

16. Whether you are thinking about converting to Judaism or you simply want to take your Jewish faith a little deeper, there are numerous ways for you to learn about and

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17. Jew It At Home provides high quality Jewish content, live, recorded, and static to the Jewish world

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18. We strive to offer valuable content to anyone seeking to find Jewish community, engage in Jewish learning, and find meaning


19. We are a global "farmer's market" of Jewish synagogues, non-profits, and businesses


20. But when a Jew filling out a survey or application is faced with the choice of “Caucasian, American Indian, Hispanic, Asian, Black, or Pacific Islander,” he could be any of the above


21. Using the word Jewish to refer to a specific culture bypasses the religious and racial considerations, but “Jewish culture” can be elusive to pinpoint, as


22. A person whose religion is Judaism, or a person related by birth to the ancient people of Israel (Definition of Jew from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Judaism, Jew

23. Jew (plural Jews) An adherent of Judaism

Jew, Jews, Judaism

24. Both Jews and Muslims refrain from eating pork.


25. The definition of a Jew is a person who belongs to a religion called Judaism and who generally traces his or her ancestry back to the ancient Hebrew people of Israel

Jew, Judaism

26. Adam Sandler is an example of a Jew.


27. Jew Flu is available at a cost of $10 in three formats


28. A Jew is a person who is of Jewish heritage or who has converted to the Jewish religion

Jew, Jewish

29. Jews typically consider themselves as a people and not only as adherents of a religion, therefore a Jew is not only one that practices the religion of Judaism, but it is also one who is of Jewish ethnic heritage.

Jews, Jew, Judaism, Jewish

30. Jew A member of the widely dispersed people descended from the ancient Hebrews and sharing an ethnic heritage based on Judaism

Jew, Judaism

31. People who practice Judaism should be called Judaists (after all that was the original term for someone who practiced Judaism), not Jews because almost half of Israel's Jewish population is secular (non-religous).

Judaism, Judaists, Jews, Jewish

32. “When I hear stories of people using DNA to prove that you are a Jew, or French, or Greek, or Finnish, I feel like the Nazis lost the war, but they won the victory of an ideology of essentialist


33. Jesus was a Jew, as were his disciples

Jesus, Jew

34. Jewish law was accepted as a guide to ethics and morality based on the concept of individual conscience


35. Islam incorporated the Jewish concept of one God, the Scriptures, and Jewish prophets


36. The English term Jew originates in the Biblical Hebrew word Yehudi, meaning "from the Kingdom of Judah", or, in a more religious meaning: 'worshiper of one God' [jehudi is made up of the first three letters of the tetragrammaton and the extension 'i' means 'I'].See Jastrow Dictionary and the source he used: Megilla 13a:2 (Talmud)

Jew, Judah, Jehudi, Jastrow

37. The issue is that “Jew” is often used as a pejorative


38. Antisemitic rhetoric refers to “dirty Jews” and uses “Jew” as though it is an insult, rather than an adjective, and as a result, it sounds jarring to hear someone referred to as “a Jew,” rather than “Jewish.”Furthermore, the word has also historically been used to describe being cheated out of something, as in “I got

Jews, Jew, Jarring, Jewish

39. The Jew is a Jew the world over - English Only forum the old Jew - English Only forum They feel Jew-ish - English Only forum to Jew somebody out - English Only forum


40. Still, the word “Jew” does feel different from, and somehow more powerful than, “Jewish.” “Jewish” is an adjective, one of many that could describe someone who may also be American

Jew, Jewish

41. Two Jews, Morty and Saul, are out one afternoon on a lake when their boat starts sinking


42. Meet Jewish singles in your area for dating and romance @ - the most popular online Jewish dating community.

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43. Jew-ish: A Cookbook: Reinvented Recipes from a Modern Mensch


44. Principales traductions: Anglais: Français: Jew n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


45. ([sb] of Jewish religion)Juif, Juive nm, nf: Laura is a Christian, and her husband is a Jew

Jewish, Juif, Juive, Jew

46. Jew n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


47. ([sb] of Hebrew descent)Juif, Juive nm, nf: The Jews of the Bible had a huge number of laws.

Juif, Juive, Jews

48. Jew-hatred, therefore, is an exalted version of “kill the umpire!” The best way to understand this is to read Steiner’s 1981 novel, “ The Portage To San Cristobal of A.H


49. What do you call an Asian Jew? Jew Wa Lee (Julie)

Jew, Julie

50. Who was the most well known Jewish cook? Hitler! The last 10 Jew jokes

Jewish, Jew, Jokes

51. © Jew or Not Jew, 2006-2021.


