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1. At Jakes, we are a family of service focused rock stars that strive to make every experience at Jakes one to brag about


2. We believe we have a very noble cause – Our Cause: At Jakes, we wake everyday ON FIRE to serve our guests the best damn old-fashioned burger on the planet.


3. Jakes Signature French Dip 15.95 Thinly Sliced Certified Angus Beef • Swiss Cheese • Grilled Hoagie • Au jus • Creamy Horseradish upon request Classic Reuben 13.25 Sliced Corned Beef • Sauerkraut • Swiss Cheese • Thousand Island Dressing • Dark Rye Bread

Jakes, Jus

4. Here at Jakes Good Eats we pride ourselves in great American cuisine! We have an eclectic menu ranging from Burgers, Pit Smoked BBQ, Hot Dogs, Craw-fish and North Carolina Shrimp plus much more


5. “Green might be a buzzword for some, but it’s the rootstock of Jakes, the 49-room Bohemian hideaway on Jamaica’s Treasure Beach

Jakes, Jamaica



7. Jakes has always strived to deliver the best food and experience possible to our guests


8. With the new directive from the State of Montana on wearing face masks, Jakes again is adhering to this policy, and your experience and wellbeing are our top priority.


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JAKES [jāks]


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Jake mean in slang?

“Jake” was a popular slang word from the Roaring Twenties/Great Depression era and was used to indicate that a person or thing was in good order. Synonyms for “jake” include “okay,” “hunky-dory,” and “copacetic.”.

What is the definition of Jake?

The name Jake is of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Jake is "supplanter". Jake is generally used as a boy's name.

What does Jakes mean?

The name Jakes is of Basque origin. The meaning of Jakes is "supplanter". Jakes is generally used as a boy's name.

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