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1. The name of these American Jerusalems was inspired by the Bible where we read about King David establishing Jerusalem as the capital of the unified state of …

Jerusalems, Jerusalem

2. This is the last time that I will eat food from Jerusalems


3. The "Two Jerusalems" Myth Jerusalem has always been one city, the one the Jews are connected to through the millenia of history.

Jerusalems, Jerusalem, Jews

4. Jerusalems andra stora fotbollslag, som är en av Beitars rivaler, är Hapoel Jerusalem FC

Jerusalems, Jerusalem

5. On a political level, there are two Jerusalems — the “new city” of west Jerusalem, and the Old City and eastern Jerusalem — two entities forged into one fifty years ago with the Six Day War.

Jerusalems, Jerusalem

6. The story of these multiple Jerusalems is the story of Zion


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JERUSALEMS [jəˈro͞os(ə)ləm, jəˈro͞oz(ə)ləm]

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