52. Judaism has no dogma, no formal set of beliefs that one must hold to be a Jew

Judaism, Jew

53. The essential difference between Jews and Christians is that Christians accept Jesus as messiah and personal savior

Jews, Jesus

54. Jesus is not part of Jewish theology

Jesus, Jewish

55. Amongst Jews, Jesus is not considered a divine being

Jews, Jesus

56. Therefore all holidays that have a connection to the life of Jesus are not part of Jewish life and/or practice (Christmas, Easter, Lent, Advent, Palm Sunday, etc.).

Jesus, Jewish

57. Jew-ish features elevated, yet approachable classics along with innovative creations, such as: Jake’s Perfect Challah Roasted Tomato Brisket Short Rib Cholent Iraqi Beet Kubbeh Soup Cacio e Pepe Rugelach Sabich Bagel Sandwiches, and; Matzo Tiramisu

Jew, Jake

58. Jew-ish is a brilliant collection of delicious recipes, but it’s much more than that


59. The word Jew was asked to be removed from the Official Scrabble Dictionary by a woman named Judith Grad

Jew, Judith

60. When she looked it up in the dictionary the definition variants of Jew was Jewed, Jewing, Jews which was defined as "to bargain with

Jew, Jewed, Jewing, Jews

61. Name given to someone who acts like a Jew


62. "Jew, huh? So I guess we'll never really be friends." - Cartman when picking the class "A Jew from New Jersey? So you are basically Kyle's mom, cool.." Jew is a Class in South Park: The Stick of Truth which Eric Cartman invented, in which when the player is closer to death, they become more powerful

Jew, Jersey

63. 1 Tactics 2 Abilities 2.1 Sling of David 2.2 Jew-Jitsu 2.3 Circum-Scythe 2.4 Whirling Doom 2.5

Jew, Jitsu

64. Was Jesus a Jew? Some people claim that Jesus was a Christian

Jesus, Jew

65. But in recent decades scholars have been returning to ancient historical settings and discovering the Jewish Jesus.

Jewish, Jesus

66. Synonyms for Jew in Free Thesaurus


67. 2 synonyms for Jew: Hebrew, Israelite


68. Self-hating Jew or self-loathing Jew, both associated with auto-antisemitism, is a pejorative term applied to Jews perceived or alleged to hold antisemitic views

Jew, Jews

69. Similar accusations of discomfort with ones own Jewishness were already being made by some [according to whom?] Jews against other Jews, before Zionism existed as a movement.The concept gained widespread currency after Theodor

Jewishness, Jews

70. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus

Jew, Jesus

71. And the servant brought forth Jewels of silver, and Jewels of gold, and raiment, and gave them to Rebekah: he gave also to her brother and to her mother precious things.


72. The Jew's harp, also known as jaw harp, mouth harp, gewgaw, guimbard, khomus, trump, Ozark harp, Galician harp, or murchunga, is a lamellophone instrument, consisting of a flexible metal or bamboo tongue or reed attached to a frame.

Jew, Jaw

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term "Jew" really mean?

The English term Jew originates in the Biblical Hebrew word Yehudi, meaning "from the Kingdom of Judah ", or, in a more religious meaning: 'worshiper of one God' [jehudi is made up of the first three letters of the tetragrammaton and the extension 'i' means 'I'].

What does it mean to be a good Jew?

"Good Jews" are those who happen to agree with a person's positive stereotypes (and, hence, ought to be protected from criticism) while "bad Jews" are those who fulfill negative stereotypes. Either straw-man "group" can be a majority or minority, but both usually fulfill the lowest expectations of non-Jews...

What is the best definition of 'Jew' or 'Jewish'?

Jew, Hebrew Yĕhūdhī or Yehudi, any person whose religion is Judaism. In the broader sense of the term, a Jew is any person belonging to the worldwide group that constitutes, through descent or conversion, a continuation of the ancient Jewish people, who were themselves descendants of the Hebrews of the Bible ( Old Testament ).

What are all of the different types of Jew?

What are the different types of Judaism? Secular (culturally and ethnically only not a practicing Jew) Reform (religiously Jewish but don't have to keep kosher and the most liberal and accepting) Conservative (more traditional, usually kosher, still politically and socially progressive) More items...

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