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1. Such were the middle-of-nowhere Jerkwaters of the Monon Railroad


2. These trains were called Jerkwaters from the jerking of water in buckets

Jerkwaters, Jerking

3. What does Jerkwaters mean? Plural form of jerkwater

Jerkwaters, Jerkwater

4. Sachs, a longtime member of the Baltimore Streetcar Museum, in his recently published book, “Baltimore’s Picturesque Jerkwaters: Historic Neighborhoods, Notorious Beer …


5. Baltimore's Picturesque Jerkwaters


6. This chain of Jerkwaters stretches for a lazy afternoon, until you finally encounter a cluster of people that almost resembles a modern civilization, with a movie theater and chain restaurants


7. The word is in the Wiktionary 3 short excerpts of Wiktionnary (A collaborative project to produce a free-content dictionary.) — English words — Jerkwaters n


8. Baltimore's Picturesque Jerkwaters


9. Title: Baltimore's Picturesque Jerkwaters (German) Paperback – January 1, 2018 by Bernard J

Jerkwaters, January

10. BALTIMORE'S PICTURESQUE Jerkwaters - STREETCARS-Bernard Sachs 257 pages softcover This book looks at the short, lightly patronized and rural stree


11. The small road beckoned because it was “a place where a man can lose himself,” and also because of where it led: into the “sticks, the boondocks, the burgs, backwaters, Jerkwaters, the wide


12. Baltimore's Picturesque Jerkwaters; Bangor & Aroostook in Color Vol 1; Bangor & Aroostook In Color Vol 2; Basic Steam Locomotive Maintenance; Beaumont Hill: Southern Pacific's Southern California Gateway; Beauty of Railroad Bridges, The; Beebe and Clegg: Their Enduring Photographic Legacy; Before The North Shore Line


13. Many of these spots were called “Jerkwaters” because the steam engines needed to stop and fill their large boilers with water kept in water tanks alongside the track


14. As did it' sickly yellow white iluminable after shock as we crossed over the county line and into the Jerkwaters, all signs of the artifice all but vanished, yielding to [we were free] sickly hyper-white [unnaturally-uniform] yellow iluminable morass twwaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh as we approached the outer limits of the principal area, towards what was


15. Jerkwater Road in rural Indiana led me to a lesson about boilermen aboard olden-day steam locomotives who jerked spigot chains at unmanned water stations (in middle-of-nowhere Jerkwaters) to fill

Jerkwater, Jerked, Jerkwaters

16. Jerkwaters were named so because the engineers stopped below a large water holding tank where they filled the steam engine’s water tank from the top by laying the hose into the opened hatch and pulling a chain that operated the plunger to let the water flow into the tank


17. "That ignorant-ass billboard of PETA makes those arrogant Jerkwaters every bit as racist as the KKK and neo-Nazis," said Riddle


18. Into the sticks, the boondocks, the burgs, backwaters, Jerkwaters, the wide-spots-in-the-road, the don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it towns.


19. Baltimore's picturesque Jerkwaters - streetcars (0) your price: $27.75 baltimore's streetcars & buses (0) your price: $21.50 bangor & aroostook railroad in color (0) your price: $48.75 bangor & aroostook railroad in color vol 2 (0) your price: $48.75 bangor & aroostook stations & structures (0)


20. Saying it twice doesn’t make both Kansas Cities not Jerkwaters


21. (Note: See Jerkwaters for more definitions.) Quick definitions from Macmillan Provided by


22. Quick definitions from WordNet (jerkwater) adjective: small and remote and insignificant ("A jerkwater college") Also see Jerkwaters Words similar to jerkwater

Jerkwater, Jerkwaters

23. His love turned into a life long passion dedicating his time at the Baltimore Street Car Museum and now with “Baltimore’s Picturesque Jerkwaters


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JERKWATERS [ˈjərkwôtər]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you know what a "Jerkwater" is?

    Something that is "jerkwater" is considered small, inferior and insignificant, with overtones of provincialism and hickdom. Although most commonly applied to small, isolated (and thus presumably uncultured) towns, "jerkwater" can also describe anything considered unsophisticated, a "dead end" or "not up to snuff," from schools ("It won't be easy for him to get another job if he's fired ...

    What does Jerkwater mean?

    Meaning of jerkwater in English. jerkwater. › used to describe a place that is small, not important, and a long way from other places: I grew up in a jerkwater town in the middle of nowhere.

    What does Jerkwater town mean?

    jerkwater town A very small and unremarkable town that is typically regarded as dull or boring. The term comes from the practice of "jerking water": supplying steam locomotives with water from buckets, once a common practice in smaller towns. A small community with modest conveniences.

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